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life of middle class Brahmin girl

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This story is about how Brahmin girl BHAVANTHI by her name got brutally raped by her office manager

Bhavanthi was a middle class Brahmin girl, her age was 23 ,her native is hosur ,tamilnadu .she completed her degree course in coimbatore .she was topper in both school as well as college,she was a such figured girl with a fair body that very boy can fall on her ,she has pretty face with curly hair .Everywhere from school to college she got so many proposal but she denied,she is not intrested in these activites and all.She was good discipline student with a innocent character .but for us like me and other men all we wanted is sex whether she is good or bad or whatever ,girl like bhavanthi with pretty face and fair body all we want to her in our bed is dream for everyone .Years went on bhavanthi completed her college with good percentage now she planning for bank exam to become bank employee and so on as it was her dream job for a women to get bank job .Bhavanthi studied hard and she wrote the exam .For girl like bhavanthi bank exam are so cool to her since she was a hard worker from her child .Atlast her dream job came true ,she got a job in Sib bank in chennai .Bhavanthi has to go chennai for her job,she going to stay in Pg hostel and do her dream job.Bhavanthi was very happy has she going to chennai and she can go any where like night out without no one permission .Because she was not able to go outside and roam any where in school and college life ,her parents not allow her to go anywhere outside the campus from her childhood now she become independent she going to earn money for herself and she was not in parents custody like her hometown now she was in chennai far away from her hometown.But now only Bhavanthi going to suffer a lot,girl like her can’t able to live peacefully in our society, she didn’t know the reality of life .Sorry I forgot to tell her shape ,Bhavanthi was a good figure her weight was around 58kg with well developed boobs approx 34d and she has wide hip ,and round ass every men even old one will got instant erection no seeing bhavanthi .during her college life also her classmates ,her professor want to fuck bhavanthi for atleast one time as their dream but in college bhavanthi was well secured by her surrounding and she can’t even go outside the hostel gate after college over that much protection she lived and she dont know outside life how a normal girl was suffering in public transport ,even they are abused daily in their life by some men .Bhavanthi was no aware of that .Now bhavanthi going for job 1st day she was the.young amoung all of her colleagues since she got her job in 23 age itself .first day she went on saree red in colour for her fair skin tone red is so attractive .when she entered the bank office everyone mouth open by seeing her beauty and every men charming about who was her ,she came with her job appointment went to manager cabin to join her duty .From now onwards bhavanthi fate will begin her manager name was Dinesh Babu age around 44 living alone in apartment his native was Andhra ,his family also living there ,here he staying alone in apartment .By seeing bhavanthi he stand up and welcomed her as he know new girl going to join in our office by seeing her first sight Dinesh fallen on her .Bhavanthi gave her documents and appointment paper ,Dinesh conformed her told to join her job on tomorrow and introduced her to other staff .Dinesh saw her top to bottom that he need her ,after bhavanthi left out from office before she thanked him and that she will join her job from tomorrow morning and went on,after she gone Dinesh got erection on his pant ,he went to restroom and image her body from face to feet for masterbate ,Bhavanthi wear a golden anklet on her milky feet with blue coloured nail toes by seeing that Dinesh got feeling and he saw her ass jingled up and down by her walk ,he masterbate in restroom and came out by thinking her by evening on that day Dinesh went home and again he masterbate in nude on bed by thinking bhavanthi fucking body .Dinesh was mad on women ,he fucked lot of women in his life since he was living alone every weekend he will took some roadside bitches bring to his apartment and fuck that bitches as he likes ,he will do whatever he want and fuck mercilessly he was black rough skin tone with good height with 9inch dick that every women will scream and cry that as much he will fuck and torture the women ,for that reason only her wife left him alone but Dinesh trend to act good on outside with calm and gentle towards her office mates only one in office know everything about Dinesh evil activity ,she was ramya ,a 36 year old lady of two small kids working here since 4 years ,Dinesh raped ramya so many times whenever we.wants ,this was happening for last 1 year so far no one knows about that much Dinesh blackmailing ramya ,ramya also adopted her life towards Dinesh act .This was happened one year before it was Saturday evening where everyone left the office ramya was only women doing her accounts work that was given by her manager Dinesh ,his plan was that he need to fuck ramya today he just took sleeping pill and mixed in ramya’s drink and he also told that he will drop her home in his car ,by going on car Dinesh forced ramya to drink the juice which he mixed some drugs in that ramya also drunked it as soon as she sat on car with sleepy and tried .In that evening Dinesh raped ramya mercilessly in his apartment and took her nude photos and videos from that day onwards ramya was totally controlled by Dinesh ,whenever he was in bad mood or stress he will fuck ramya as he likes by beating her or bitting her boobs and ass.This time Dinesh got mad over bhavanthi he was amazed to see her daily in office and took candid pics of her masterbate daily in his home by sharing his feel towards bhavanthi with other on social media ,this thing become addicted to him .Dinesh took daily picture of bhavanthi she mostly come in chuditar which everyone can see her figure ,he took pics and share in social media by telling her feeling on her .Days went on Dinesh got so mad on bhavanthi that he want to fuck bhavanthi daily so he planned fuck bhavanthi as like he did ramya.On day while he fucking ramya Dinesh told his feeling on bhavanthi to ramya .By hearing that ramya worried about bhavanthi how this young girl going to handle Dinesh madness ramya know that he will definitely fuck bhavanthi and he will spoil her life since Dinesh won’t fear to do anything he has strong political background as well.but bhavanthi strongly believed Dinesh because as till now he was so good to her and didn’t aware about Dinesh evil madness .Months went on bhavanthi learnt most of the office paper works become superior than other staff and Dinesh sexual thoughts on bhavanthi also become worsen so he give more pressure to bhavanthi by giving more works every day bhavanthi will go to her hostel 9pm only while others go by 5pm .first Dinesh made her to comfortable for being alone in office ,one day that was Friday evening it was going to be 2nd Saturday of the month so bhavanthi will get her two days weekend holiday she booked her ticket for going hometown she has bus on 11pm today(Friday night) Dinesh planned to fuck bhavanthi in these two days leave
because so many months over he masterbate daily by feeling on her from first day when he saw her .He can’t able to control anymore he need to satisfy his cock and feeling by fucking bhavanthi that too he need to fuck her like hell ,so he gave some more works to bhavanthi and he sat on his cabin everyone went only bhavanthi and Dinesh are there in office ,but bhavanthi has bus on 11pm so she came to cabin and told Dinesh that she will continue her work on Monday she asked permission for leave now but Dinesh denied told her to continue her work that she has to complete today itself .Bhavanthi went back to her desk sadly .Dinesh in mean time took the sleeping drugs and mixed in frooti juice and took that to bhavanthi desk ,she working sadly on computer it was about 8pm she got totally tried. On that day bhavanthi wear yellow tops and white leggings her dress was so tight that day Dinesh already took her picture today he seeing her pics by zooming in screen he got erection today bhavanthi was so fucking hot ,by 9pm bhavanthi finished all her work and came to cabin to inform him.Dinesh told that he will drop to her hostel to took her luggage then he will drop her in busstand.she also agreed to that she need to catch the bus .By going on car he gave his drink to bhavanthi at first she denied but he compelled it was energy drink already you done so much work today so drink it.Bhavanthi totally belive him and she drunk it within 15 mins she got dizziness and sat on car itself .Dinesh evil smiled and took her to his apartment .bhavanthi was totally unconsious he tooked her and went inside to his apartment ,he took bhavanthi mobile phone with finger print of bhavanthi he unlocked and messaged her parents that “I’m not coming home tomorrow i have so many works and don’t call me untill i callback to you” after messaging it he switched off her phone .Bhavanthi lying on Dinesh bed in without any consious about surrounding .Its time for Dinesh ,he set a camera on wall corner to record it .Dinesh seeing bhavanthi sleeping in front of him ,he first removed bhavanthi slippers ,he touching her milky feet which was wear by golden anklet and violet toes that got so attracted to him ,he started to suck her feet then he went to her top ,he saw bhavanthi sweaty face with curly hair he started to licking her face like dog and kissed her chubby cheeks and cherry red lips ,he pressed boobs in her yellow tops then he remove bhavanthi tops inside she wear black bra her boobs are so tightly packed inside her bra ,he free her boobs by removing her bra now bhavanthi was only in white leggings she was half naked by seeing her boobies Dinesh got mad over he started to suck her boobs madly .This was the first time bhavanthi body was touching and feeding a men for pleasure .Dinesh can’t able to control soon he need to breed bhavanthi he fastly removed bhavanthi tight leggings and finally he saw her pussy with clean shaved fleshy skin and thunder thighs of bhavanthi as soon he saw that Dinesh fastly undress him become naked in front of bhavanthi ,she also sleeping nude in bed without knowing what going to happen her .Dinesh dick was full erection he fastly pulled bhavanthi against him he lifted her both legs up to his shoulder and inserted his hard rock black 9 inch penis into bhavanthi vagina .by sucking her both boobs he started to drill her fresh pussy .He waited for so many months for this day to happen ,now he fucking his sexy queen bhavanthi ,he teared her pussy she bleeding but he was not going to care about that he attaining his pleasure Dinesh going to cum on her ,after 20 mins hard fuck he cummed inside bhavanthi womb and sat above on her since she was on unconsious .remaining see on part 2 sorry for poor english

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    Wow. Love the story

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    Part 2 make her office whore

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    Great story looking for more parts , kik chat?

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    My third grade self can write better than this…

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    Paragraphs please.. Looks likes ants crawling around….