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Hi guys I’m Clarie I’m 15 and have extremely big tits and a nice shaved pussy I mostly show them off I go to beach daily in micro bikini and when I run I get insecure because my nipples start to poke out one I was going to beach but my friends decided to try something new!! Go to beach naked!! We hesitated but agreed 2 guys were also with us so we got on beach and started playing then and one guy who was laying on sand with erect cock I tripped over him and his erect cock got inside my pussy he was holding my boobs and our lips were touching we blushed and I started fucking him hr did same after sometime we fucked in various styles and when I was fucking him second guy held my ass shove his cock in me I shouted but they both kept fucking me after a hour when they were over with me I nearly passed out and saw dog standing beside me licking my pussy I was still on knees he mouned me starting to shove his cock in me they all laughed and recorded and other girls having sex with the guys btw none ever came to that beach except us so now it was like a sex island dog left me but that beach was near my house next day when I woke up that dog was on my door and mom was adoring him but as soon as mom opened the door re rushed to me started to tear my clothes I knew he couldn’t tear my clothes but I was wrong he did and fucked me I pushed him and he got angry and ran to my mom and tore her clothes and….. To be continued

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  • Reply Mummyboy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    God do you have snapchat that was so hot

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoii

    Well at least the dog got some pussy! I WANNA WATCH!

  • Reply Lizzy sarah ID:2kyee16vm2

    Now Leave Your Comment… Groose, that’s cruel

  • Reply Snap brengreenhouse ID:2t4oftkzi

    Terrible story but nice idea lol (f17canada)

    • Phil ID:60aa3fxzl

      Would u like the dog in u

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10zk

    I promised to be nice in my review but then I came across this story. Please do not make me rate this story ever!.
    I would rather lick my own balls.

  • Reply 2 ID:2kyee16td2

    Now Leave Your Comment… 2

  • Reply John ID:7ym0ttufii

    I can’t believe u guys think the story is real

  • Reply Sean ID:7ylren920i

    Nice story. You sound like a nice young lady. I love casual, recreational sex. Can I rub my penis on your leg while you’re in your bikini?

  • Reply horny slut ID:1fr5vpzrd

    nice story hmu on disc whitecracker#5083

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itald1


  • Reply M22 ID:1clqok01qziw

    Do u have snap ?

  • Reply Chris ID:2kyee16vqj

    Email plz