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I want daddy

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I had a dream about my daddy fucking me when I was 13, I continued my fantasy and measturbate thing of him manipulating me into having sex with him

Hi, I’m Ellie and I just turned 16 a few months ago. I was a very horny kid(started when I was around 8-10), still am. I used to lie down, put something hard under my pussy(with clothes on) and hump it, even my hand sometimes. It felt so good and after a few seconds I would be panting and would stop. I even told my mom and said she should try it, she just looked at me and frowned but said nothing. I continued doing it, I specifically would do it when people on a tv series would kiss. I liked seeing people kiss to the point that I would search it on our computer and would lie down on the sofa, put something hard right under my pussy and go up and down on it, like hump it putting all my weight on it. I didn’t even know what sex is. I thought the dick will only be rubbed on the pussy, I never thought there was a hole in my pussy. I know I pee but I didn’t know that hole can be stretched

I started going online like stranger chats when I was 11 and talking to guys until one guy asked me to show him my pussy, at first I was reluctant because I don’t want to get in trouble but he said that I wouldn’t because I won’t show my face and he doesn’t know my real name. I agreed and showed him a picture of my bald pussy. He got me to do things. My phone has a stylus, the pen thingy? I started sliding it up and down my pussy, he told me to put it in, I thought I was putting it in by sliding it down and trapping it between my pussy lips. After a few months of talking with strangers, I started watching porn and found out about penetration and tried it using the end of my stylus. It felt so good and I guess it wasn’t long enough to tear my hymen so I didn’t have a problem with bleeding or anything until I was 15. It went on for a few months and I started using the end of my brush, I showed it to guys and they would tell me what they would do to me, dirty talk gets me so wet and horny.

Fast forward to 13yr old me, I discovered wattpad, and started reading stuffs there like fanfictions. I read celebrityXreaders smuts and it gets me so horny. One day, I came across a story where the celebrity would be my dad in the story. I was weirded out at first but still read it. Telling myself that im imagining my celebrity crush and not my real dadso there’s nothing wrong with it. Incest stories always got me so hot, specially daddy-daughter stories. I ran out of good stories so I searched in google, then I came across literotica.

A year later still reading stories and messing with strangers online, I woke up soaked. I had a dream. And it was with my real dad. I remember the dream cause I kept on replaying it in my head after I wake up and fucked myself with my brush imagining my dream again and again.

In my dream, my dad walked in my room while I was on my phone and kneeled in front of my bed where my legs were dangling and spread my legs. For some reason, I seemed to be used to it in my dream and continued playing with my phone. Daddy removed my pajama and panties. He used his finger to open my pussy lips and licked my clit. I started moaning quietly,whimpering, daddy continued licking my pussy up and down until I was wet enough for him to put his middle finger in. I was so wet, you know what an aloe vera is? The clear slimy thing? Yeah I was that wet. He fingered my pussy, after a few minutes of my moaning softly (cause my mom’s downstairs) he removed his pants and coated the tip of his cock with my wetness before putting the head in. Fuck, I’m so wet typing this rn. My dad slowly slid his cock inside me. He was fucking me so slow, it felt so good. I can still feel the pleasure I felt in my dream to this day. Unfortunately, I woke up.

That’s where it started.


Hi, this is my first time writing a story. So I apologize if it seems shitty. Should I continue?

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Oh Ellie , please continue . I would love to be your grandpa and come into your room and slowly push my 65 year old cock into your virgin pussy .

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    Ellie I want to fill Ur holes up while u asleep add me jhonny sins Snapchat

  • Reply Raglinton, smith ID:mzgdgcd0

    Ok my story is already out check on it plz guys,,,

  • Reply Just a perve who used to stroke it to mo ID:5u1d7cdqrd

    Place for the love of God and all that is holy continue. I have a similar story but it involves my teenage daughter and are revealing her dad crush on me and I kind of want to share it but I’m kind of afraid that you get you give me confidence to do so I think and plus your story was so fucking hot I’ve got to read more please continue.

    • Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

      Tell us more about your daughter

  • Reply Nels ID:3zxjhzgct0j

    Yes please continue I really enjoyed your story

  • Reply jn ID:314jxle3k0c

    HAHAHHAHA same beh, wattpad reader here

    • ellie_17 ID:dj4olvs8l

      Wattpad pahamak🤦‍♀️

    • Robin ID:314kjt9lv9c


  • Reply JJ ID:2wcl7w4t0b

    It’s cute. Where are you from?

  • Reply Rod ID:3ttk9i6zj

    That was an amazing story,it was a turn on. I will be looking for more stuff from you

  • Reply Erin Payne ID:qg212g8l

    The way to learn to write is to write, I’ll be looking for more of your stories

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10v1

    Elie that was pretty good for a first time. trust me there are some really fucked up stories on here and this is not one of them. I always love to hear about girls sexual awakenings and I get so fucking turned on as most of my life I have shared a bed with a younger female. sex is great and all females should experience as much orgasms as possible no matter what age. keep up the good work and never let those fingers stop diddling. I would live to hear more either on here or else ware.

    • ellie_17 ID:dj4olvs8l

      Thank you sir😊

    • Dad day whore ID:fx7i99m9c

      I have den fucking both my parents since Isaac 7 years old me and mom love eating dads cum out our smooth pussies

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:99wx549c

    Great story Ellie

  • Reply Rod ID:fzq0w06ik