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Simply The Best, The Twins… 2

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My story about the twins, and how I treated them on a daily basis…

I only fucked both of the twins fannies yesterday, as I wanted to know that I was the guy who had fucked them first.

Before the twins got dressed to go to school, I told them to get into bed with me, then I told them both to get onto their hands and knees, then I knelt behind them, aimed my rock hard cock at one of the twins arse holes and just rammed forward and into her hole just as hard as I could.

The other twin had crawled beneath her sister so that she could suck my balls as I was banging her sisters arse, as this was happening, her sister was licking her fanny really hard and very fast.

My cum was about to burst free and fire into her arse hole so I grabbed her tiny, hard nipples and yanked on them as hard as I could, which made her scream and that in turn made me blow my full load right into her bowels.

After breakfast, I took them both back to my bed and fucked the other twin, just as hard and as dry as I did her sister, who also did what her sister had done to her when I was fucking her arse.

I told the girls to stand up, bend over from their waist and spread their butt cheeks wide apart so that I could shove a butt plug in each of their arse holes, to keep my cum in their bowels all day at school.

The girls then put on their school uniforms, which consisted of a thin white and large sized blouse, which only had 3 buttons on it, 1 at the top, 1 in the middle and 1 at the bottom, the buttons were about 3 inches apart and allowed the blouse to always hang away from their bodies and show of their budding tits and hard nipples all the time.

The rest of their uniform consisted of a blue micro-mini skirt, which barely covered the twins lower butt cheeks, so that when they bent over to pick up something, their arse cheeks would always be on show and seen by anyone around them at the time, and a pair of black patent leather Mary Janes, without socks.

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  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    I wish I had fucked my sister when she was younger and bred her . And then fuck any kids she had , girl or boy . Nothing better than an 8 year old cunt or arse wrapped round your hard cock

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dqpg934vho3

      Hi Joe, how old are you and sis now, or is she too old for you…

  • Reply AvW ID:37213f2hm

    Pierce their nipples

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dqpg934vho3

      I intend to not only pierce both girls nipples myself, but I will also pierce their clits and clit hoods as well, then I will fit large, heavy solid silver chains between the girls nipples, clits and clit hoods too.
      I forgot to mention that my sister already has her nipples, clit and clit hood pierced and chained together…

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Short, but nice. sent them to school with plugs in the ass, I like it never allow them to remove the plugs without your permission. Hope you breed them

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ef35u8fwkui

      The twins will NEVER be allowed to remove their butt plugs, and they will have to ask me if they can shit or piss at any time too. My sister, the twins mummy, already has a really long and heavily ribbed, wide butt plug up her arse all the time, her arse is so loose now that I can fist or fuck her arse with the plug still buried in her arse as well…

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ef35u8fwkui

      I forgot to mention that the twins will NEVER be allowed to use any form of birth control, as in another 11 years their (hopefully) baby girls will be going through what the twins are going through now…