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The Making of the Perfect Home – Part 1

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A slow beginning that involves nothing more than the skull fucking of a willing twink. Part 1 of how I created a home filled with willing fuck toys.

This is the first installment of what I will be many. The usual disclaimers apply, it’s a work of fiction, don’t read it unless you’re of a legal age where you live etc.

This is however my first-ever attempt at writing erotica, so please don’t refrain from giving all the feedback and critique possible, good and bad. I’m going to try and post a new installment every week…. All comments either here in the comment section, or you can email me at [email protected]

Part 1 – Foundations

“Fuck It”, Two words that in numerous contexts are little more than an expletive or exclamation
“Fuck It”, The two words that would be responsible for totally changing my life.

And for me right now, Fuck It were the words I had to let drive me, it was the phrase that I had to let become my mantra, to just say “Fuck It” for once.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t something I stepped into lightly or without a fuck ton of thought and consideration, After all, when something has pretty much been your only thought every night as you drift off to sleep for as long as you can recall. It’s pretty certain that over the years those thoughts will evolve to encompass entire scenarios of every way it could possibly become a reality if given the opportunity.

It took a bottle of rum before I finally took the first step on the path to making it happen and finally allowed myself to say “Fuck It”. I knew that it would be a damn sight easier to find a guy to be the first of what I hoped would be many total lifestyle sub-missives and fucktoys, and I sure wasn’t wrong. It only took a matter of days to find someone that seemed perfect for my needs. An effeminate twink that wanted nothing more than to be treated as a complete fuck toy and serve a master no matter what, and to add the perfect final touch, their profile said that they would serve women as well as men if ordered.

I’ll admit, it took a few chats with them before I finally stopped beating around the bush and told them what my intentions were, but damn, if I didn’t suddenly have their full attention once I did.
Understandably they had a lot of questions and concerns about both me as a master and the plan I was working towards, but for every question asked, I had already considered it in the years of fantasising and had an answer immediately on hand, so it didn’t take long at all before they were willing to meet me in person and see their possible future home of servitude.

I was nervous as fuck on that first meeting, how should I play it, should I go straight into being a commanding and in charge Dom right from the start, would that be too much too soon with someone I’d never met in person, but if I didn’t then it might give them cause to doubt if I was the person to actually make the things they had shared reality. I the end I went with the fuck it approach again, I reasoned that if I was going to expect total unthinking servitude in the future, I couldn’t display even the smallest glimmer of compassion or weakness right from the very beginning.

I had been able to find a table slightly tucked away in the corner furthest from the door and counter of the coffee shop I’d chosen to meet at, not the perfect location to meet someone and talk about becoming a no holes barred free use sex toy, but I thought it best to choose somewhere public for the first meeting. I recognised him the second he came through the door, slender with a girlish figure, high cheek bones and face that you would be hard to say for sure was either female or male, exactly the way they looked in their profile.

I could see he was nervous and a little unsure as he stood in the doorway trying to see if I was already in the coffee shop or not, so I waited until he looked in my direction again and raised my hand in what I hoped was a commanding beckoning motion. It was even more obvious of how nervous he was when it took an age of awkward movements of the chair opposite until he finally sat down. I didn’t waste any time with idle chit-chat, just simply pushed the other coffee in his direction and said for the first time the words I would hear rolling from my lips every time I first met a new potential toy.

“You must be Daniele I presume. Are you sure you want to take this to the next step, and come see what could become your new home…”

I found it fascinating, simply observing the multitude of emotions that his face made apparent for anyone so see, but they finally settled into what I thought to be a hopeful but nervous and timid with a touch of wistful expression. I didn’t say anything else, but just stood up, in what I hoped, yet once more, was a commanding and self-assured manner, and started to walk towards the door. I did get a little nervous when I was already nearly at the door and he was still sat looking unsure of what to do, but thankfully he either realised that I wanted him to follow, or perhaps had made the decision of whether he should actually do this or not, either way, he quickly got to his feet and started rushing through the other customers to catch me up. When I saw he had caught up with me and was just to the side and behind me, I allowed myself to sample one more small taste of the long suppressed desires I hoped to soon embrace, and said just loud enough so that only the customers close to us could hear “There’s a good boy, heel to master”.

The effect was joyous to behold. Even though I couldn’t allow myself the pleasure of turning to see their faces and expressions in full, just the small amount I was able to take in and read from the corner of my eye showed me enough to know the my words had done exactly what I had intended. But if I still had any doubt, seeing the redness in Danielee’s cheeks as I held the door open as a gentleman always should for a lady, confirmed it for sure. And yet he was still here and following me, and hadn’t decided that he might have made a bad decision, was another good sign for me that I shouldn’t keep worrying about taking this further. I mean, I had also noticed a small bulge in his crotch that I was sure hadn’t been there before I publicly embarrassed him. One solid check – gets off on humiliation.

It was only a brief walk from the coffee shop to my home, and as I unlocked the front door and held it open for him to enter, I briefly saw the glimmer of doubt and uncertainly I had first seen when he entered the coffee shop, this time however it was almost immediately replaced with a look that I chose to see as excitement and anticipation. As he stepped past me and into the hall, I quickly slid the deadbolts but deliberately chose not to turn the key to the master-lock. I wanted to be clear that he could leave at any time should he choose.

Instead he stood there awkwardly, his eyes darting from each picture to the next that stretched along both walls of the hallway, all of them vintage erotica in black and white from the Victorian era, quite a few of them that would still be considered obscene by today’s standard. As he stood there, timid and nervous, I realised that it was now or never, if I was going to see this through, now was my moment of no return.

“Kneel and open your mouth wide, or you can open the door and walk away, but the moment you kneel and open like the fucktoy you’ve told me you want to become, everything I’ve told you of my intentions for your future as nothing beyond a total free use fuck sleeve and whose only purpose is the pleasure of others and to be treated as a worthless object will start. The clothes that you’re wearing now will be in the first of those boxes lining the walls of this hallway, and at any time you will always be free to leave if you want, but as long as you’re in my home, you’re mine to with whatever I please.

I was surprised, I expected him to spend at least a short while trying to decide, but instead he dropped straight to his knees with his head tilted back and opened his mouth into a wide and inviting hole. As surprised as I may have been at how quickly he got into a position, I didn’t need any time to think before unbuckling my belt and quickly pulling it from my jeans with a flourish at the end to show it could be used as a pretty effective whip if I chose to do so.

Even though every one of the countless thoughts that were racing through my head were telling me to skull fuck this willing twink and show him a small bit of what his future would hold, my sane and sensible inner voice took charge and reminded me that I needed to appear in control and considered at all times, but most especially at such an early stage as now. So instead I very deliberately removed my jeans, then took my time to deliberately and carefully fold them neatly and placed them on top of the box nearest to me. The same again for my socks, one foot at a time, then rolled together as a pair, and placed upon the jeans. Now for my boxers, should I remove them like I’m slowly revealing what lays between my legs, get a grip man, this isn’t a 1 dollar peep show, he wants to be used as a fuck toy, my inner voice told me, so in as carefree a manner as I could, they were off and added to the pile of clothes at my side.

His eyes were fixed on my dick, hanging just a few inches in front of his face. I could see he wanted to lower his face so he could have better look, but I was pleased that he resisted and instead kept his head tilted back and mouth open in what can only be called the fuck my mouth now pose. I took a few steps towards him so that my legs where on either side of his face with the tip of my dick just over his wide open mouth, “Is this what you want? How you want to be treated, used, abused, open for anyone to do as they wish, whenever they wish, and take your time before you answer, because from this point on, you’ll never be asked for permission again, so if this is what you actually want, I need you to say the words to turn everything you’ve said you desire into your future reality. All you need to do is say ‘Yes Master Please Use Me As Your Total Fucktoy’”. Once again his response was immediate, and if anything I thought I heard a touch of impatience in his voice. But no matter, he said the words I needed, and even though it would never stand up in court if needed, it would still provide solid proof he was doing so willingly, which is why I had placed a camera on continuous record discretely at the end of the hall.

The part of me that had been waiting for this day to come took over, he had said the words, he had agreed to to all of the things I had only ever fantasied about until now, but finally, this first step towards making it a reality was here and had worked. I now had my first fuck toy to use any way I wanted. Of course it would have been even better if it had been a woman that was before me begging me with their eyes to finally fuck their open mouth with the dick that was so temptingly a mere inch from their lips. But I had to give credit where it was due, Daniele was about as effeminate as a guy could be.

Finally I turned the fantasy into my new reality and slowly lowered my dick that at this point was harder than I had ever known before into the open and waiting mouth below. Even though every part of me wanted nothing more than to fuck this mouth and throat as hard and fast as I could so I could finally cum the way my balls were telling me I needed to, I took it slowly. Bit by bit, teasing with just the head at first, making sure with each slow thrust into his open mouth, I made sure to rub it along his tongue or against his lips, then deeper, the first inch or so too, in and out, slowly, gently, controlled, then deeper still with another inch or so, now it was starting to feel dangerously good with each thrust I was taking in and out, and I knew I would need to up the pace if I had any chance of having the all of my 7 inches down into his throat before I came.

I didn’t even look down at his face as I put each of my hands on his head and started to pull it towards me. Sheer, fucking bliss, he never tried to resist, even as the head of my dick hit the back of his throat, just as I was about to adjust his position so I had a better angle, he did it for me. He had deliberately moved to a better position to have his mouth and throat fucked without mercy. If there had been any residual doubt in my mind before, that was final thing I needed to tell me I didn’t need worry, With both of my hands on the back of his head, I slowly pulled out until just my tip was resting upon his tongue. I looked down at his quite beautiful face, and looked straight into his eyes as I said “Welcome home fuck pig”, and then rammed my entire length into the open mouth and throat as hard as I could. Fucking exquisite bliss. I had known the joy of proper deep throat in the past, but that was nothing compared to this. I could feel each ridge of his throat around me, and it felt like I was in heaven. I stood there, just enjoying the sensation of having my dick milked and hugged so tightly that it wasn’t until he started to try and pull his back away that I remembered he probably needed to breathe from time to time, so with an exquisitely sensational slow action where I savored every sensation his throat made as my dick was pulled out of it, I stood there taking in the perfect sight of my dick against his lips, drool dripping everywhere around his mouth, as he gasped in a deep breath of ear, I waited until he took another deep gasp and immediately shoved everything I had to give as deep into his throat as I could.

I knew that with something as good as this, I was already in the danger zone and wouldn’t last much longer, so with my hands at the back of his head, I twisted his hair into my fist and yanked it back so I had complete control of this, his first hole I now I had christened and used for my pleasure, and brutally fucked his mouth and throat as if nothing more than a cock-sleeve. My fist with his hair wrapped around my fingers, uncaringly pulling his head back, so that I could take full of advantage of this moist and willing hole and shove my dick as deep as possible into his tight and welcoming throat. I thrust forwards as far as I could as I felt the eruption start from the very bottom of my balls all the way along my dick. It was an orgasm unlike any other I had known. I waited a few moments until I was sure the last post cum twitches had stopped and pulled my softening dick from the fuck hole he once called a mouth.

“That was a good first try fuck pig, but I’ll expect better in future”

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    Very Very HOT.

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      Thanks, was really worried there was far too much exposition, but for this part and the next, I’m trying to spend time setting the stage…