The future Duke of Maidstone .The NEXT Part

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Lady Jane McDonald arrives at Moat House where she is going to be used and abused by The Duke of Maidstone and his Mother .

Reginald Burton and his Mother went to the front door of the house to welcome Lady Jane McDonald, she came up the steps followed by several members of the household carrying her trunk and bags. There was kisses all round, talk of the train journey, and the group of four which included Annie ,Della Burton’s personal maid retired to the front sitting room, where the Butler James opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate Lady Jane McDonald’s arrival at Moat Hall.
Annie sat next to Lady Jane on the couch which made the titled woman feel somewhat awkward sitting next to a lowly member of staff who appeared to be acting way above her station in life, drinking champagne and laughing while Reginald told a funny tale of his trip to London earlier in the week travelling by train .
After a while Della stood up and said to Annie,” we need to go and check that Lady Jane’s dresses have been hung up, and her trunk has been unpacked, that new maid Sally seems somewhat slow at learning what to do ” and they swept out of the room closing the door behind them. Lady Jane stood up as if to leave, “sit down my dear” said Reginald, “sit down and relax lets talk.”
Reginald stood in the middle of the room and watched as Lady Jane stood looking at him, she didn’t sit down . Sh was a lot prettier than he remembered from when he last saw here at a party a couple of years before, and although she was slightly heavier than his Mother she carried it well being several inches taller than his Mother.
She stood looking at Reginald Burton, he was a lot taller and manlier than she ever remembered, although not yet 16 he could easily be mistaken for 21,and her eyes kept averting from his to look at the front of his trousers. Reginald walk slowly around towards the couch, and picked up a side cushion shook it and placed it back on the couch before taking the few steps to stand behind Lady Jane McDonald.
She could feel his breath on her neck, and she felt herself visibly shake from her head to her toes, Mother tells me you spent a lot of time licking her cunnie and her licking yours , is that true” he said gently kissing her neck, she shuddered and he could hear her breathing get heavy, but she did not answer him, she could feel her face burning red with embarrassment and she wanted to rub her thighs together especially at the top where her cunnie was twitching on it’s own.
He squeezed her wrists together and held them with one hand, reaching up he took hold of a handfull of her hair and slowly pulled her head back . ” My Mother tells me you have not had a pole in your cunny for ten years, is that true,” asked Reginald ?
Lady Jane McDonald tried to speak, the words stuck in her throat, she finally managed to whispered ” yes”, Reginald pulled her head back a little more so she was looking at the ceiling and said but thats all going to change this weekend isn’t it “, she whispered yes again and as he let go off her hair and wrists she slowly sunk to her knees, turning round she put her hands behind his legs and pushed her face against his hard cock inside his trousers.
Lady Jane McDonald felt the blood draining from her face she felt light headed and weak, and it was only a tapping on the door and Annie entering the room that stopped Reginald from releasing his pole for her to suck . Annie came and stood in front of Reginald and Lady Jane, “she curtsied and said Ma’am wishes to inform you that Lady Jane’s accommodation is now ready for her to occupy ” Reginald helped Lady Jane to her feet , thank you Annie said Reginald ,please show our guest where hers room is.
Reginald went to his Fathers office, it was his now, and as he passed his Mothers sewing room door he knocked and continued walking . He left his door open and a couple of minutes later she came in and sat in the chair. ” Did you do any thing with her “she asked softly, “of course not” he said laughing , “although I think Annie needs a taste of the ridding crop she is getting way way to big for her boots”.
“Don’t hurt her Reginald “said his Mother , ” do you want to take her place” he asked looking at his Mother. She smiled and pouted,putting her lower lip over her top lip and looked at the floor, no she said giggling .
Reginald laughed, “did my Father ever bend you over this desk and use the riding crop on your bottom” he said , “of course not “his Mother said laughing, “did he ever bend you over this desk and fuck you then” he asked laughing.
The smile went from her face ” and she got serious, ” once he tired to deflower my white cliffs ” she said softly almost to her self . ” What do you mean, he wanted to do what ” said Reginald almost shouting it out. ” SSShhh” said his Mother, “the whole house will hear you” .” What did he want to do, he wanted to put his ” said Reginald, ” ssshhhh” said his Mother rather angrily, cutting him off in mid sentence ” stop being silly”. “Don’t tell me to ssshhh “said Reginald laughing, “come on tell me what happened ”
” He had been to his club in London, they had rooms there where membrs could stay over night” and one night several of them went back to Lord Pentonville’s residence which was something his wife did not expect , he had told her he was staying at the club but he wanted to show his friends the plans for a new Mill on the river ‘.
” Everyone in the house was asleep, the place was in darkness but when they opened the door to his office there was Lady Pentonville ,naked, laying over her husbands desk with a young groom from the stable with his pole deep inside her fleshy orbs.” ” In her bottom, fucking her in there ” said Reginald in amazement ,WOW. ” “So what happened to you “he said to his Mother,clapping his hands and laughing out loud..
“Your Father drank heavily after dinner that night and then took me to his office, took great delight in describing to me how Lady Pentonville was laying on the desk as he took my clothes off and laid me over his desk just like in the way they found Lady Pentonville, and he started pulling my orbs apart and pushing his tackle into me. “What does it feel like” he said to his Mother, “it hurt so much I cried and begged him to stop, and when he pulled out to try pushing it in me again I slid to the floor which made him mad and he started swearing at me telling me how useless I was, which made me cry even more.
“Are you going to let me put my pole in your bottom” he asked his Mother with a serious look on his face. “Your too big Reginald” she said softly, “you would split me in two, it hurt so much when your Father tried to do it ,and your twice as big as him, you would kill your Mommy ”
He sat there in silence looking across his desk at her, ” don’t look at me like that please, please son don’t look at me like that, you know I love , don’t look like that please”, and she dropped her head so she was looking at her lap,
They sat there in silence for a few seconds , then she spoke,” if you want to do it you can she said in what sounded to Reginald like a little girls voice, but you must get a jar of Goose fat from the kitchen, and put it inside me back there”.
A wry smile crossed Reginald’s lips, he got up and walked around his desk, pulling his Mother out of her chair he wrapped his big arms around her and started to kiss her. She held him tight, forcing her lips against his, and when she pulled her lips from his she said “I want you to fuck my bottom ,make me cry if it makes you happy ” salty tears running down her cheeks and into her mouth,” I love you Reginald, there is nothing I would not do for you.”
He kissed her again and whispered ” it’s time we got ready for dinner , we are going to have a lot of fun tonight, “and they both laughed.

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