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Boogeyman V16 I think

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This once again dedicated to my buddy CrackSniffer he’s giving me the Intel to keep the boogeyman going.

I get home grab my headphones and turn my base scanner on Brittany needs a little late night I turn the radio on time for the radio news in Boogeyman news.

Ashton Kutcher 45, announced his decision to resign as chairman of the board of the Thon Amid, because of all the backlash for, writing a character letter in support of Danny Masterson, who was, sentenced to 30 years in prison in his rape trial. Remember, Boogeyman this could have been you! I’m, ROFLMFAO!
I’m sitting in my favorite chair, getting high off the scent by sniffling my nice pink girls panties as I wack of as I think about my latest rape victim Georgann.
I go over to the TV the local news comes on title Ella president of the boogeyman fan club, has started a new club, called the s**** and w_____ she says, the only way to get in is it to send in a selfie and right underneath it I am a s*** I am a w_____. We found out her full name is Ella Vershag!

BREAKING NEWS! Since the 1980s and has been reported for the 1980s to the present that there are approximately 200 serial rapist running around, the big question is how far does the boogeyman go back? And was he one of them that goes that far back? Thinking to myself, I said self, was I one of them? I smile at the readers, now it’s up to the readers to figure this one out how far does the boogeyman go?
In other news related to The Boogeyman, remember Jack oh you know Jack is no not Jack skeleton from The nightmare before Christmas, but Jack the ripper are in the words of Archie Bunker Jack the rapper let’s go back in time for a second the year is 1888 Jack the ripper AKA The White chapel murderer, also known as leather apron took five victims between 1888 and 1891 but guess what people Halloween’s approaching and old Jack has never been caught yet.
Here’s an oldie but a goodie I don’t know how many of you people reading this believe in the zodiac signs but after reading this part of the story you might not want to ever again, you see there was a guy back in San Francisco that was called the zodiac killer in the ’60s he would kill uncertain days of the zodiac sign he took five they were confirmed he injured too he possibly took 20 to 28 total he sent out letters of taunting, and, cards that he mailed to regional newspapers. Some of the letters included cryptology or Cyprus. Halloween’s coming and the zodiac has never been caught either.

I get to think to myself I say self I wonder how will the Boogeyman ever be caught? I go back to my radio local news there are about 25 to 50 serial rapist in the USA today and to Boogeyman is one of them running around in the USA today. I’m thinking to myself, I send cell maybe, smiling again I’m getting a lot of chat. Come through my headphones

This is a new podcast, it’s called The Boogeyman, where are you? Here we talk only about the news Boogeyman news the female police captain gave this statement a little bit ago last night, the game warden up in the mountain said he saw headlights of who he thought was nobody but, a picture. It must have been the boogeyman, he must have got spooked and, left because later in the night another victim got raped at the lake.
Thinking to myself, I said self, this is not good I got to go find another hunting ground but, where

I decided to go out of the city, even better yet maybe out of the state. I drive I took a nicer City named holiday. Wow are you kidding me, I felt like I was in a ghost town no one was around. There she was just a walking down the street got to be 15 or 16. No one’s around I parked my truck get out pull my head in from behind the driver’s seat and put it on and put my hood on, and, grab my small 32 out of the glove box.

I go in behind her put the gun to the back of her head and, cock it, I tell her, I don’t scream, she says, okay I just don’t hurt me please. I grabbed my purple bandana out of my back pocket and, blindfold her I go to the passenger side and open it and, help her in. I go around to the driver’s side and, and get in.

I think to myself, I say self, where am I going to go with her? I asked her, what’s your name? She says N Nancy. I asked her, how old are you she says 16. Again, I think to myself, self what am I going to do with her? I drive South for 2 hours away from her city of holiday. I come tonight a national park, we are now 200 miles from her home.

It’s getting dark, no one around. The funny thing is that there’s an old building across the street lined up with hookers and it looks like hooker highway and that guy standing outside it can’t be a John it has to be a pimp. I tell Nancy, you take off all her clothes and hand them to me. I wrote down my window.

After seeing all those hookers, I think to myself, I say self, that gives me a good idea. She starts to cry, and says please Mister don’t do this to me don’t rape me. I ask her, are you still a virgin? She says no. I tell her once again take off your clothes now!
She takes off her white shorts that looks like a skirt and, hand them to me while crying.
I throw them out of the window, she takes off her pink crop top while crying and, hands it to me and, I throw it out the window I see her and her pink bra. I asked her, what size bra do you wear? She says, a 34b bra I tell her, to finish taking off her clothes. She starts crying bad again.

She takes off her matching pink thong and, hands it to me and, I throw it out the window, I roll up the window.
I tell her let’s find a real nice place to park. Again, she says please Mister.
I park and, tell her to lay down flat on her back. Crying, she does that she is told, first things first let’s get them nipples hard I start to suck on her 34 B nipples after about 10 minutes they start to get hard and, stiff but, it don’t help with her crying.

Next I get my cock out of my jeans her eyes get real big when she sees my cock, so, I tell her, I’m big like Buffalo, long like snake! This just makes her cry more.my cock is already hard. As I force it into Nancy pussy! Her crying increases!

As I start to rape her, wow, I’d have to admit it’s been a long time since I raped a 16-year-old pussy, I’d rather have them a little bit younger.
I keep raping her 16-year-old pussy as she keeps crying

After a while she says Mr I think I’m going to orgasm. I tell her go ahead. I tell her, there’s no stopping to have an orgasm when you are being raped just let it go!

Pretty soon she closes her eyes and her whole body starts to shake and quivers and I feel her warm wet woman juice all over my cock. As I keep on raping her now, her crying turns over to moaning I start to really tear into her as I keep on raping her hard banging into her her moaning gets loader.
I finally cum in her tight little sweet pussy.

I tell her to turn over, crying again she did as I told her to looking at her 16.year old ass my cock got real hard, real fast.

I forced my cock into her tender tight virgin ass and she screaming out so bad she sounds like Gene Simmons of Kiss at a Kiss concert! It was that load!

As I rape her virgin ass and she kept on crying and screaming l.have to be the first to admit it her crying and screaming was one big turn on for me. I came close to blowing my load in her ass

I came my second time in her ass!

I put my cock away I get in to leave and I said Nancy, take off your socks and shoes and hand it to me.as I roll down my window again. Crying she does as she’s told,. she takes off her shoes and hands.them.to me and I throw them out the window,. she takes off her socks and hand them to me and I throw them out the window. She asked me, who are you? I say, just your friendly neighborhood rapist.

I drive down the national Park to Hooker highway about to plan B into effect. I find the old building where they’re standing out in front with their pimp. I find an alley behind the building, I parked around the corner of the alley out of eye shot so you can’t see my truck. I parked I tell her don’t move. I forgot to describe her she’s got a long brown hair and brown eyes.

I get out take the hoodie off and stash it behind my truck seat grab some rope that’s behind my truck seat I go over to her I take her out of my truck I look around and find an old drain pipe and tie her to it. I look around you can’t stop my truck from where she is she don’t know what I look like she’s never seen my face so I take off my purple bandana and stick it in my back pocket once again.

I take out my 32 out of my back pocket and, aim it at her face and, cock it and. Ask do you want to die? She of course says, no. I said then keep your mouth shut. She nods her head yes. I uncocked the gun.

I keep the gun pointed at her I say don’t you dare, don’t you dare scream, do you understand me? She says yes, just please don’t hurt my
I walk around the corner to the pimp, he smiles at me, put his hand out and says nice to meet you. I’m Johnny, I said how do you do smiling back and shack his hand and say my name is Bruce. To the reader no not my real name.

He says what can I do for you Bruce? I said, Johnny I have a real Piece of prime meat for you! If you will just follow me

They get around the corner imagine the look on there face at a naked girl, Nancy looks afraid. The hoe sad he wasn’t kidding she’s a prime piece of ass. And Johnny tells her shut up easy, you know the rules bitches I’m not supposed to talk and less have to. He asked, me how much do you want for her? I tell him, a thousand. He LOL! Yeah right, there ain’t no damn hoe, worth $1,000. It’s at this time easy speaks again Johnny, I look at her she’s a prime piece of ass, you can get $1,000 out of her ass in the next few days, at most a week.

Johnny looks her up and down, he asked easy, okay you’re in charge of her you’re the head hoe what’s her name easy looks her up and down, and says to Johnny I think we’ll call her needy. Johnny says, okay Bruce, you got your deal. Johnny reaches into his pocket pulls out a row of money

And Johnny pulls of 10 100 dollar bills. And hand them to me I take them fold them up and put them in my pocket. Johnny looks at easy and tells her to take needy to the apartment and get her and some working clothes that he wants his money back out of this bitch ass as soon as possible. Easy goes to entire and I feel easy wait a second, I grab the extra rope and I wrap it around her neck and I hand it to easy now it looks like a dog collar and leash
As I untied her I think it’s finally settling in that she knows she has been sold into slavery, she starts to cry I get her untied every time her hands behind her back. And easy, goes to lead her way crying Johnny slaps her across the face hard, he tells her you’re my bitch now no crying! Then Johnny says, easy like I said, go get this bitch and some working clothes and get her ass back down here and get her working I want some of my money back tonight. And easy leads her away.

Johnny looks at me smiles again and says here’s my number you know where I’m at he points down the street there’s the phone to this number if you ever come across another prime piece of ass again look me up the next time try and lower your price a little bit. Then he puts out his hand and we shake. Johnny leaves and I go the opposite way I get to the corner of the alley look behind me and Johnny is gone.

I get in my truck and I decide to go find me a room for the night it’s getting late, I drive into town and I spot a Hilton hotel I pull in park I think to myself, I said self, I might as well give Paris some of my money, I go in get a room tonight they give me room 417 I park and I go into my room and I look over wait wait is that a pizza place so I walk next door and it’s a pizza place all right and they sell beer also I go up to the counter and I asked him do you all deliver pizza and the waitress at the counter said yes sir I said can you order beer too she said yes sir I said, I want one small all meat and one small cheese and a six pack of long necks Miller and room 417.i pay for it and go to my room for the night thinking to myself, I say self, this is one that went MIA!. LOL!

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf49a

    Yes, the distressed parents are not only having their girls raped, the precious little whores are disappearing without trace. Nice!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf49a

    Great to have you back, buddy! And the Boogeyman passing little sluts on to pimps for cash is a great move!Each time there’s another rape, schoolgirls have been experiencing copycat rapes in schools by boys as young as 10 years old. He’s every boy’s Superhero!

    • Daddy ass ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I thought about it for awhile this way they don’t no.seei g.her again