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Mom wants me to fuck her

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After my last story I had a couple people ask me to see if I had any more that I could send to you, I do have a couple. My friend kept pestering me about and I fucking my mother again and since I had the pictures and a video I decided to Blackmail her. So I asked my friend that was with me the last time mom and I had an escapade and he was extremely excited to be able to do that again I told him this time we get to fuck her together! I walked into her bathroom where she was getting ready and she was pretty close to being naked all she had on was a bra I looked at her l looked at me and said what are you doing I’m here ask you if you’d be willing to have another threesome with me and another guy. She stuck her fingers in her pussy looked at me and said I think I can go again with you guys as long as they’re only as big as you are. I said okay I grabbed a hold of her and ripped off her bra her nipples are nice and a erect. I almost came right there. I can’t believe how beautiful she is, and that she’s my mother. I set up a camera so that we could videotape the whole thing I took her and threw her down on the bed put a couple handcuffs on her wrist and her ankles and I said I’m gonna see if I can get you pregnant! She said you won’t be able to get me pregnant! I’ve already had a hysterectomy I said well that’s too bad I want to see what our child would look like. Then mom said I love you so you can fuck me all you want and I don’t care how much you’ve hurt me or how many people you have come over to fuck me I’m always gonna love you.

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