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Sleepover with my neighbor and her friend

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True story of a sleepover with my neighbor and her friend who I’d never met.

My neighbor Alexa went to a private school. We were good friends and she would tell me stories all the time about her friends at school. I’ve been friends with her since I was 7 and we’re both 14 now. I had never really met her private school friends so I was super excited when she invited me to a sleepover with one.

She told me all about him. His name is William. I was kinda surprised when she invited me to a sleepover with a boy but it made sense. Her parents are pretty lenient and they trust her. I heard a lot about him but I didn’t expect him to be hot. He has dark curly hair and he’s 6ft tall. We met up and hung out outside for a couple hours. We managed to sneak some vodka outside. A whole bottle that her parents wouldn’t realize was gone. We drank the whole thing. Me and William drank more than Alexa but we were so drunk. Me and William were hitting it off really well. We decided to go inside and get ready for sleep. I waited until Alexa was asleep and I turned over to William who was looking at me. He smirked and pulled my blanket down. I sat up and took off my shirt quietly. I had no bra on. He just looked at me as I undressed for him. I did it slowly to get him turned on. I was left in my underwear. I was a virgin but it looked like he was very experienced. I was so drunk and horny. He pulled his pants down and jerked off on me. I moved my hand over to his dick and gave him a handjob. He came on my tits. We were being as quiet as possible. Alexa was passed out from the vodka. William took off his clothes and pushed me lightly onto my back. I pulled off my underwear. He positioned his penis at my entrance and he fucked me slowly. I put my hand over my mouth as he groped my tits. I was trying not to moan. He started going faster and soon he was fucking my brains out. I came and he pulled out and came on the outside of my pussy. I looked over at my friend. She was staring at us with her mouth open. We didn’t say a word as we rushed to get dressed. We went to sleep and didn’t speak of it but I did get his number. Also, this did happen the other day. The private school they go to is so small that they’re all together anyways and nobody’s gotten covid so my parents were fine with it.

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