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Drunken pre-teen rape

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On the weekend I got to do what most men dream of, to rape a pre-teen girl.

My long-term girlfriend and I had been living together for 4 years. She has 3 little sisters, Rebecca, Christine and Mikayla. They are/were comfortable around me, I had met them when they were young. I had always been attracted to young girls and was fascinated by rape. I was a very horney teenager and had raped my little sister more than a few times from ages 10 to 14. She was terrified of me and never told anyone. When I moved out and in with my girlfriend this stopped. I was craving it. Sex just wasn’t cutting it.

Her three sisters had slept over in the past and I had seen all their pussys by waking up in the middle of the night and abusing them while they were sleeping but never been brave enough to do anything else. One night I had been out drinking with friends. I was coked up and horney. All I could think about was going home and pretending to rape my girlfriend, (she was into it as well, sometimes anyway).

When I got back to our apartment at about 2am, I noticed the spare room door was open, we don’t usually use the room so it stays closed for the most part. I open it.

In front of me lays Rebecca or Becky as she liked to be called. 11 years old, slim build, long black curly hair. A little short for her age but overall a normal kid. I closed the door quietly and locked it..

My dick was already rock hard by this point. I couldn’t help myself. I slowly pulled down her covers. She had a small white t shirt on and brown sweat pants. I shook her a little, no reaction. I moved her onto her back, no reaction. I started rubbing her clit through her clothes, no reaction…

My heart started beating, hard and fast. I was nervous and so turned on. I knew what I was going to do. You can still turn back, I thought to myself, I didn’t listen. I went outside and grabbed a bottle of masage lotion, it was all i could find. I went back in and began slowly pulling her pants down. Becky had no panties on, her perfect little pussy was just staring at me. After pulling her pants down to her ankles I spread her legs a little by pushing her knees out. I began lifting up her shirt gently. As I finished I paused for a second to behold what I was looking at.

There in front of me lay a beautiful pre-teen girl. She had tiny little boobs, with just a little form taking place. Her bald pussy was the perfect shape, no hair yet, so tight and compact. As she lay there spread eagled, i pulled my jeans down and knelt in between her legs. I pressed my cock up against her little pussy. The girth of my cock almost looked like a third leg for her. I grabbed the lotion and dripped it onto her clit, slowly massaging it in, lubricating her up. She began to wake..

I freaked out. I grabbed her arms and moved them above her head. Holding her hands with one hand I covered her mouth with my other hand. She was in shock, terrified, half asleep, and struggling to work out what was happening.

I moved her hands over her mouth so I could hold them and muffle her at the same time. With my now free arm, I directed my cock to penetrate her now moist little hole. I slowly started to insert my dick into her, her pussy feeling like a vice grip around the head of my cock.

I looked her in the eyes as I forced my dick into her. She was horrified, her facial expression looking like someone was cutting her arm off or something. She was trying to scream and gasp at the same time, you could tell she was struggling to comprehend what was happening to her.

After several minutes of forcing the head of my cock in, I was finally able to start fucking her. I kept slowing inserting, half an inch at a time. The pressure from her vaginal walls was intense. It felt amazing so secure and yet so delicate.

As I started to get some rhythm, I started to relax a bit. I pushed more of my weight on to her and pushed her hands above over her head again while keeping her mouth muffled. I started with slow, hard thrusts and gradually got quicker, savouring the moment as much as i could. At this stage she was gasping and whimpering, sounds that were muffled by my hand. Her tiny little body desperately trying to move away but to no avail. Her eyes were rolling in her head, like she was drifting in and out of consciousness.

I was raping her I thought, this made smile. It felt so good. I had never experienced anything like this, maybe because I was older it was more intense, it was like ecstasy. How sick I must be to get enjoyment raping this little girl. I didn’t care. The fact it was so wrong is what made it so hot. I was driving myself to orgasm thinking these things. I started to fuck.., no.., rape her hard, her body ragdolling under my weight and rhythm of my thrusts. I’m not even sure if she was really conscious anymore.

After maybe 10 to 15 minutes of hard thrusting I gave a quiet grunt as I blew my load inside of her. There was a lot of it, it had been building up for a while. As I got up off her I pulled her pants up and pulled the covers over her again. She lay there awake, but motionless, staring at the ceiling, breathing deeply. I lent down to her head and whispered to her. Our little secret, you don’t want anyone you care about to get hurt do you. Better keep this to yourself… I wasn’t actually going to do anything I might of raped her but I’m not a psycho.

In the morning when I got up she was watching TV in the living room. All seems normal I thought. How was your sleep I asked, sarcasticly, obviously. Fine she said. I looked at my girlfriend to judge for a reaction, nothing. I got away with it I thought I raped her and she said nothing. Now I got to work out how I’m going to get her other sisters.

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    I’m so wet from this. I can’t wait to read more

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      Me too..

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    I love when a pedo goes on a raping rampage. Use and abuse us, that’s what girls are for. Please use all my holes to satisfy your pedo needs

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    I hope you get her sisters and rspe them as well

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      I loved this story. I did the same to my step daughter when she was 11.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20k

    Very nicely told. Being so immorally wrong makes it so fucking hot!!

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    Oh i wish my daddy did his to me, i would have moaned so much

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    🥺 I’m jelly hmpf

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    Part two and I hope someone gets pregnant

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    I loved it. I want to rape my stepdaughter

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      that is what they are for.

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    Yet you wanted to read it, at least the author is honest about it.

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      The image it gives me is hot.Bed creaking him grunting her sobbing.His big hairy ass going up and down.His balls slapping her ass

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    What in the actual fuck is wrong with you, you piece of shit? Fucking christ, I hope you fucking die. Or better, go to prison, and get raped, day in and day out for as long as you are there.

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      That’s like telling someone with someone with a disability to go blow their head off their shoulders just for being disabled you know it’s a crime for telling people to go commit suicide right look at that one guy that was on the news his girlfriend convinced him to commit suicide and she went to prison for it

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