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Candy Ante

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I wasn’t molested, but I had this friend. I’ll call her Patty, and say she was 10, but a late bloomer. So, she hadn’t started puberty yet…

She brought a bag full of peppermints over to my house, and told me all about it, but she wouldn’t say who her sugar daddy was. She just said “A boy,” but we’re both that age where everyone was either a boy, or a girl, even grownups. So, I can’t say whether or not he was over twice her age, but I have my doubts.

I bet it was her cousin Ande, because he liked to show off card tricks all the time. So, he usually had at least 4 quarters to make them disappear, or a deck of cards. So, basically he taught her how to play Strip Poker, but candy ante. So she had to take something off first, to get a peppermint.

“They taste just like candy canes.” She gave me one, but I told her “Yeah, because they make them the exact same way, only instead of cutting them off like this.” I showed her the still wrapped whirl, “They pull them out, and bend them into candy canes.” I saw it on a holiday special of how it’s made, or unwrapped.

I forget which, but it’s not important. The point is, I’m a big knowitall, so I like to show off how smart I am. Got it?

Okay, so she took a shoe off first, then the sock to get another peppermint to eat. Then, he kept winning, so she had to take all her clothes off, but then she started winning. So, he could take off his shirt first, he didn’t have any socks, or shoes on, so he had to take off his pants next.

She giggled, “He had a tent peg in his underwear, but then I got 4 aces, so he had to take those off too.”

“Did he shuffle the deck?” It’s pretty suspicious, if she got such a great hand right then.

“Yeah, he showed me how, like this?” She flexed her thumbs together, holding down imaginary cards, on an imaginary table.

“Well, he probably switched to a stacked deck.” She giggled, when I said deck.

“You want to play it with me? I’ve got plenty of candy.”

“I don’t have any cards, but what did he do next?” I could have gone down, and grabbed a deck from mom’s Cribbage set. I just didn’t want to do anything gay with her. Honestly, it wasn’t even a turn-on even after she told me that he rubbed wet peppermints on his cock to make it taste sweet. So, she would suck it, until he made “Pudding.”

“You mean cum.”

“Well, of course he ment cum, but he called it pudding. I’m not stupid, but I played dumb because it was fun, and I got to do a blowjob. You never got to do a blowjob yet, right?”

“No, but he molested you.”

“I know, but you’re just jealous, virgin.”

“Well, you’re a virgin too!”

“Yeah, but I bet he’ll do it with me before you even get kissed.”

“Huh!” Okay, I hate to admit it, but she was right. Not just about being a virgin, but also getting to do oral sex before my first kiss. At least I didn’t bet any money on it. I guess it’s a consolation that they never went all the way, but then they got candy canes to make her taste sweet, and she said it tingled, but then it started burning, so they had to stop so she could wash it out with a douche. She said it still stung a little when she told me about it.

I had to wait a couple few more years before I got the chance to top that, but I’m just telling you this, because that’s how I learned how child molesters do it. I mean, everyone knows the trick about offering you candy, but that’s just to get you in their car, van, or whatever. After that, they like to make it a game. So, you take your clothes off, and stick their dick head in your mouth so you suck them off to swallow their jizz. Only he called it “Pudding,” and she played along. Then, she came to brag to me, but she shared her candy with me, too.


“Celeste” (fbb NS Grooming)

So then, I needed some money to buy my little brother a Christmas present. He was the only one I had to shop for, but I was just 13, so I couldn’t get a job. I babysat this boy Peter, but one day he was having a playdate with his friend, Willy Johnson. (I’m just not going to bother to tell you those aren’t their real names. I’ll leave it to you to figure out where I got their names from.)

I wasn’t getting paid to watch both of them, so I decided to walk him home, and hit up his parents for money. He stopped on the side of the trail, and told us “I gotta take a wiz.” Then, he just turned around, got it out, and pissed in the leaves right there.

Peter got his out to pee, too. But then, he looked over, and neither one of them got weird about it. Like “You looking at my dick?” Homophobic bullshit that older boys do, to prove they’re not gay. I’ll say they were both 6, and in second grade, so we don’t have to worry about the site restrictions, okay?

“You like what you see?” I leaned over, but they both pulled up their underwear to tuck them back in, then zipped up their flies.

“He’s circumcised,” Peter got a little mad, I think, but then Willy said “He isn’t!”

“Well, that’s okay, some boys are, and some aren’t, but it’s nothing to tease each other about.” Being gay is, I mean I don’t want to sound homophobic, especially after what I said earlier about Patty, but I’m not a lesbian. I liked boys, preferably older boys, but I wasn’t a child molester yet.

I’m not making any excuses, I just thought I could get away with it. I guess that poke about being a virgin struck a little too deep, but I didn’t want to admit that to Patty, and there was also the question of the boys’ sexualities. I don’t know, they were little boys, I sure as shit didn’t have any sexuality until I was a lot older, but I didn’t get to see their dicks either.

“Huh!” I unbuttoned my pants, “Well, I guess I better go while we’re here.” They turned their backs again, before I even got my panties down, but they just waited while I popped a squat. I didn’t even bother to fake it, but I checked for any signs of being turned on. Nope, dry as a bone, and it was a little chilly out there, so I just pulled up his pants.

Then, we went to lie to Willy’s parents, but the boys backed me up. “Mommy, this is Celeste, and she’s babysitting us.”

“Well, I just charge 5 bucks an hour, but it’s been 4 hours already, so he said you could pay me when he got home.” He nodded, so his mom got out another $20.00 for me, which made up for trying to flash them, and see their little pissers, but failing. I know, I’m a total psychopath, with narcissistic traits, and a child molester, but I’ve got court ordered shrinks, so save it.

On the way back to Pete’s house, I touched his shoulder, and asked him if he liked girls? That looked innocent enough until we got back to the trees, but then I felt down his back. As low as I could go without bending over, but he was so short, that wasn’t even close to his butt.

“Not really,” he shrugged, “Except you, you’re pretty cool.”

“Thanks, but what I mean is, do you like Willy better?”

“I don’t know, that’s different.”

“I know, it’s like apples, and oranges, but you don’t want to kiss him, or get his dick hard, and you don’t get hard thinking about him, sometimes?”

“No, he’s a boy, oh!” He finally got it, “No, not like that. You mean in a gay way?” His grin turned into a frown. “Because I looked at his dick?”

“Well, I guess because you seemed to like what you saw.”

“Not really. It looks weird, and he has to squeeze the head out, so it’s harder to pee. So, I guess I like mine better. Wait.” He looked up, and stopped shaking head, “You’re not jealous?”

“Not any more,” I patted his back, “Come on, let’s get you home.” Before his parents get back, so I have time to molest him.

“But you do like me. I mean, like you want me to kiss you?”

“Huh, you want me to kiss you, when we get back?”

“Okay, you’re real pretty.” He nodded, “All my friends think so too, so it’s not just me saying it.” I couldn’t believe how easy it was, with boys. Even a little boys so young, I guess because it’s expected. Just like he asked if I wanted him to kiss me? No, I wanted to molest him, but I guess deep down. Ever since I learned how child molesters talk you into doing sex things for them, like take off your clothes, and give them head.

I sure didn’t even want to be the child, even when I was a little girl. I just can’t say when I decided I’d rather be a molester, but it was way before I got the chance. I just didn’t wake up one morning, and decide that’s what I want to do when I grew up.

Well, now I was starting to grow up, and I had a willing victim right here. I just had to get him home, and figure out what I wanted to do to him.

I guess it really depends on if he can get it up, and keep it up, or not…

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