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My daughter

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Teen play daughter sets my cock on fire and I empty my balls for her while mummy is out

My daughter mandie is 11 and I have brought her up well she is growing up and I had become attracted to her , she is 4ft 5tall skinny and boobless , I first began finding her attractive when I walked in the bathroom and found her showering my cock got instantly hard as I saw her tiny body , flat chest and smooth hairless pussy , she looked at me and smiled my cock peeping out of my dressing gown , dad what’s that , she pointed at my cock , I will show you later I said , she turned her back to me and I saw her bum with soap running between her cheeks I wanted to bury my cock in her . I left her showering went to her room took out a pair of her knickers and wanked myself into her panties , I emptied my balls in seconds , I left her panties to dry and later put them back in her bedroom. I wanted to see more of her lovely body , I hid a security camera in her bedroom and would watch her greeting ready ready for bed , watching her strip off her long red hair and her boobies , and her smooth hairless pussy , as the days passed I got more adventurous , I waited until my wife was out , watched the camera and waited until my daughter was nude and walked in on her , she stood there nude I was in my dressing gown , my cock instantly erect and pushed out of my gown , sorry I said , she pointed at my cock dad I can see your Willy , sorry I thought you’d be ready for bed , I touched my cock as I looked at her mandie made no effort to cover herself and spun around I like to be nudey she said , don’t tell mummy though , I smiled and tugged my cock , i dropped my gown and stood nudey as well . Mandie said dad why is your Willy big , mandie this what happens when a boy sees a nudey girl , I said this is what happens when me and mummy are muddy together , secret times I said , what happens mandie asked well I put my Willy in mummy’s mouth and in her private part , like mine mandie asked , yes like your but hers is much bigger ,
I wanted myself can I do that mandie asked , well it’s our secret time if you do , mummy will think we have been naughty , mandie came over show me she said , I took her hand and put it on my cock now rub it as fast as you can , mandies little hand couldn’t hold much but my balls emptied very quickly my spunk shot over her hand hit her chest and dribbled onto the floor , she looked at me what happened , have I broke it. She asked , no darling that’s what happens when you make a boy very happy , now you have to kiss my Willy goodnight she kissed my cock lick the juice too darling , urgh it’s yucky she said , now lay on the bed and I will kiss your slit night night , she lay back I kissed her bald slit , can I rub some of my cream on your slit to say good night , yes she said I rubbed my cock against her slit depositing some of the drips onto her bald lips , now this is own secret time , ask me when you want it again

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  • Reply Manxman 88 ID:1dhl3bhc8zha

    My daughter came home from school , mandie is 11 and I love her to bits , she’d let me play with her bald slitty and had held my cock . I never thought of her sexually , but after our playtime I’d get a hard cock just thinking of her , skinny , flat chested and so sexy . Is mummy home she asked , she stood in the doorway to the garage , dressed in her plain uniform , good dad , she pulled up her skirt to show me her knickers , if I show you my slit can I can your Willy again , oh yes darling but you show me your first , she smiled and took her white knickers off , her school skirt held up above her waist , my cock nearly exploded , my daughters hairless mound and pink slit , now show me yours mandie said , I unzipped my jeans and held my hard cock , I began to stroke my cock , pulling the foreskin back , my daughters eyes never stopped looking at my cock , mandie I want to see more of your slitty please , I asked her to sit on the floor she goes to ballet class so is very flexible , lay on your back lift your legs up and open them as wide as you can , I looked at her bald 11 year old slit as she lifted and opened her legs her little pink slitty opening and winking at me I went over to her and kissed my own daughter on the lips can daddy kiss you in between your legs , I moved down kissing her pink mound and then on her slitty , daddy loves your private bits I said , mandie held her legs open and I kissed her and licked her slit I wanted to stick my cock in her , but I was too worried , I moved back from her slit and kissed her on the mouth again , I liked that said mandie it made me feel squishy , I took her hand and put my cock in it , remember what you did the other night , yes dad , mandie began to wank me , I took her pony tail in one hand and pulled her face closer , I kissed her , now love will you kiss daddy it’s Willy , she planted a kiss on my cock , kiss it keep kissing it , mandie kept kissing my cock whilst wanking me ,

    • Manxman 88 ID:1dhl3bhc8zha

      It wasn’t too long before I lost control of my balls and I emptied myself , my cum shot out over her hand and face , some went in my mouth , she said it ok mummy like that I scooped up some of my cum and rubbed it into her slit we kissed and I held my daughter in my arms , now remember this is our , secret time we said together , I handed her her knickers , now get dressed mummy will be home soon

  • Reply Little girl lover ID:2rtrxk6vhfo

    I shower with my daughter all the time

    • trucker ID:1evg12hw5lb3

      I did the same when she was 8. Wife brought her in when I was taking a shower saw my daughter naked my cock went hard instantly. Wife told me to teach her about sex so I did. Few minutes later wife came back in and I was getting a blow job

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2qlj3enm3

    Loved the story would love to know more about your daughter.
    Session me or email me manxman

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      I was being a bitch to dad ! so to teach me a lesson he came into my room while i was working out ! He bent me over my bed and pulled down my spandex leggings ! Then he shoved his cock all the way into my wet pussy and as he’s fucking me real hard ! i hear his low hanging balls slapping really loud on my ass ! i’m moaning and squealing ! He pulls my hair all the way back and says you do as i say ! yes daddy ! i’m sorry ! i said to him as he cums into my pussy. then leaves me with his cum leaking out all over my pussy and into my leggings !!