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A special cup of hot cocoa. Part 5

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How will I ever stop fucking her. I want to breed her, and hear her scream.

I need more. Can’t let this go to waste. It’s only been an hour but my cock is hard as a rock again. I lift her sleeping body out of the bed. So soft and warm. Her eyes open and roll back, she only woke up for a second. Why do I kinda want her to wake up for this? Maybe she will. I hope so. I lay her down on the massage bench. Her legs hang over the edge. I get a glimpse of her pussy.. it’s pink, swollen. Fuck! I need to get inside. I tie her arms to the bench, stretched over her head. A belt goes over her belly, around the bench. Her soft round belly, pressed down by a leather belt. It’s beautiful. I kneel on the edge, spreading her legs. Her pussy opens. So tiny. Her clit, the urethra, the little pussy opening. I hold her pussy apart. So beautiful. Swollen. How did my cock fit there? It makes me throb. I wanna breed her. Fuck yes. I start licking. My tongue fills the entire space. Her body twitches and out of nowhere I hear a whisper “no..”. I smile, I don’t even look up. I can only think YEES. You are mine and I do whatever I like. She makes a futile attempt to close her legs. My hands hold them firmly apart as my tongue circles her clit. Now and then I stop, and just lick from her ass, over the pussy opening and over the clit. Her body twitches. It likes what I’m doing. Imma make her cum again. Then I’ll breed her. I hear her crying. “Just relax baby girl, I want you, I’m gonna make you feel good again”. Her reply is a whisper again “no, stop, I need to pee, it hurts”. It’s enough to trigger something in me. Hurts, she says that it hurts. Good. This will be fun. I stand up and look at her. Wow. She is so beautiful. This view. Her scared eyes, piecing, looking straight at me. “Relax, you’re gonna pee, and you’ll pee right here”. Her eyes get a confused look. I smile and grab the lube. With two fingers I spread her pussy and squeeze some of the lube onto her. She presses her legs together and say no louder this time. I smile and grab her ankles. I need her, now. My cock is hard as a rock, and the height is perfect. I lean forward and the tip spreads her labia. “Imma breed you now, just like animals too. You must have seen in on tv. When a male animal sees a pretty female, they need to breed it. And you are beautiful, I need to breed you”. She tries to wiggle but can’t move, she tries to pull her legs away from me but my grip is tight. I enter her, it opens up with the lube. The tip goes inside. “Fuuuck yes, your pussy is amazing”. It really grabs the tip of my cock. My foreskin is pushed back by her tightness. She cries and says that she can’t hold it, and that it hurts. “Good, let it go, pee. Right now”. And it comes as I say it. Her pee starts to trickle out of her. The little urethra is stretched by my cock in her pussy. The pee flows over my cock and down between us. I push deeper. She’s crying, not sure of the pain or the embarrassment but it only makes me harder. “Good girl, let it go, I’ll help you fuck it out”. And I do. I grab her thighs and pull her towards me. Pulling her down onto my cock, deeper. She screams as I press deeper than before. It looks beautiful. The size difference, her pee, her pussy stretched around my cock. There is just enough lube for me to actually fuck her. The pee gets push out as I go deeper. I smile as I start thrusting. The feeling is indescribable. I feel like I hit her cervix over and over and yet I get a little deeper every time. The pee has stopped, I guess she’s empty now. She’s crying while I pound her. “Good girl”. Holy shit this is hot. “Soon I will breed you, my sperm will go deep inside you”. How is my cock almost all the way in her now. The size difference is so erotic. I almost want to take a picture of it. So spread, so red and swollen, soon with my sperm dripping out. The thought is too much. I go faster, deeper. My cock pushes all the way inside, she screams again and I cum. A few hard thrusts with all of my cock inside, shooting the sperm deep. Hoping it goes into her cervix. The sight is perfect. Her hairless pussy, pressed down on my cock, my pubes graze her labia. It’s so beautiful. She’s crying and I bet she’s in pain. I don’t hate it. But I do want to make her cum again. I feel my cock going limp. Time to pull out, and that fast.. I want to see if her pussy will gape for me. I pull out and sure enough. For a second her pussy stays open. It’s gorgeous. I kneel once again and put my tongue on her. Right now I don’t care what it will taste like. I need her to cum with my sperm inside her. I start licking. Pee, lube, sperm, a little blood and maybe.. just maybe, I can taste some actual pussy on her. She might have not wanted to get bred, but her body did and reacted. I can taste her wetness. The crying had stopped, instead her breathing is getting heavier. “That’s my girl, don’t fight it..”. A few minutes pass and her body is more relaxed, and twitches now and then. Her clit is hard, she’s wet. Only 11 yo, no hair on her pussy yet, and still it knows how to cum hard. That’s a good girl. It took my cock fully, and my sperm is finding their way into her womb. My licking intensifies and her panting reveals the orgasm building up. I look up at her while my mouth is pressed on her pussy. Her soft belly is held down by the belt, her nipples are hard, she’s staring at me. That horny little bitch, I think to myself. She likes to watch while I eat her? Good fucking bitch. As I suck her little clit in my mouth again she cums. Her open mouth gives out a little scream and her eyes roll back. I feel her pussy pulsate on my mouth. I continue to suck and feel when she tries to wiggle away. Oh no, you can’t. I will overstimulate you. I will make you scream for me again. Her eyes stare at me again, “STOP” she lets out. I lick fast several times over the clit and she screams. The rush I get. It makes me hard again. I pull away and say “I will stop, on one condition, take my penis in your mouth”. She gives me a dirty look and I instantly suck her swollen clit into my mouth again. The scream follows. I smile and she whispers yes, okay. I stand up. She’s still panting after the orgasm. My cock is hard. I caress her belly, over her flat chest, up over her jaw. I tilt her head and say “open”. Finally. Her puckering lips will close around my cock. She will taste the same thing on my cock as her pussy just tasted like. The thought is so damn hot. And I will probably cum again. This time in her cute little mouth. Fuck, how will I ever stop doing this.

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