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My daughter and I started more exploring

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As I laid on the bed paging through a porn magazine and my daughter walked in asking if she could come and lay by me …

I was working for company where I had some afternoons off, the kids came home from school and I gave them lunch. My wife worked at a bank and only came home around five. My daughter was really getting beautiful with her blonde hair and long slender legs, at eleven she was really a pleasure to look at. One afternoon I was laying on the bed paging through a porn mag and getting real horny, my son was playing in his room as usual and my daughter was suppose to be doing homework in her room, she suddenly appeared in the door and asked if she could come and lay by me, I thought why not. Sure I said and she came and lay against me, she asked if she can look as well, I paged through the magazine and she crawled even closer, I put the light blanket over us and put my hand on her fanny, she opened her legs and allowed me to really feel her smooth lips, I pulled her closer and kissed her, for her age she was a really hot kisser, now I was rubbing her fanny more tender and her wetness was starting to leak out, I rubbed her clit with her own pussy juices and my hard on usual was getting on the edge, I gently took her hand and put it on my cock, the first time she touched me. I saw she did not know what to do and I wrapped her little hand around my cock and said she must just gently move it up and down, by know I had my whole finger in her fanny and feeling I could not keep it in any longer, I came on her hand and my stomach. She did not know what this white stuff was and I said it happens if a man gets super excited and that it is normal. I got up and wiped myself, she kept laying there with no panty and I asked if she would mind if I kissed her down there, she was obviously horny and curious. I opened her legs wider and put my mouth on her wet fanny, I started to lick and suck that little clit, she even started to move her ass around and lifted her but up to push her fanny more against my mouth, she just suddenly left out a satisfying sigh and sank back. I asked if she was ok and she said she enjoyed it a lot. We then got up and straightened the bed.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:2c3g7uer8l

    maybe you think sick should know some stories fake the police are not going to waste resource’s
    checking what is real or not and in some country not do anything unless see it like Philippines or camboda bribes go long way there few other hot spots your fighting a losing battle if you think law enforcement does now about this site your wrong.

  • Reply Lauren ID:bo2qeotzj

    HOT story. Incest is fucking hot. I’ve been active with my dad several years and we have 2 kids together.

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    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzj

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    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib

      Hey Rev. Yeah I have Kik, and Wickr Me both. But for obvious reasons I’m not giving it out on this site.

    • Trying to report this page ID:4my1djgzk

      I’ve looked up & down this website tying to report this sick shit & trying to report all of you. It’s one thing to fantasize about father / stepdaughter stuff – i kind of get it. But to go on to your bio daughter who’s 11? You guys are fckn gross and I cannot believe the police isn’t aware of this page. I was googling erotic stories & found this. Repulsive to say the least….

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    Fuck you Jack, you are a predator. I hope you die and rot in hell.

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    Jack – good going – you are no doubt making her into a nice slut that will be doing it all with anyone before too long. The sooner you get them started, the quicker they become double fucking little slut faces. She will go from you to boyfriends to gang banging in a relative short time. Any other daughters coming along that you can also covert to sluts?

  • Reply Jack ID:ndpwgw549d

    The story is true and seeing and touching your young daughters smooth pussy is truly a mind blowing experience, those soft young lips and then feeling the juices on your finger. We did have some good fun together

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      She even wanted to do it bareback.

  • Reply AL ID:1hr6f15am9d

    Jack – you screwed up by not having her lick the “white stuff” up so she got her first taste of cum – this gal is destine to be a face slut as you will having her suck you off in the net week. How tight is that cunt going to be on your cock – are you hung heavy or normal. I would take it easy on the first fuck and make sure you bring her off and then she will be hooked forever. Don’t get too excited and start dumping your load in her as that can be very bad for you. Her sucking and swallowing and you eating her out is the safest way to go for a longtime party gal. Nice when they are ready for it and can’t wait for more. Have you been there for seconds yet and if not, why are you waiting. If you brought her off with your tongue you think she does not want more of it – a lot more. Maybe the timing is not right but get with the program if you want a steady cunt to play with. A week is too long between her cumming at this point – she needs it every other day worse case and then see what happens when she goes a few days without it. That’s when you teach her to suck and swallow, tell her it will make her tits grow and you won’t be able to keep her off your cock. Lots of luck –

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  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15am9d

    Al – did you ever get caught with any of them and if so, how did it turn out

  • Reply AL ID:1hr6f15am9d

    Jack – make her into a cock sucker as fucking her is not the way to go – to easy to get caught fucking but her sucking your cock is easier to do and what if she gets knocked up and you end up in jail. What I have used any number of times with 100% success is tell them that swallowing cum will make their tits grow – the more they swallow the bigger they get. She is at the age she has a fixation on making her tits grow and they normally will but she will believe it’s because of the cum she is swallowing. You need to tell her it has to be from a grown relative otherwise she will be sucking off every kid in school. To convert her to a true cock sucker you need to play with her clitoris and make her cum when you unload in her mouth so she relates cumming with sucking and swallowing cum. Before long she will be able to cum just from sucking and swallowing without getting her clit rubbed and then she is there. The ones I started this way are still sucking all the cock they can including me every chance we get. A couple did become slutfaces, luckily not any of the daughters as they are a little more selective – I would bust her cunt at least once but then no more….

  • Reply Wj ID:fx6w3br43

    I would love to know what happened next