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Mom’s boyfriend part 1 & 2

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I thought I was like any other 10 year old boy. I like sports and everything until my mom got a boyfriend. My mom and dad split up when I was 3 and over the years my mom would go out on dates but there was no one she was ever close to. Then she met Jerry. They dated for a while and then Jerry moved in.
At first everything seemed normal and then things started to change. My mom got a job working nights. She would leave the house around 8pm and not get home until 6am. It was the summer so I had no bed time. So I often stayed up late watching tv with Jerry. Around 10pm Jerry would get up and take a shower before he went to bed. He would leave the bathroom door open when he did shower. One night I got up to get a drink and Jerry was out of the shower drying off. that’s the first time I saw another dick and it was big, well at least comparing it with my 10 year old dick. He saw me staying at him and he just smiled and said, do you like what you see. I was embarrassed and went to my room and went to sleep.
The next day Jerry came up to med and said, it’s ok about last night, I won’t say anything to anyone. I smiled and said thank you. That night Jerry went to take a shower. When I heard the shower stopped I peaked around the corner to watch him dry off. I really wanted to see his dick. As I watched him dry off he started to come out of the bathroom and I went back out to the couch. Jerry came out with just the towel wrapped around his waste and sat next to me on the couch. He said to me, I saw you peeking around the corner. I blushed and he said that it’s ok. He then said, remember what I said, I won’t tell anyone. I look at him and said, I’m sorry but I wanted to see your thingy. He laughed and said, let’s just call it a dick. I smiled and said ok. He then said, well do you still want to see it and I shook my head yes. He asked if he could see mine and I said yes. I stood up and took my shorts off and sat back down. Jerry unwrapped his towel so I could see his dick. Jerry looked at my dick and asked if he could play with it and I giggled and sad yes. He reached down and started playing with me. he asked if I liked it and I said yes. He then said that I could play with his if I wanted to. I reached over and started to stoke him. As I stroke him his cock got even bigger. Jerry stopped playing with me and leaned his head back and moan. He then said, Timmy you’re doing good and he moaned more. And as I stroked faster and the tighter I grabbed his dick. I saw that he liked it. He then moaned again and and said oh god Timmy I’m gonna cum. He then started to cum. He came on his stomach and my hand. It was the first time I saw cum and there was a lot of it. After he Jerry stopped humming he pulled the towel out from under him and cleaned himself and my hands off.. Jerry then said remember I won’t tell anyone about us. So I need you not to tell anyone. I said I won’t tell anyone either. Jerry got up and went to bed and I fell asleep on the couch.

Part 2

The next morning I woke up early on the couch and went to my room to go back to sleep. I woke up around noon and mom made me breakfast. As I ate my mom said, Jerry says you really behave for him. Her said you’re a wonderful little man. I smiled and said that I really like him, he’s fun. After I was done eating I went out and played with some friends and I never said anything to anyone after all it was just between me and Jerry.
I got home at 6, just in time for dinner. Mom made mine and Jerry’s plate and she went and got ready for work. My mom left for work while I was watching tv. She kissed me on the head and said. Be a good boy for Jerry. I said, I will mommy. She left and a little while later Jerry called me into his room. I walked into the room and Jerry was naked on the bed. He said, you should take off your clothes and watch tv with me. I quickly took my cloths off and got in bed with him. We were watching tv when Jerry put on some gay porn. I was watching 2 men playing with each other. I watched as one man started sucking the other man. Jerry asked if I liked what I was watching and I said yes. Jerry rolled over facing me and asked if he could kiss Me faced him and said yes. He pulled me close to him and kissed me. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and we started kissing like that. He then rolled me on top of him. As we kissed he was rubbing his hands up and down my body. He then started playing with my butt cheeks. I could feel his dick getting hard. It was rubbing against my leg. Jerry spread my butt cheeks open and stuck his finger in me. It hurt a little but I kind of like it to. Jerry then laid me on my back and he went down on me. My dick got hard and it felt really good but I was too young to cum. I asked Jerry if he wanted me to do the something to him. He looked up at me and said I would love that. He laid back down and I got between his legs and grabbed his dick. I wrapped my lips around his dick and started going up and down. Jerry put his hand on my head and just guided my mouth on his cock. Jerry moaned as his cock was getting bigger band bigger in my mouth. Then I tasted what I found out later what was pre cum. I started going up and down quicker and he like it. Jerry then said turn around and lay on top of me. I got up around laid down backwards on him. He pull my body up so my butt was in his near his face and my face was right on his dick. He told me to blow him and I continue to. As I was blowing him, he started to lick my butthole and I really like that. Jerry then stuck one of his fingers against my hole and inserted it. I jump a little but I never took his cock out of my mouth. He was sticking his finger in and out of me while I was going up and down on him. His cock got really big and he moaned really loud and he started cumming in my mouth. I started gagging and his cum was dripping out of my mouth and down his cock. After he stop cumming he pulled his finger out of my butt and rolled me off of him. I looked down and saw my dick was hard. Jerry noticed and said you must have liked it in the butt. Jerry then started blowing me and it felt really good. I didn’t cum but I thought I had an orgasm. After we were done I went to my bed and went to sleep.

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  • Reply Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

    I like the part where he came in your mouth. Im going next door to let my neighbor cum in my mouth now.

  • Reply Twocrows ID:1e0dqswgqyh6

    like your story next part should be good. a little more proof reading would be good though

  • Reply Kevin ID:1cyit7b003hz

    Looking forward for more