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On the Prowl (Cont 2)

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Mark and Maureen with Jim and our new pet

Four naked bodies Jim’s mouth dropped his hand gripped my cock harder, he whispered “can I?”
“We’ll prepare him or you”. Maureen lay a couple of cushions on top of each other on the floor and John lay over them, his chubby buttocks cocked, she greased him in and around his hole. i greased Jim’s cock specially his cock head. “You can kneel now legs either side”. His whole body was quivering, his hands were flaton the floor taking his weight while I guided his cockhead. He entered slowly John squeeked but Maureen has prepared him over time increasing the size of the vibes and he relaxed allowing Jim to penetrate slow at first, then his desire taking over as he increased the depth and speed of his thrusts. It was only minutes before his back arched he let out a howl and with one last push reached his climax.
“Give him a cuddle to say thank you”
He turned John and hugged him whispering to him .
They got up sat on the settee still hugging and kissing
I’m afraid thats all for today Jim I have your number should we need you
He rose stumbling into in his clothes and Maureen showed him out
“Well that went well do you think he noticed the video?”
“No but he’ll no about it soon enough!!!

It was later in the evening we were haveing our evening drink with Bruno sitting by the side of the armchair I said “That damn dog never leaves your side is it that good?”
“Oh you have no idea maybe I’ll show you next week but he’s not a substitute for you dear you know that. You want to pin my nipples?”
“God yes it’s ages since we did that”
I took out our two silk cords she stripped and stood hands on hips legs apart
I began at her chest to wind the cord around her droopy breasts uplifting with every wind also each wind smoothed out wrinkle the skin now smoother, the areola spread flat and the nipple looked further pronounced by this time she was biteing her lip, breathing heavy
“The other one?”
She nodded and I began
Soon it was finished, she looked wonderful her uplifted breast like the cord like a cutaway bra exposing her areola and nipple
“Just a minute please”
She took a deap breath and nodded
I pinced the nipple of the first and pushed the long needle through
Alittle squeal from her
Then one in the other nipple
She nodded shifting her legs wider
I knelt pinching both pieces of fleash the through one and the other pulling them together
That produced a louder scream
She settled down and we kissed long loving kisses before I withdrew the breasts and labia. needles Then taking the cord and unwinding allowing the blood to return, the wrinkles to appear the areola to regain it’s colour
When I had done the other one she flung her arms around me for a loving hug

The next day I reminded her
“Hey you were going to show me if that mutt was
worth it”
:Well I think you’ll agree”
I call Bruno and undress he immediatley strts sniffing my legs
“Now I relally don’t need this but it does show better just hold him”
I smear my cunt with his favourite dog food making sure it gets in the slit
“Ok let him go!”
He gets right to it a slobbery lick I can feel his rough tongue as he slowly cleans me leaving my raw cunt lips I’m panting and squeeling now as it begins to hurt
“Get him off me!!”
As Mark pulls him off
“See? worth twice the price!”
Mark is goggle eyed “and does he fuck?”
“Christ yes but for a really successful one I need your help”
I explain how to pull his sheath and reveal his penis while I’m ready and guide him in and the reason I can’t do it stupid is by the time I’ve got my arse cocked his cock had gone!!
So i got myself in position on my kneels arse cocked Mark guides him a bright red thick long pointed penis once he enters his haunches begins to quiver then thrust. I feel it!!!Mark has slapped his ass he begins, god he’s in my ass it’s tight for him “God Mark please god don’t let his knot in !!” It was pressing against me as he fucked then a plop and he was in! I was off the chair and was crawling around the floor “Christ get him off” He was humping me as I crawled .
Thank god Mark read dirty books he got a bucket of cold water, One drench and we parted
Mark got him back in the garden and we were able to relax Mark looked at me “God we are getting to old for this”
Elsie came round with Sue she had been getting jealous of John getting all the attention.
We give a smile and a wink well we’ll have to see about that wont we.

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