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Family Of Sluts

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I write fiction, don’t come at me, don’t try this, and please don’t hate me. 🙂

Elizabeth had it better than most, but she had it far worse than she would’ve liked. Don’t get her wrong, she had her own bedroom, nice clothes, newest phone, books, whatever she wanted she could probably afford it.

But her mother didn’t just work in real estate, during the day she was your average soccer mom, volunteered with the PTO, coached Lila, Elizabeth’s younger sister’s soccer team, and baked brownies for the bake sale.

But at night, she dressed up in her shortest and tightest clothes and put on dark makeup and went out to a club or bar on the other side of the city, leaving Elizabeth home with her three younger sisters.

The oldest, Lila, was 16, two years younger than Elizabeth. Then Mia who was 13, and Sara who was 9. All the girls closely resembled their mother, the same long light blonde hair and striking blue eyes, freckles on their nose and cheekbones. All the girls had the same handful sized boobs and small, perky asses.

Their mother would return with a man every night, sometimes regulars, sometimes more than one man, heck she even brought home three or four women. Then she would proceed to fuck them in the room next to Elizabeth’s while her sisters slept or were in the living room watching TV, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t hear her scream about how she wanted to be fucked harder, or how she wanted to choke on a man’s cock.

Kristy was never home though, at least, not much. So Elizabeth was the one her sisters came to about boys, movies, feelings, and questions.

When Lila was 13 and she came running down the hall screaming while their mother was out looking for a man carrying her underwear and blood on her thighs she nearly had a heart attack until she realized it was just her period.

So Elizabeth taught all her sisters that night about a period, and told the younger ones to come talk to her if they started.

Elizabeth was their surrogate mother, and she wasn’t really upset about it. She graduated high school top of her class and could’ve gone to college or gotten a job, but she decided online school was better so she was home to take care of her sisters, and as of then her mother made plenty money to support them.

One night Lila was out of town with her best friend’s family for a week up at their beach house, Mia was at her friend’s birthday party sleepover, and Sara was at an overnight summer camp and it was her last day so Elizabeth would have to pick her up in the morning.

Elizabeth was sitting on the couch with the family dog, Zack, a big German Shepard when Kristy came through the door with two men and a woman.

Kristy ushered them through the house to her bedroom where they started to mercilessly fuck each other. Elizabeth was eating ice cream when her mother came out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

“Lizzie. Can I ask you something?” Kristy asked, completely naked on the couch next to her.

Lizzie avoided looking at her but nodded for her to continue. Kristy sighed and rested her hand on her thigh. “The people upstairs, Josh, Grant, and Riley, they’ll pay you two hundred if you fuck the dog in front of them. They just want to watch.”

Lizzie’s eyes went wide and she stopped with her mouth open and the spoon halfway there. She didn’t know what to say or do. She decided that if she was going to do it, she was going to at least get some money out of it.

“Three hundred and half of what you get and they can touch.” Lizzie offered. She thought it was a fair deal.

She didn’t have to do it, but she was in the mood to get fucked but she could always just go out to a bar or call one of her old flings to get laid.

Her mother smiled. “That’s my girl. I’ll tell them while you get undressed.”

Lizzie nodded. She never thought about getting fucked by Zack, but there was a first time for everything. She left her clothes on the couch and headed upstairs, calling Zack to follow behind her.

She entered her mother’s room to see all four of them looking like they just fucked, covered in sweat and cum.

“Three hundred for you to get fucked by the dog and we can touch?” The older man asked with a slight country accent.

Lizzie nodded. “Fifty each of you want me to suck your cocks or eat your pussy.”

Her mother’s eyes widened and the older man picked up his wallet and took some money out. He set down three fifties and three hundreds. Next to it was four hundred dollars for her mother. She would have 650 by the time she was done.

“On the bed or on the floor?” Lizzie asked.

The woman smiled. “Bed. I want your mouth first.”

Lizzie climbed on the bed and laid in the center. She spread her legs wide and bent her knees. She patted the bed and Zack jumped up and sniffed over her body curiously.

Lizzie reached down to guide Zack’s long hardening cock into her opening, moaning when he pushed in hard and fast. He didn’t start out slow, no, he started fast and hard going at a brutal pace.

The woman sat over her face and Lizzie held up her end of the deal. She licked and pushed her tongue in and out of the woman’s cunt until she came, then the older man guided his dick into her mouth almost before the woman could get off.

He held Lizzie’s head up as he fucked her throat raw and came deep in her throat. Then her mother climbed over her and Lizzie set to work getting her to climax much faster than the man and woman.

She was aware of hands on her tits and fingers on her clit. She knew she had already cum at least twice on Zack’s dick but he kept going and didn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

The final man was much more rough with her, pulling her hair and holding her jaw in a death grip as he fucked her mouth much harder and faster than Zack was pounding her cunt.

She came on Zack’s cock one last time before Zack knotted her and her muffled moans had the man cumming down her throat. The man climbed off and they left the money on the table as her mother showed them out and they waited for Zack’s knot to deflate.

After a half an hour Sack finally climbed off her and she grabbed the money on the table, leaving her mother’s half and stuffed it in her wallet and went to go shower and clean herself up.

Her sisters came home the next morning and asked Lizzie what she had done the night before. She replied with nothing and continued with making breakfast for them when their mom walked down the hall.

The doorbell rang and she opened the door and on the other side were three men, all early thirties. Mom let them in and led them to her bedroom.

After a good two hours of nonstop fucking Kristy came downstairs naked again and pulled each of the girls out of there various seats in the kitchen to the couch in the living room.

“Girls, I have a deal for you.” Kristy said softly.

Lizzie glared at her. Lizzie was eighteen, but they were minors. That was different and wrong.

“Mom-“ Lizzie tried to say but Kristy cut her off with her hand.

“The men upstairs liked what they saw when they looked at you. They are willing to pay a lot of money to have sex with you all.” Kristy explained, trying to convince them.

“How much?” Lizzie asked.

“Eight hundred a girl, fifty extra to cum inside you, and hundred extra with no condom, fifty to cum inside your ass, fifty to use your mouth, and five thousand to watch you with each other.” Kristy explained.

Lizzie’s and Lila’s jaws dropped. Mia has some understanding of it but want as surprised and Sara didn’t really understand.

Lizzie looked at her sisters. “Eight hundred for me, and five thousand with each other, they can pay for my mouth or ass, but not theirs.”

Kristy pursed her lips in thought. “Mouths for the girls?”

Lizzie shook her head. “Hand jobs same price. Fifty more to cum anywhere on them of their choice. Not inside.”

Kristy pursed her lips again and shrugged. “Hundred for you to use toys on them? Three hundred for them?”

Lizzie thought about it. “Okay.”

Kristy nodded and took out a pad and paper and wrote down:

800: Lizzie
50: Cum inside with condom
100: Cum inside without condom
5000: All girls together
100: Lizzie uses toys on girls
300: Use toys on all of them
50: Hand jobs from girls
50: Cum wherever on girl not inside
50: Cum inside ass

Kristy pauses to look up at Lizzie. “One hundred for them to use toys on you and fifty to watch you play with yourself?”

Lizzie shrugged and nodded and Kristy quickly added that to the list.

“Okay girls, get naked, now.” Kristy ordered as she took the list upstairs.

Lizzie waited patiently, petting Zack while her sisters talked. Kristy came down the stairs and asked for help with getting chairs from the basement.

Lizzie and Kristy carried up six chairs and set the up in the bedroom. Lizzie looked at the list and saw that what they wanted was marked off.

800: Lizzie ///
50: Cum inside with condom
100: Cum inside without condom //
5000: All girls together /
100: Lizzie uses toys on girls /
300: Use toys on all of them /
50: Hand jobs from girls ///
50: Cum wherever on girl not inside ///
50: Cum inside ass /
100: Use toys on Lizzie /
50: Watch Lizzie play with herself /

The only one not check off was with the condom. Lizzie added up the money and choked at home much it was. They were paying 8,600 dollars to watch children have sex. She wasn’t sure whether to be disgusted or amazed.

The night went by fast and they payed an extra thousand to watch the girls shower together and have them eat each other out in the shower.

In the end Kristy started to just whore them out to the people she slept with for extra and the girls enjoyed it, no matter how twisted it was.

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