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Sexual experience continued

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Now I was adult 19 years old .went to city for studies. Once I met a man about 40 years .in train we started talking .we became friendly. He was staying in city with his wife..with no child..he invited me to his home for a dinner. I went there..we eye food and .he introduced me to his wife. About 35 years..he had two rooms . he gave me one room to sleep and his wife in another room. He came to my room .and slept with me .we talked about sex and. His married life..suddenly he playing with my cock. I was surprised .my cock became erect…he said your cock is big and thick..he showed his cock also it was 6 inches ..he asked me to get fucked in my ass…I said you fuck your wife.but he insisted .to fuck me .I asked him you alow me to fuck your wife .he agreed .and he went to talk to his wife .and after 10 minute he came to me and took me there his wife. On bed naked ..he asked her to be ready.now we were naked my cock was erect and ready .his wife was happy to see my cock .I was pressing her boobs.she. was moaning. I kissed her and I put my cock to her hole .and I pushed inside .half cock was inside she cried in pain .but I pushed further till whole cock was in her. She was crying in pain but after some time she started to enjoy.now her husband was pressing his cock in my ass .his cock inside me .I was fucking his wife and he. Was fucking me .I fucked her and her husband fucked me .I came inside and he came inside me..I enjoyed both ways .his cock was giving me more pleasure… I ejaculated in her ..I fucked her three times that night and her husband fucked me two times..a.his wife became pregnant. Anfpd ha was very happy as his wife.

I had sex with my friends wife with their will..I enjoyed it . once I visited my aunt he was widow and About 45 years old .she was staying in one room apartment ..she welcomed me we had dinner and we slept ..she was on bed and I was on sofa
.in the night she came to me and asked me to sleep on bed.I obeyed and slept with her.in night I wokeup as my cock was erect and it was touching her legs ..suddenly she held my cock and starts playing with it. Asked her aunty wat are you doing. She said I need this I have not had sex for five year .I am shocked to feel your cock it is two big and thick I am unable to control my desires. So please fuck me..she was requesting .and now my cock was In full strentr.I started ressinf her boos and sucking them she started moaning. She was wet s she said fuck I cannot wait . I obeyed her like a prt dog and put my cock in her hole it went 3 inches she cried and said slow please.I slow down but she was. Using from down so I thrust ed it went full in one stroke she cried .and held me tight..I started humping like dog and fucked she said slow nt be in hurry.she said I am thirsty for five year s now you are real man satisfy me . I fucked her .. Three times in same night.she said now I am satisfied… Please stay more here.I stsyred there for one week she told me all style’s .and positions to get full satisfaction.. She taught me so many things to get more pleasure.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    500 words is a little short, for me. Anything longer than about 1000 (And some change) is too long for others. Either way, you could put 400, and 600 together without going over long, as long as you’re detailing your life’s story.

    Other than that, great. It just breaks up the story to go back, find Part II, and start all over again…