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Naughty Jogger

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We brought our Halloween costume ideas to school, then I went over to a friend’s house to show mine off.

I didn’t know how to talk about this to anyone, but Trick or Treat was canceled for a couple years. So, it gave me nightmares, and then dirty dreams that made me feel funny. So, finally I went over to Jody’s house, and took off my school clothes.

“Black Widow.” She guessed when I got down to my yoga pants.

“No,” I took off my top, and turned around in my sports bra. “I’m gonna be a naughty jogger.”

She shook her head, but her eyes were all over me, and the way she smiled made me feel funny again. “Huh!” She just rolled her eyes, and looked away. “Naughty just means sexy.”

“I know, but sometimes a man wants to grab you, and hurt you for being sexy.” She blushed. “Unless you’re a witch, or something.” Oh yeah, and she put together a costume for one of the witches from Vision and the Scarlet Witch?

I don’t look nothing like Scarlett Johansson, but you know the part where they tied up Agatha Harkness to a stake? Only instead of burning her alive for being a witch, they all shot her with their magic, and it was blue. Then, she took there magic, and made it purple, so then the other witches turned old, and fell down dead. Sorry, Spoilers? Um…

“At the park, he picked her up, and covered her mouth, and threw her down behind some bushes, and tore off her sports bra.” I nodded, remembering.

“Wait, you’re talking about a real person?”

“Uh huh, 2.” I held up my fingers, “At the park, I saw it.”

“Oh,” she got up and hugged me, so I started crying. “That’s too bad.”

“Nh, I called the cops, and he got away before they found me, and the girl ran away too, but not until after they had sex.”

“Oh, sweetheart. That’s not sex.”

I nodded, “Yes it is, she told me. She wasn’t really raped for real. It’s just a game she plays with her boyfriend.”

“What? Well, how?” She shook her head, “When did she tell you all this?”

“Oh, after I got back home.” I covered my mouth, before I said who it is. “She was a friend of my sister’s, and she picked me up from school, but then she went out for a run, and she told me to stay home, but I followed her anyway to see what she was doing, and then she got hooked up with her boyfriend, only I didn’t know he was her boyfriend, and then they had rough sex behind the bushes.” Oh yeah, and my daddy doesn’t know. So, don’t tell anyone she cheated. “Nh?” I shook my head, and tried to shut it out of my eyes, but I wasn’t watching it again, I was remembering it, “I was so scared, and I didn’t know what to do!”

So, she hugged me some more, and that made me feel a little better, but this wasn’t going the way I planned. Jody, I don’t know if she’s gay, or just bisexual, but she looked at me, and told me I was sexy. She looked at the other girls a lot too, and she gets this pretty smile on her face when she does, but I bet she’s thinking sexy thoughts when she does it.

“Huh!” I wiped my eyes, “We better go out.” I pulled her hands, so she got up, and followed me out the front door. Then, I giggled and ran, but I made sure to shake my sexy butt in my tight yoga pants. So, she’d chase after me, but she doesn’t live close to a park.

Not really, but they have woods between her neighborhood, and the next neighborhood over. The boys ride their bikes back there so there’s tails, and jumps, and stuff, but that means I can run around in a loop. Like a lap at the track at school, only with jumps and stuff.

Finally, Jody jumped out, and pointed. “Stop right there!” With both hands, so I had to imagine the blue magic, but she doesn’t have a wand or anything, because she’s not that kind of a witch.

“Uh, I can’t move!”

“Of course not. Now, you’re under my power, and you will do my bidding.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

She shook her head, “Take off your bra.”

“Okay,” I pretended that my hands were frozen out in front of me, but when she hypnotized me, that ment I could use them to take off my sports bra. “Now what?” It’s really stretchy, so it comes right off, even without the hooks and stuff in back.

“Hhuh!” She shivered, and her hands shook, but then she looked up from my tits. She blinked, like a boy that just realized he was staring, but I guess some girls do that too. “Come here.” She smiled, and inched her finger, so I stuck my arms back up, and zombie walked over to her.

“Yes, master.” I couldn’t help giggling, because it’s funny! I couldn’t help it, but as soon as I got close enough, she grabbed them, and cupped them gently. Squeezing, and rubbing my nipples with her thumbs.

I closed my eyes, and tried not to feel so disappointed, but I guess I always imagined my first time with a boy. So, he’d be rougher, and of course he’d have a big hard dick to stuff in me roughly, but it felt okay, I guess. I guess I just thought it would be more exciting, but she got what she wanted out of it, so I guess that’s okay?

She just wanted to touch my tits, and then some boys showed up to break the spell. We heard their bikes rattling, so we jumped behind a jump, but they just rode past really fast on their bikes. She giggled, and said “You better go get your bra.”

“Yeah,” I left it in the middle of the trail, but they didn’t even stop to pick it up, or anything.

“Huh, you have great tits.”

“Thanks.” I pulled it on, but then she went on and on about how soft, and round they were.

“Not too big, and saggy, but not tiny, and pinched into cones.”

I didn’t know what to say besides “Thanks, but you could have done anything to me, you know.
You could have told me to do anything you wanted, and I would have done it, right?”

She shrugged, “Yeah, but that’s no good if you don’t really know what you want.” She shook her head, “You’ve got the best tits, though.” She giggled.

“Thanks.” I noticed, though nobody ever said anything before. They looked, not everyone noticed, but enough boys, and dirty old men. 1 girl, but I guess any bisexual curiosity I had was gone after she felt me up, and left me alone after that.

“Huh, maybe I’m just not ready for sex, yet.” She finally decided.

“Huh, maybe you’re just waiting for somebody to take control, you ever thought of that?” She bit her lip, and nodded. Closing her eyes, and leaning back on her bed. Back in her room, I tried feeling her up, and even put my hand over her mouth. So, she looked up scared, and shook her head, but I just let go, and asked “what?”

“Keep going.” She sat up, and started pulling the stuff out around her neck. They all stuffed white stuff down the necks of their dresses, which are black, but she’s not really a witch.

She’s a lesbian, and “I don’t know what to do.” I finally gave up. “Huh, yeah. I see what you mean, though.”

“Huh yeah. You’re right, neither one of us wants to do it.”

“Oh no, I do. I like you, and you make me feel sexy enough, I just don’t know how to.”

“Well obviously, you lick pussy.” I shook my head. “But I don’t want to make you, and you don’t want to make me. The problem is we both want a butch, but neither one of us is really all that butch.”

“Yeah.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her what I actually wanted was a man. “Nice try, though?” So, I gave up, and stuffed all my school clothes in my book bag, but I decided to run home. It was pretty far, but I wasn’t in any hurry, and it gave me lots of time to think.

Also, it gave any rapists, or child molesters a chance to see me running. Dressed so sexy, and follow me into unsafe places where you don’t want to go alone. Unless of course, you really want to be raped. Not molested, raped roughly by a stranger who hates you, so he won’t hold back.

Just to see what it feels like, because I’ve been thinking about it, and dreaming about it since 5th grade? Well, that summer between 5th, and 6th grade, I was only 11, and not that developed. I sure hit a growth spurt or 2 during that whole Covid 19 lockdown thing. Which means everyone had to wear masks, and keep their distance, but all those men walking around in masks.

I don’t know what that has to do with it, but it was weird, and what with Halloween coming up. That used to be the 1 night a year when you got to wear a mask, and let your friends try to guess who you are. Who you’re supposed to be, and that was a fun game, when you’re like 9. Then you turn 10, and you start puberty, and then you want to start playing grown up games with the boys.

Unless you’re gay like Jody, I guess. It’s tricky, because when you’re a little girl, they make it look like all you have to do is look sexy. I thought for sure that growing tits to show off would do the trick, but I guess not. I get plenty of looks, but so far, that’s all I get from boys. Even the dirty old men look quick, then look away when they see me noticing.

What’s wrong with them? I’m right here, I’m hot and sexy, and I know they want me, but they never do anything about it. Not yet, it’s just so frustrating, and just leaves me horny. A lot hornier than getting felt up by that dyke, Jody.

“Huh!” Finally, I got to the bridge, and stopped to catch my breath. I’m really hot and sweaty, from my backpack especially. With my school clothes stuffed in there, and no books, but there’s a little dip down behind the guardrail.

So, I climbed over that, and ran down the hill. I almost hit a tree, but running around isn’t as fun when there’s nobody to chase you. “No,” grab you, and yank your top up roughly. “Please don’t. You’re hurting me uh! God I’m wet.” And lose, without any underwear on under the yoga pants, it wicks the sweat away, but that didn’t dry me up inside. So, there wasn’t any resistance when I stuffed 2 fingers in there, so I pulled out, and tried all four.

“MH!” I held my mouth for something to squeal into, but I wasn’t quite that lose yet, so I used my middle 3, and that stretched me tight. So, I could fuck them roughly, deeper, faster, and harder until my wrist pounded in between my legs, and I squealed! “MREIGH! Uhgh!” I fell over, and rolled around in the leaves. “Oh, oh god that feels so good.”

Talking to nobody, but with my orgasm still going, it didn’t matter. All that pent up emotion, and sexual frustration from the day. Being forced to wear school dress code clothes to cover up, so the boys don’t notice you have a body. A hot sexy wet horny body just waiting for them to take me.

“Huh!” Also, doing it out in public like that. I guess it’s just a fantasy now. You read about that, sisters getting into there mother’s sex toys to masturbate, so their big brother hears them, and looks in to see why she’s moaning, only to be overcome with lust when he sees me there, and jumps on the bed to grab my arms, and pull the dildo out to stick his dick in, and fuck me roughly.

“Uh, huh! Yeah daddy fuck me daddy fuck me good and hard!” Well, I don’t have a big brother like that, and even my friends, who have creepy peeper brothers like that, they never do anything. Nobody ever actually wants to do it. They just talk about it, and think about it, and write dirty stories about their sisters, or daughters, or babysitters, or whatever.

What’s a girl got to do to get raped for real?

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