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It finally happened Part 2

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Well one came on my face and mouth ,the other swallowed a load of my cum. This had been my fantasy for over a year and now we get down to some fucking

As I held those little girls in my arms I had a big smile on my face and the three of us drifted off to sleep. We all woke up at the same time at 9 am on Saturday morning and being that we were up till 330 a.m. I was surprised. The girls and I decided that it would be a good idea for the three of us to shower and wash all the dried cum off our bodies and outta our hair. I still couldn’t believe that I was in the shower with my beautiful sexy nieces. They were lathering up thier hair and then watched them wash thier pussies and ass. Watching them I was stroking my cock and it was hard as fuck. Then they saw me and started stoking my cock for me and said they would make it real clean for thier pussies. I almost came when they said that. I knelt down and picked Ash up with her legs wrapped around me we started kissing really hard and I sucked her whole bottom jaw and sucked and nibbled her bottom lip and tongue. It was Amber’s turn to suck my cock and she had it half way in her mouth. I spread Ash’s pussy lips and started fingering her pussy and got one finger knuckle deep. I pulled my finger out and sucked her juice off amd went back to finger fucking her and kissing. Amber was having trouble getting my cock all the way in her throat and was angry because Ash had done it last and didn’t want to be out done. I put Ash down and told Amber to open her mouth as wide as she could and relax. After she relaxed her jaw I pushed my cock in her tiny young mouth and felt her tongue work its way down my hard shaft. I grabbed her head and pushed in deeper and she started gagging so I pulled back a bit told her to relax and pushed into her mouth with more force and felt the back of her throat. I looked down and she was looking at me wide eyed and gagging some but not as bad. I said you girls wanted to learn so I will teach you the correct way and not treat you like babies. I pushed her head and fucked her throat harder. I pulled all the way out told her to breathe through her nose and quickly shoved it back in her mouth and started fucking her throat. Ash had knelt down and was encouraging her sister and kissing her cheek and neck. Then she ran her hand down Amber’s back down to her ass and started fingering her pussy and leaned against her sister and started rubbing her own pussy. Amber has her hands on my hips and was pulling my cock harder into her throat even though I had my hands on the back of her head then she took out of her mouth and moaned oohhh Ash I am gonna ooo gon gonna ooooo Im cumming and I slammed my cock back down her throat soo deep her nose was squashed into my waist line. Hearing her cum put me over the top and I thrusted my cock and fucked her throat as hard as possible. I pushed and held her down and shot my load in her throat. She was gagging and choking and I finally relaxed my grip and I pulled out squirting cum on both thier faces. Amber said ooh Uncle Rick your cock really fucked my throat hard. They both licked and sucked my cum off my cock and off each other and we finished our shower and went downstairs and ate breakfast. We went to the store and got some groceries and I picked up a key item without the girls seeing,ky jelly. I knew thier little pussies were gonna be stretched out later and if I got lube it would be better for all three of us.

So later after lunch I had dozed off on the couch when I heard both girls yelling for me. I went into the bedroom and they were naked on the bed legs open rubbing thier pussies. It was the hottest thing to see not one but two preteens naked waiting to be fucked. I took off my clothes and pulled Amber by her legs to the edge of the bed and started sucking her tiny bumps. I reached down and fingered her pussy and got her soaking wet. I put my cock in between the folds of her pissy and rubbed a glob of ky jelly. She ask what was that for. I told her its gonna make it easier. So I was about a third of the way in her pussy when she started screaming for me to stop. I kissed her and said your such a good girl and I know it hurts baby but its almost in. I pulled out and some more lube and pushed back and felt her hymen. I said baby this is gonna hurt pretty bad and looked down and she was already wimpering. She said I know but just do it like a band aid and do it fast so I pulled back and I rammed my cock in her hairless virgin pussy ripping through her hymen like a knife and could feel her rip as my cock penetrated her completely and pulled back and rammed it hard into her tiny pussy hard and she let out a blood curdling scream and started crying. Uncle Rick it really hurts. I said I know baby and it would have hurt no matter what. I kissed her and licked her tears and that made her giggle. I continued my assault on her pussy. I thrusted hard each time and she screamed that it hurt and I said I know baby I know. Ash had layed down beside Amber and was holding her hand and kissing her teliing her it was ok and it hurt for every girl the 1st time and at least it was Uncle Rick cause he loves us and we love him. I said yes baby I love both of you and I know it hurts but just the 1st time. I continued to fuck Amber even though she wimpered and cried. We were kissing her but she was in pain so I fucked her fast and hard so I could cum and fuck she was soo tight. I know she was hurting but her pussy felt amazing. The last few minutes for her were very painful cause I was about to cum and I pulled down on her upper body and really fucked her hard. I started kissing her while she was still whimpering and crying and then I.shot my cum deep inside her preteen pussy. Ooh fuck that was amazing to me. Amber was curled up and sobbimg. Ash and I wrapped our arms around her and told her it was over and next time it wouldn’t be like that. She rolled over and kissed us both and said thank you. Thanks Uncle Rick for fucking me good and making me a woman and taking her cherry. She turned to Ash and said well now its your turn with a smirk and evil laugh. Ash looked at me and gulped with wide eyes and a nervous laugh………Part 3 Ash is next to be fucked and her virgin preteen pussy violated by Uncle Rick

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    Breed them both

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      P3 comming soon Uncle Rick becomes very aggressively toward tiny preteen cunts

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      Damn I guess if I had two nice ,Would be out there%Ill probably do the something, teach about sex, And what boy and%Men want is PUSSY.

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    Ash is going to get a good pounding in P3