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Got “paid” to fuck their daughter

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My first PreTeen fuck and certainly not my last.

Yes this is a real story. It happened a few years back when I was 21. Like most people at that age, I was in uni/college, about 70% through my degree. I worked a part-time job but wanted a bit more cash. I looked around and found a tutoring job and began tutoring 3 or 4 kids, all of them under 15 and so the content I was teaching was basic stuff for someone my level.

I had one student named Amy who was an 11 year old girl. Amy was a cute girl, about 4’5″ with blonde hair and a slim, tight body. Her breasts were beginning to grow and her ass was too, but still on the smaller side at that point.

I had been teaching her for around 2 months and had a really good relationship with Amy and her parents. She had been improving at school thanks to me and the parents loved me, even raised my pay. Amy began becoming very comfortable around me, very touchy too. Whenever she needed help, she’d hop onto my lap when I taught her.

Very soon however, I noticed she began grinding her ass on me whenever she was on my lap. Now before this I was not some weirdo who perved on kids, let alone pre-teens. By 21 I had already had a fair amount of sex so it wasn’t like I was sex deprved. But being a horny adult, I definitely got hard when she did that. I questioned myself whether she was doing it on purpose or not.

When this became I common thing, I found myself wanting more. My hands would begin to wander her waists, I began smelling her hair and just overall getting more adventurous. We initially did the lessons at the dining table but after seeing how well I was doing her parents said that we could move to Amy’s bedroom and so getting caught was never really a possibility.

So one week I had to cancel a lesson due to exams and I moved the lesson to the next week. The parents didn’t mind at all. I had planned to double her lesson from one hour to two hours the next Friday to catchup on the content she missed. When I arrived at the house, her parents were all dressed up and told me that they were going out to dinner for their anniversary dinner. I wished them a happy anniversary and then they asked whether I’d be ok to babysit Amy until 11pm, for about 3 hours past her lesson finish, and that they’d pay me for it. I had nothing else to do that night and so happily agreed, it was easy money. They said Amy was up in her room and thanked me before they left.

I watched them pull out of the driveway, locked the door, made my way upstairs and knocked lightly on Amy’s bedroom door. I heard her soft voice say “come in,” and so I did. Amy was wearing a pair of shorts and a small crop top. I said hi and sat down with her. We began the lesson and already I could tell that she was acting a little different. She was sitting much closer to me than usual and her hands wandered my forearms and my thighs occasionally. Then when it came time for me to teach her a new concept, she hopped onto my lap like usual.

As I looked over her shoulder, I couldn’t help but take gilmpses down her loose crop top, her small tits clearly visible. She soon began grinding against me and my dick soon went rock hard, to the point I’m sure she could feel it against her ass. Naturally my hands began tracing her waist, feeling up her soft skin and she wrote things down on her worksheet. Knowing her parents weren’t home made me more bold. I’d usually been subtle with my touching but that night, not so much.

After few minutes of this and I could’ve sworn I heard her moan softly as I played with her. She then dropped her pencil and placed her hands on mine and then out of nowhere guided them up onto her tits, throwing her head back onto my chest and looking at me.

“Do you want to fuck me Jamie?” she asked boldly. I gazed at her for a few seconds, my mind trying to process what she just said. Till that point, she had been the sweetest girl, always softly spoken. To hear her say something so vulgar shook me, and turned me on beyond belief.

She turned around and then threw her arms around my neck. “You want to fuck me don’t you?” she asked.
“Amy you shouldn’t be saying stuff like that,” I uttered.

She ignored me and kissed me, her small, soft lips onto mine as she pulled me in. I knew it was wrong, knew I shouldn’t be doing it but I kissed back, kissed back with intent and passion. That was it, that was all it took, one kiss and I was about to do some unspeakable things to this 11 year old.

I wrapped one arm around her back and brought my other hand up to her face as I embraced the kiss, our lips wrestling and our tongues dancing together. We parted as I looked at her cute face, she was blushing and her lips had gone redder from the sucking I had done. I had never lusted for a girl that much since my first time, I wanted to fuck this 11 year old so bad.

“Are you gonna fuck me Jamie?” she asked. I didn’t answer, not verbally at least. I stood up and lifted her with me, bringing her over to her bed and placing her down on the soft quilt. I took my shirt and sweatpants off, exposing my hard on under my briefs. I bent over and pulled her crop top right off, exposing her small tits.

I was all in at this point, I crawled over her small body and began playing with her tits, sucking on her tiny nipples and squeezing whatever I could get my hands on as she pulled my hair and moaned. We flipped around and she got on top of me, I kissed her passionately, my hands reaching around and groping her softs ass.

She shuffled back along my body until she was sitting on my crotch where she began grinding her self on my dick. I felt like I was about to explode right there. I didn’t have to say a word, she moved down and pulled my breifs off and my manhood sprung into the air. Amy stared at it, as if she had seen a ghost. It’s around 7.5 inches with decent girth and it wanted nothing more than to ravage that young pussy. Once she had gotten a good look at it, she wrapped both her small hands around it, feeling its hardness as she squeezed it.

My dick was throbbing, oozing pre cum as she brought her mouth to it, placing her lips around the head. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, feeling her mouth take a few more inches. As if by instict, my hand grabbed the back of her head and I forced my meat deeper into her mouth. She coughed and gagged as she fought me, trying to bring her head up for air. I held her there to the point of passing out before letting her up.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her small frame and flipped her around. I kissed her again, this time quick rough kisses as I rubbed her that was hidden under her shorts. I kissed my way down to her crotch before looking up at her.

“Have you ever done this before Amy?” I asked. She bit her lip and shook her head.

I smiled and slowly removed her shorts. It was perfect, not a single hair in sight, her smooth skin wrapping perfectly around her young, virgin pussy. I put my face up against it as she squirmed slightly. It smelt like cherry blossom body wash. My dick was aching to be unleashed, to make a mess of this tight little pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked it as she squirmed. Slow licks quickly turned into me digging into her slit. I felt her thighs squeeze against my head as she gripped my hair. She tasted amazing too, her lewd taste filling my mouth.

I stopped, bringing my dick up against her pussy. I needed it now. I rubbed my throbbing member up against her virgin pussy, letting her juices coat me before I dug my tip into her slit. She moaned, lifting her hips and trying to push her pussy onto my dick. She wanted this as much as I did. I pushed into her tightness, inch by inch as her moaned turned to squeals. I held her down, pinning her against the bed as I pushed slowly, without a care of how much pain she would’ve been in right then. I just knew that soon it would feel good. It took a few minutes but sure enough, I had plunged my entire length into her and my god was it tight. It drew no comparison to anything I had done before, she was far tighter than anything.

I held it in as I felt it pushing up against what I could only guess was her cervix. She calmed down and that’s when I moved again, slowly pulling out before slamming back in. She squealed as I saw traces of blood coming out of her.

“It’s alright Amy, just little more and it’ll stop,” I uttered as I pulled out and pushed back in. She was so incredibly tight, her walls just gripping onto my dick. I began thrusting now and it seemed the pain slowly faded. I grabbed her hips, pinning her hard against the bed and pumped, plunging in and out of her tight cunt. She squealed as I brought her to her orgasm and the room filled will my grunts and I neared mine.

In the heat of the moment I didn’t care about anything, I just wanted to fill her little womb with my seed and get that little slut pregnant, breed her young pussy and have her tight little belly grow with my child. I thrusted hard and rough, ploughing into her tightness as I felt my blood boil and my cum rush to my dick.

With a final thrust, I pushed all the way in, feeling my tip brush against her cervix as I unloaded, burying what felt like the biggest load into her 11 year old womb. I collapsed on top of her and brought my lips onto hers, kissing her deeply as several globs of cum filled her. I felt myself cum for a good 15 seconds before I was drained.

We kept kissing as I kept my dick buried deep within her, trying so desperately to trap that cum inside and knock her up. We laid there for another 20 or so minutes, my limp dick still inside her worn cunt as we kissed and had some pillow talk. Only then did I pull out and watch my work slowly trickle out, a small stream at first that turned into thick globs as it came flowing out of her pussy.

She got up and crawled over to my dick, bringing her head down and taking my soft, cum coated dick into her mouth before sucking it clean. After she went into the shower to get cleaned up, I laid in her bed and that’s when reality set in. I was furious with myself with what I had done.

When she came out in a fresh set of clothes I asked her “Amy have you had your period yet?” She immediately answered with a yes. I felt my heart sink. I checked my phone for the nearest pharmacy that was still open and thankfully on way. I headed there almost instantly and got some Plan B which I made her take that.

Thankfully, nothing came of it but I certainly didn’t learn my lesson as this was not the last time I had sex with Amy.

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    Do none of you feel cowardly for having to hide this?

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    You will all be found…

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      Not surprised she knew the word fuck, more surprised she knew how to use it in that context and how bold she was in saying it

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    Fantastic story, thanks for sharing

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      Thanks man, hoping to share a few more in the near future

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      More than happy to, although can’t say that I have a lot of experience with pre-teens, there have been a few other times where I have fucked a tight pre-teen pussy. Will post a new story soon.

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    Please continue

    • muntyboi ID:pwtf67km9c

      More than happy to, although can’t say that I have a lot of experience with pre-teens, there have been a few other times where I have fucked a tight pre-teen pussy. Will post a new story soon.

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    Oh how wonderful making love to such a young adorable beauty. Nothing can compare to making love to a young girl with a heart full of desire and a pussy throbbing for attention. Hormones just raging, body starting to curve and get plump at 11 I think that is the most perfect age to break them in. While I have had younger I must admit the most perfect age for me has to be 11. Well 9 to 13 to be realistic lol. No girl should ever be denied the right to sex and pleasure as it is her natural born right. There is nothing wrong with your feelings, your thoughts and desires, they are completely normal as is lusting for an older man. Men have been fucking young girls for many a thousands of years so why not give them what they deserve.
    Loved the story and it reminded me of making love to my daughter.

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      I’m curious about how and why you’ve done things and I want to hear stories could someone send me an email at [email protected]

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