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Caught my wife2

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So that weekend I said nothing about it except I asked the boys if grandpa came over very much when I was at work. They said a couple time a week. I asked the oldest what he does. He said he helps mom in the bedroom. What do they do I asked. He just shrugged his shoulders.
So I which we had cameras back then like we have now.
But I turned into a voyeur freak and spied often not catching them again for a long time.
One time I called and her dad had showers up.
I heard the dog Bark.
and she said her dad just pulled in and she had to go.
I was too far away to get home in time.
One other time I got home just as they finished.
A few months later her dad died of a heart attack.
After that I thought she was okay. 5 years had went by.
And my oldest had a friend staying over on Saturday and Sunday.
Barb was in a very good mood and said they we’re having movie night Sunday and wished I could stay but I had to go
To work and she knew it.
I get to where my load was and it was cancelled till morning.
Normally I would stay in truck but I drove the 50 miles home.
When I came up to house my voyeur pervert ways I always peek in before coming in.
Barb had sent the oldest to get a shower. Clearly the youngest had already.
And his friend who was 13 now she told him to use her shower in master bath.
I start to go in but I watch Barb get his towel out and I go to bedroom window where. I can see she went in shut door to bedroom tell him he don’t have to shower she just didn’t want the boys to know and she says taking his pjs. You can have these in a minute smiling.
He knew what she want evidently they had before.
And she quickly slips her shorts off he pulls his off and she lays on bed. We only have about 10 minutes and he was in her missionary.
He fucked her like a jack rabbit. The bed bouncing and was going as quickly as he could.
Barb just grunted and told him how good he was
After a minute or so he came and she held his ass hold him in as he did the final jerks of his orgasm.
Quickly she told him to get dressed she had to go check on ***** her son.
So she slips on just her t shirt nothing else and leaves.
I am like wtf so I go over around corner to bathroom window just as Barb walks in and shuts door. I don’t see my son. Barb locks the door and says you better have waited on me.
I look over he was already out of shower the shower was still running setting naked on toilet seat his little cock rock hard
Barb walked over to him and quickly straddled him facing him.
And took hold of his cock like she did her dad way back and sits down. She put her arms around his shoulders and started thrusting her hips. He came in less than a minute. She said that’s a good boy and kissed him on lips getting up and said hurry up and get dressed.
He slips his pjs on and goes out . Bard locks for behind him and sat back down and started masturbating.
It’s hot watching you wife do masturbate I have watched her many times. But much more hotter watching her fuck her own son.
I still had that image in my head. The entire thing didn’t last more than a minute from time she came in to him coming in her. It was like she was his come dump both boys really.
So Barb is sitting on toilet masturbating she leans back running her finger in and out. She pulls her finger out and has one of the boys come on it and sticks it in her mouth.
Then she fingers her self some more edging herself closer. Then stops looking at her fingers again with the boys come on them smears it around her pussy lips and stands up pull her shirt down over her hips. She fixes her hair and goes out.
I go around the youngest is in one recliner and Barb get in other. The two boys are on couch.
After a hour it was the youngest was falling asleep so Barb sent him to bed. When she came back she got on couch with a blanket and asked if the boys wanted to join her . Both did.
Soon she got up taking her son by the hand and went to her room. The other followed.
They jumped on bed and she pulled both there pjs off
Their boners was sticking straight up.
She seductively pulled her shirt off walking over locking door
And then asked who wants bottom? Her son said he did.
So she got on him straddling him one again lowered herself on him leaning forward kissing him on lips. The other got behind her and she arched her back as he shoved into her ass.
She lays on her sons chest as both boys try their best to please her. They both come. And she tells them to keep going.
Soon she was moaning out looking into her sons eyes and she cried out god I’m coming fuck me harder fuck she moans loudly as she comes quickly she moves up her back door lover moving over as she gets up and sits on her sons face her full weight shoved into his mouth.
Lick it she orders.
Lick mommies pussy.
His friend shoots another load stroking all over her back.
She gets up and he shoved her on bed pins her down and starts fucking her again. She laughed and says god I love young stamina.
He rough fucks her for about 5 minutes and then her son takes his place both taking turns back and forth for the next hour. Barb was now after many orgasms just in the flow not sayin anything just let them have at her.
Finally the shut lights out and all three fall asleep naked on the sheets she was between them entwined with them.

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    Hot. Keep writing.

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    Finish the damned story!!!

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    I hope you continue this story with a part 3

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    Very poorly written.