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Can’t wait to transition genders

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Still haven’t started transitioning, but I already have so many fantasies…

Hullo there! You may have read my story about my very younger cousin seducing me. I asked for some advice on it and to my surprise, a lot of people gave me advice. Of course, most of them said to continue it, which I’ve decided to do. The risk is way too great. I hope you all actually read this, because I’ve actually put a lot of effort into writing this kinda update? It does have a couple of sex stories in it though! Oh, and you can contact me through Wickr and discord which I’ve put all the way down there.

I’m a 14 year old (almost 15 now!) MtF trans, but I STILL haven’t started transitioning yet, unfortunately. I’m sure I’ll be able to start soon, though! I’ve had so many fantasies about sending nudes and fucking so many men, what my body would look like… Obviously, sex is not the only reason I want to transition. There’s a lot more reasons, like the fact that I just feel like I was born the wrong gender, etc…

I felt like making a story about how I found out about sex, porn, etc… and kind of expanding on the story of me and my cousin.

So let’s start from the beginning… I found out about porn pretty young… Like REALLY young. I remember watching porn on my IPad when my mother wasn’t watching… Unfortunately, she did find out that I was watching porn, but she didn’t really do anything other than have an awkward talk with me about it. And then I got a phone, and oh my God I watched porn so much when I got it. Thanks to Apple and their stupid family stuff, my parents could see my search history on my IPad and everything… But with my brand new samsung phone? They couldn’t find shit. I was watching so much porn on that when I was supposed to be sleeping, it was crazy. I didn’t even know about masturbating back then, I was just watching it because I liked it. But when I found out about masturbating, I would start to do it just about every time I watched porn. This went on for so long and my mother NEVER found out. At school, I would go to the restrooms at the end of the day so I could watch porn and cum in the toilets. At home, I would watch pron on my bed like ALL THE TIME. It just left me wishing I could have sex too, but unfortunately, I’m a minor.

Then here comes my younger cousin, oh boy. I’ll call her Alliyah, like I did in my last post. So to sum it all up, Aliyah was basically the fucking devil. She bit people, picked up bugs like ROACHES and was an absolute fucking menace to everyone. Literally none of us wanted anything to do with her. She was a pain in everyone’s ass. Although, a couple of years ago when I visited the state that she lives in, she acted weird around me. Instead of going batshit crazy, she was strangely… Attracted to me. She just could not get away from me. She would get nude in front of me (when I was in her room), she would hint at me, everything. Let me remind you, she was SUPER YOUNG! I think she was like 10 or 11? I don’t know. All I know is she was younger than me. One night, well, two nights before I left back to my home, I decided I would sleep in her and my other female cousin’s (we’ll call her Nyomie) room (they both share one). It was a relatively normal night, we played some Minecraft, talked, etc. Aliyah invites me under one of their beds and SHE IS JUST NAKED. It startled me, but obviously it made me rock hard. There was a lot of humping and touching, we even kissed. God, just the thought of my first kiss being my female cousin who’s younger than me… I don’t know why, but it’s kind of hot to me. I guess all of my fucked up kinks are because of her. I’m honestly surprised Nyomie didn’t catch us, she was literally right there! But to be fair, we were rather quiet. We dress up, get out from under the bed, and I go back to talking with Nyomie like a regular person and like nothing happened in the last like 15-30 minutes. Maybe Nyomie knows and just doesn’t want to say anything? Maybe she is attracted to me too? I don’t know honestly. But once again, Aliyah takes off her shirt and Nyomie just blocks my eyes, lol. As if I hadn’t seen her nude body just a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, the next day I declined to sleep in their room again, which I honestly really regret. Me and Aliyah could’ve done so much! But maybe Nyomie would’ve caught us if we did. Who knows. So I go back home, we never talk about it again, no one’s the wiser. The next time I visit my cousins, me and Alliyah are just in her parents’ room watching YouTube. Obviously, she wants me to touch her. So I do. I grope her ass a bit, I get on top of her back and hump some, but we never got nude or anything. Really unfortunate. She didn’t even get to touch my dick… But after that it was just normal and I went back home. Let’s skip back to today where now I don’t really have a way to talk to her. Well, she’s tried talking to me through TIK TOK DMS, but I don’t wanna take the risk and talk to her. You know, considering her parents check her phone now after they found out she was talking to some… Older men… Or at least, that’s what Nyomie told me. Now it’s kinda just a joke between me and my cousins that Alliyah is gonna become a stripper when she grows up. Honestly, I’d probably watch her on the pole.
That’s the end of the story between me and Alliyah.

Here’s a quick one, so I have a friend who’s a girl right? Well call her Fern. She’s pretty innocent as far as I know, but there was this one time I visited her that it didn’t seem that way. We were playing a game about her being controlled by a remote and stuff… I honestly don’t remember. But what I DO REMEMBER is that she told my to lay on the bed and close my eyes. It was weird, but I was bored so I was wondering why not? And I can feel what is very obviously her bouncing on my crotch area. We were fully clothed, but it made me erect. Thankfully she didn’t notice. Or well, she didn’t comment on it at least. Strangely enough, she never mentioned it after? Like what???? But that’s really about it.

And then I have this OTHER FIREND who’s a girl. We’ll call her Avery. When I met her at first, she was super bossy. Me and my best friend didn’t really like it and we all got into a lot of arguments and stuff over the years, but recently me and Avery haven’t been fighting AT ALL. In fact, recently she’s started to get close to me. And it’s weird because I’ve literally never seen her this way? But we’re close friends and we like to bully my best friend a bit lol- Well, we don’t bully him, we just tease him a bit. He knows it’s all in good fun though. ANYWAYS BACK TO THE STORY- Lime I said, Avery has gotten real close to me recently. She talks to me after school the most out of all my IRL friends, we talk a lot during the one class we have together, we both like teasing my best friend, etc etc… And I’m like “Ok, there’s no way she doesn’t like me at least a little bit right?” But I’m just not sureeee like it’s hard to tell! I’m pretty sure she’s already dating someone too? Unfortunately no sexual experiences with her because… Well, we go to the same school and stuff, so that would be really awkward. I’m not gonna instigate anything sexual either because she’s a really fun friend and I don’t wanna weird her out or anything.

Anyways, that’s kinda all I have to report. I hope you all liked reading it! Oh, and here’s something for those of you who stocked around ^^
Here’s my socials that you can talk to me at.
Wickr: transs3xslave14
Discord: 14YearTransSlave

Anyways, I hope you all have a good day!

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  • Reply Lost discord account ID:1e4qan0ba2gm

    Heyo! Mainly just trying to get back anyone that I lost because of my lost Discord account. Once again, it’s changed to 15YearSIave#2497
    I hope to find some of my old masters there!

  • Reply 15y/oTrans ID:7z895vjc40

    Oh, and my discord has now changed to 15YearTransSlave#2493
    Just in case people tried and it didn’t work!

    • 15y/oTran ID:7z895vjc40

      Unfortunately I’ve had to make a new account, which is now 15YearSIave#2497
      So feel free to add me there!

  • Reply Aries ID:1dgivlod6pgj

    I have a friend who was trans and she had a lot of fun, sexting older men. Hooking up and having sex with them. Also allowing me to have sex with her and having a threesome with some of older guys.

    I hope your transition goes well, and have fun having sex, be safe!

    • 15y/oTrans ID:7z895vjc40

      That sounds super fun, and thanks!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1e6kcs1nj2w6

    If you haven’t transitioned, keep in mind it can really mess with your head after, and some things get really messed up that can’t be taken back. Like once your dick is cut off, if you do that, that ain’t coming back

    So be sure about this beforehand. If you want to spice up your sex life without the drawbacks, I’d say crossdressing, anal, more feminine play could really do you good

    Plenty of sexual experimentation to do. Can’t fully become a woman, thats the problem, we haven’t got that far in science. So the drawbacks are major. When we’ve got the ability to fully transition cleanly woman to man, man to woman, then I’d recommend it. But til then, I warn people to be sure first, cause this could honestly hurt your sexual desire more than help it

    Keep in mind, you got testosterone. An extremely potent and dominating ability in a man. Woman have estrogen. Our bodies naturally are not made to utilize the opposite. So estrogen can seriously lower your sex drive, or mentally throw you off. Be very careful, your messing with neuro chemistry that we don’t know everything about yet. We’ve only just got to this point in neuro chemistry really, in the learning process. It hasn’t been mastered

    Mess up your brain man, and that’s all she wrote. Brain controls the body and its functions. Could do some permanent damage and then your really done. Sex won’t be your worry then

    Cherish what you have, take a minute to step back and weigh if this would be a good idea or not for what you want

    I’ll add, I thought about transitioning to awhile back. I saw the drawbacks, saw the cons outweighed the pros for me and stopped there. That’s why I didn’t do it. If I kept my dick, added breasts, maybe…maybe. But, there are major drawbacks, health risks. More than even on the medical end

    It’s not a decision to he handled lightly

  • Reply ProudPedo ID:7z895vjc40

    I wanna fuck the shit out of your pussy do you have kik

  • Reply Gabe ID:5u0x7kal8j

    Thanks for your amazing story you had me totally turned on and totally in tune with your views on yourself I am a 60 year old man and I recently dated a woman who had a 15-year-old transgender m2f I was so fascinated with her I would always find reasons to get her alone about a month before her mother and I split up Bobbie and i went to Las Vegas it was the most amazing weekend ever sex all night Friday sex all night Sunday in sex all day Sunday when we took turns sucking each other off on the drive back to Los Angeles dream is to find a young 17 or 18 year old transgender

    • 14y/oTrans ID:7z895vjc40

      Wow, wish that was me, honestly!

    • [email protected] ID:fygxpx7zl

      your story really got me hot….would you want to add another 17 yr to the list?

  • Reply Insulinjukie12#0983 ID:gaqdn44

    What are the four numbers for your discord?

    • 14y/p ID:bdcgxx7rxnm


    • 14y/oTrans ID:bdcgxx7rxnm

      I didn’t get to finish typing my username lmao

  • Reply Hornyboy ID:7z895vjc40

    Where do you live I would like to fuck you