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Wedding day

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I couldn’t help myself. Sis was so hot in that dress.

The day finally came. Sis was getting married. And since dad died. I was the man of the house. And as such, it was my job to walk my sister down the aisle. She was so excited.

Sis had the whole day planned. Her and her girls would hit the spa, do hair, then off to the wedding. It was an evening wedding and out at our farm. We had an old barn we never used other than storage. Sis and I had spent a good part of a month moving crap out and cleaning it up. Though, not much work got done with us banging every time we went out there.

Like I said, sis had it all planned out. Except for one detail. I wanted to spend time with her before the walk down the aisle.

Sis’s friend knew of the plan. And as sis was finally ready, sis’s friend shewd all the ladies out. And I walked in in my three piece suit.

We had a tearful time remembering dad and mom. I kept it fun since she didn’t want to mess her makeup.

“Do you remember I said I would do this on one condition?”

“Yes. You never told me what that was.”

“Well, turn around and lift your dress. I’m going to fill you full. And dripping down the aisle.”

“I…wait…now? 20 minutes till my wedding starts?”

“Do it.”

Sis turned and I pulled up aaaalllll of the train and laid it on her back. I could see her thigh high white stockings. Held up by a lacy Garter. And a thin silky thong covering her slit.

I slid my hands up the back of her legs. Which sent a shiver through her.

“Oh damn bro. Just do it and get your rocks off. Damn.” I Snape, one of the garter bands, she held in a yelp.

“You’re mean.”

With two figures I pushed aside her thong and slid myself in. For some reason she felt even better today. She moaned softly. O started to pump away at my sister bent over in her wedding gown.

Within minutes I had her full of brotherly love. I moved her panties back and gave her ass a nice pat.

“Damnit it bro. Now I’m all horny too.”

I smiled as I walked out. And upon seeing the bride, all the girls rushed back in.

“Dude you made her cry! Her makeup is smudged!”

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