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Mom got high as fuck

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This happened totally by accident.
I was home from college and I had some brownies in my room and chocolate chip cookies laced with weed and som meth
Light on the meth heavy on weed.
I never looked at mom sexually. She is short 5 foot slightly curvy brown hair . She probably weighs about 140 just guessing idk.
But she was my mom never dawned on me to even remotely think about her sexually.
I have even watched milf porn and didn’t put mom in that category till she got high one night by accident.
Mo will drink wine on occasions especially cold evenings cause she says it warms her up.
Well I was in shower and mom asked me something through door I couldn’t hear her but I just said yea be I thought she asked me if I was going to be out soon.
I got out of shower and mom was in living room with her robe on as usual in evenings. Dad was a truck driver gone at night.
She was sitting drinking a glass of wine and a brownie.
I said is that one of my brownies?
She said yes I asked if I could have one.
Oh yea I said scared shitless mom would discover I had laced them.
She kept saying how good it was and asked who made them.
I told her my girlfriend which we didn’t talk about her much.
Mom was getting drunk and high so she became a jabber jaw.
So I finally realized she was fine she poured another glass of wine and she would blame the wine if she got too waisted.
She asked for a second brownie so I gave her one.
I ate one also.
Monkey talking to me about everything sitting on couch I was nervous about her reaction to the brownie with wine. She said she was getting warm inside. And her top of her robe was open I could see her cleavage.
If you knew my mom she was very shy and very conservative.
She was asking me all kinds of quiet Bout my girlfriend and stuff in like her personality she was being more open telling me stuff she normally wouldn’t like how she hates my dad being gone all night.
A half hour later she is pretty out of it slurring her words but full of energy. She had put her feet up on couch and layed one leg over me. She said rub my feet like a child like voice.
I have rubbed moms feet before and when I started she said god that’s better than sex.
I said mom! In an embarrassed drawn out voice.
She smiled and said well it is. .
She kept looking at me while I rubbed her feet and said this embarrassing you isn’t it.
I said no.
She reached up and started tickling me.
So I tickled her back then she said stop I’m getting too hot and she stood and took her robe off.
She had on a sheer nite shirt under it. And set back down beside me. Then she spun around kicking her legs up to my lap and said okay rub them. Slurring her words and being more flirting.
I rubbed her feet her legs parted and I could see her pink panties . From the brownie I was high and horny meth alway s does that to me and I saw my mom more sexually at that moment. It flipped a switch in me.
I couldn’t stop staring at her. I soon looked up and realized mom was watching me look up her nightshirt. I turned beat red and looked down at her feet realizing I was not rubbing them and started rubbing them again. Mom Didn’t say a word just spread her legs wider and bent her knees. I look up at her and she says is it hot in hear to you?
I said a little warm.
She pulled her shirt up some exposing all her legs. I keep rubbing her feet not looking her in the eye knowing she is watching me.
She said come here..
I look up and say what?
She reached for me tugging at my arms and said come here give your mom a kiss in a voice so slurry it was hard to understand her but sexy at same time. I lean forward and give her a peck on cheek and she said no a kid and she planted her lips on me. She was warm and my head was spinning from the brownie and she pulled away and said kiss me back. What ? I asked again. She said kiss me back. Come on try it.
Not even thinking I kissed her back and it got heated she slipped me her tongue and started breathing hard wrapping her arms around me scooting her hips over pulling me on her she pulled her legs up and kissed me on neck and nibbled my ear come on babe I need it bad. She calls dad babe all the time. I start to protest and say mom come on stop but cut my words when she kissed me and thrust her hips up against me.. realizing I am rock hard I been rock hard since I saw her panties.
She slides her hands down my back to my sides tugging at my sweat pants. I help her and she is a tiger now telling me to hurry her legs spread wide I feel her reach under me pulling her panties aside and guides me in thrusting up to me as I slam into her. It was the most heated moment nothing but pure sexual desire between the two of us.
Mom was wild her hips held off couch her legs wrapped around me she got loud only quiet as she sucked on my neck or face moaning talking dirty telling me how big I felt inside her. Oh Jon hard fuck me harder.
Idk if she meant me or dad we have same name. But I kept going mom felt like a wet vise in my cock and she screamed out when she came.
Not stopping with her hips. Begging me not to stop as it felt like when I exploded in her I dumped the biggest load of come in my life and it didn’t stop.
Sloppy slap my belly was soaked from mom squirting between us. Realizing when we were finally done I had a run mark on my cock from her panties and they were basically ruined stretched out . She smiles at me and takes them off seeing moms shaven love hole for first time she looks at me and climbs on my lap for round two.
U was hard but so shocked and numb by the situation I just went along as mom rode me and had another orgasm hugging me tightly as she did her hips were so smooth and perfect she yanked her shirt off when she was done she was catching her breath sitting on my cock. Still rock hard.
Her tits now exposed mom naked on me
I am seeing perfect pointy nipples mom was a c cup
Slightly saggy ski sloped tits
Omg I said mom moved her hips yes you are still hard she said in a more less slurry voice. She started rocking her hips slowly looking at me in the eyes. Lust filled them as she felt me jerk and I came I feel her tremble on me and a moan escaped her lips she hugged me god that felt so good honey please don’t be angry I know I got carried away and lost control. But I don’t want to regret this.

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