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My 10 year old daughter

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How my 10 year old daughter became my lover.

Hello I am a 50 year old divorced male. I have one 13 year old daughter, that I have been sleeping with since she was 10 years old.

I never intended to live this lifestyle, but it happened, and it is now an addiction.
It started innocently enough, well on my part. There were serious storms passing through the area, one of the windows to my daughter’s room was broken during the storm. She didn’t want to sleep on the couch, so I told her to sleep in my bed, I would sleep on the couch.

Sometime in the night. I do remember going to restroom to relieve my bladder. I do not however, remember removing my pjs and climbing back into my bed next to my daughter.

I was awakened by someone rubbing on my exposed penis, fully aroused I didn’t open my eyes. I assumed my on again off again girlfriend was wanting some company.

I asked her to just suck me off if she wanted, but I was to tired for any more games. And told her my daughter was sleeping in my room. She can sleep in recliner. I noticed that the person trying to perform this blow job seemed quite inexperienced, quite unlike my acquaintance, but I was enjoying it none the less. Thought maybe she was perhaps drunk. I kept telling her to slow down, watch your teeth. I started pumping into her face, and had the most incredible orgasm in this tight throat. She started choking and that is what really woke me up. It was my 10 year old daughter that had given me this incredible climax, and nearly swallowed every drop. I was shocked, stunned, and proud all at the same time. But even though I knew it was wrong, I was addicted.

My initial reaction was, what the hell did you do! Her reply was, you asked me too do it I thought I was obeying you. What was that? I am sorry if I made you mad, it was poking me in my bottom.

So at 3 in the morning I am explaining the birds and the bees. What was poking her, and what came out. Assure her she wouldn’t get pregnant that way. What was done was inappropriate. No she isn’t in trouble. Don’t tell anyone not even your best friend!

I returned to couch and tried to get back to sleep.

In the morning more question. Why is it wrong if you enjoyed it so much? Does it feel like when I touch my special spot with my electric toothbrush? I was mortified. Where did you learn that! How long? But in my head, I wanted to watch her do this! But I simply said we cant because it is wrong.

So the day went on, awkward stares and all. After dinner I always snuggled on couch and watched a movie. But she always brushes her teeth first. That got my mind rolling, and of course I was getting aroused. She came out of bathroom. She climbed on lap, and immediately felt the issue. She told me it is ok, she can help me again, noone needs to know. And grabbed ahold of it. I know I should if stopped this then but I didn’t. She confessed to watching videos online at a friend’s house. She knew what to do and started rubbing herself on me, and kissed me and licked my lips. I lost it closed my eyes and kissed her back. Kissed her neck, her ears. She climbed of lap removed my member, and started to kiss and lick on it. She took it into her mouth and now knowing what I liked proceeded to give me an incredible blow job, but I stopped her before the finish.

She asked what she was doing wrong. Nothing my dear. But it isn’t right that you pleasure me. And I can’t please you in return…

All i have time to write.. more to come depending on the comments.

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  • Reply Dawn ID:h0n8osl8k

    i started biting my finger nails when i was 12, mom and dad told me off, i didn’t stop even when they bleed, one day i was in the garden with daddy and bit my nails, he came to me and rubbed my tits saying her would do that for five seconds every time i bit my nails, i kept ding it all day, i went to bed and he brought me my drink up, i called his bluff, he came back and felt my tits for five minutes. this continued for a week, on the Saturday mom was at her sisters, i left my nighty off and daddy felt my naked tit’s, he didn’t stop there, he sucked on them, he asked if i was going to stop biting my nails, i said “NO”, he then pulled the sheet back and pulled me around and tongued my pussy. i dropped my hand and squeezed his cock over his joggers “want to be naughty”> he asked, i giggled, he dropped his joggers and pulled my legs up and thrust his cock into my pussy and came in me minutes later. i’m now 16 and carrying his daughter. mom and my BF think he is the father, but i was pregnant before we fucked so i know it’s daddys.

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  • Reply Harddick18 ID:4o7snoxii

    I been trying to get my ten year old niece to suck my dick but won’t she let’s me finger her little pussy and she’ll let me try putting my dick in her ass but that’s all it feels like pure bliss and cum in like ten seconds

    • Slut ID:iotxnbh

      I wish I was her

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  • Reply Fahed ID:5es1xte44

    I love 😘 it

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1corze0mytlp

    I was 11 when I gave my virginity to my dad.

    • Doug ID:1cwzuwcnzzgj

      Did you write a story on that I would love to read it if you did

    • James ID:1ec7wpymxq9c

      Please email me.. I’d love to know about you and your dad.
      [email protected]

  • Reply D ID:7pqjmgx2d0

    I remember when my daughter became my lover at 10 so far it’s been the best year and will continue soon she will be the mother of our kids. BadDad keep loving your daughter and breed her

    • BadDad ID:1e2krz22qywg

      I am fixed. I can’t breed any of two

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1cxb8ydblbk7

    Awesome thanks

  • Reply Rr ID:2vpomgwu43

    Part 2 plizzz

    • BadDad ID:1ck645zwxp29

      Click on my name for 3 more. 1 my daughter wrote.

  • Reply CC ID:bqpf2j46t4s

    Great story . Would love to share similar experiences.

    • Rr ID:2vpomgwu43


  • Reply [email protected] ID:1colz05yxpii

    Sounds like my relationship with my stepfather started at age 11. Didn’t end until I was 19.

    • Ben ID:hbtehdlhk

      Cool liké it

  • Reply Rikki ID:2kyh00lzra

    I wish I had a daughter, id make sure we were really close.

    • Jake ID:1ck6ai0yyv60

      Care to email and share experiences? I would enjoy

  • Reply Strong Lord ID:1cwpu7s2hynj

    I thought the story was awesome I would like more

    • BadDad ID:1ck8m0v0lbki

      I have a 2nd waiting for review. She has been helping me the writing. I am not very technical

    • Daddy’s slave ID:esoxamphj

      My real daddy pleasured me with his mouth and loved sucking my budding nipples when l was 11. I was soaking wet for him and would yearn for him at nights coming into my room to use me sexually……nothing makes me leak then remembering his mouth eagerly sucked and licked both nipples, needy and aroused, telling me l am his little fucktoy.

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Nice start

  • Reply Family Fun Times ID:1e93ep6y7tp7

    My step daughter would sleep between my girlfriend and I when she’d get scared of thunderstorms. One day I came home from work after working my shift plus some and was tired. I knew it was supposed to storm but forgot all about the step daughter. Fell asleep cuddling with the girlfriend. We sleep nude and so makes it easy to wake her up with my dick, however I woke up to something tight warm and wet trying to suck me. I put my hand on her head over the blanket and pushed down but then realized that her head was small. I lifted the covers only to be greeted by my naked step daughter and a soft morning daddy mom is sleeping ssshhh. I asked her what she was doing since shes never done anything sexual and she said I made her peepee wet and was poking it and she saw momma do it. Talked to many people on sessions who share the same experience.

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      I would have been wearing my long nightie and red tights and white socks over them, then get under the covers with you and see what happens during the night between us !

    • Family Fun Times ID:1e93ep6y7tp7

      Depends how old you are

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      How old do you want me to be !

    • Taboolover ID:c2oa0929qk

      That’s exactly why we have kids. To use and pleasure can’t wait to be a mama

    • Family Fun Times ID:1e93ep6y7tp7

      How old are you Taboolover

    • Strong Lord ID:1cwpu7s2hynj

      You should finish this story

    • xx.southpawgrrl.xx ID:13s4eu2l5lru

      How can I hear about your family fun times?

    • [email protected] ID:sgxjn2hm

      Did your girlfriend ever find out about that morning?

    • anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

      how old was your step daughter when she did this

  • Reply Luvsit ID:1dt6aiuyel90

    Love to hear more about the way you fuck her throat and eventually pound her tight little pussy

    • Family Fun Times ID:1e93ep6y7tp7

      I mean isnt that why girls were born for daddy