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Family Ties 3 and 4

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A continuation of the true account of my family and me. Most of the siblings involved have now passed, so it is safe to tell this story.

Family Ties 3

For the rest of the afternoon, I stayed in the barn with my sister C. She would ride my dick and make herself cum and between rides, I explored her body, and she taught me where the fun parts were on her body, she was a good teacher. I learned what her clit was and when to play with it to make her cum. I touched her pussy and slipped my finger between her wet lips to touch her button. She would spread her legs wide so I could look at her pink slit between her black wet curls and slip my finger into her wet squishy hole, and she would show me how she could control her muscles and squeeze my fingers. All the while tenderly squeezing and stroking my dick in her hands. She let me play with her firm tits and taught me to lick and suck her nipples to make them stick up hard and firm. She would hold the back of my head like she was nursing a baby and moved my mouth from one to the other. When she was ready, she rolled over on her hand and knees in front of me. And asked me if I ever watched the animals breed, and of course I told her I had, she told me to pretend I was the stud and she was the mare and mount her from behind. At this point I hadn’t done anything in any position other than missionary with J and today with C on top. So, I scooted closer to her from behind with my stiff 6-inch dick sticking straight out between us. I hunched over her upturned ass and wrapped my arms around her waist as my dick slipped between her thighs rubbing her mound and soft curls. I started humping her like I had seen the animals do, she reached down and put her hand below my dick and pressed it to her mound, and when I pulled back, she guided me into her. My dick slipped between her lips and into her hot wet hole. Again, I was in heaven, the angle was different and the way it felt as I sank into her was almost like I felt when I had impaled J that first time. I started humping my cock into her and was completely lost in her spastic channel. She shoved her ass higher in the air and was humping me back like a dog in heat. She whimpered and dropped her head and shoulders to the floor and spread her legs wider. I was firmly plugged into her so I rose up so that I could drive my dick in deep and looked down and saw the most beautiful sight. Her slim back, beautiful ass and my very wet dick spreading her creamy pussy. Her pussy squeezed, and my dick throbbed, and her cream coated my shaft when I pulled back and formed a ring when I pushed back in. She was moaning and her 14 yr. old pussy was in constant spasms, and she went from one creamy orgasm to the next. And I was happily stabbing away with the hardest dick I ever had. It was very red, and the head was swollen dark purple like I had a very ripe plum for a head. I throbbed, she squeezed, and we both would shiver. I dick was so hard it hurt, but when I pushed it into her it felt amazing, and when I pulled back, she squeezed making the head swell again. She started to slow down and began slipping lower beneath me until she was almost flat on the floor in the hay. Only her beautiful ass was still slightly raised. I still could get about half my dick in her, but not deep like before. I began to understand now why A had been tugging E back into him in the bathroom earlier and C was slowly limiting my access to her creamy hole by lowering her hips. When she finally positioned herself low enough that I couldn’t go back in, and my dick could only poke around her wet slit. She reached back and put her hand on my butt and told me to relax and calm down. So, I stopped moving and just left my dick against her creamy hole. We lay that way for several minutes and I stayed hard without moving. With the head still pressed between her lips against her hot wet hole, her heat wouldn’t let me soften. She pushed me off her and sat up. She looked at my still red dick, and said does it stay like that? I told her not always but mostly. She said so when you were pouring water over it, it was to make it go down for real? I told her yes, so she said to go try it again because she was done. I told her I had to go down to the creek and check the fish traps and would try the water there. She said that was a good idea, and she would check on me when she took one of the horses for a ride. We both got dressed and she went to saddle the horse, and I took off down the pathway across the field to the creek.
Once I got there, I quickly shucked off my clothes except my underwear and slipped into the cool water. My dick had deflated some on the walk but was far from being soft. The cool water felt good on the hot sunny afternoon. So, I just swam out to one of the big rocks in the middle of the stream and used it to lay back against to hold me anchored in the slow current. I used the time to think about the last 24 hours. My 12 yr. old sister J had fucked me that morning in the treehouse after I watched my dad fuck her in the bed next to mine and A’s as my mother coached her, then gotten caught coming back in the house with J by our mom and was told I needed to be careful not to get caught by dad, I watched my 25 yr. old sister E slide her pussy up and down A’s big pole in his wheelchair till he pumped her swollen pussy full of his cum as she looked directly in my eyes as I sat there watching her take it without her saying anything to me, just closed the door between us when he was done. Then getting caught trying to quell my hard dick with cold water by my 14 yr. old sister C who proceeded to fuck me repeatedly cross-eyed till she was done. So all in all it was an eventful day for a hormonal 7 yr. old boy with an oversized dick. As I sat there in the cool stream the water did its trick and my dick shrank back down to the soft worm I hoped for.
I sat there basking in the sun as I heard a splash in the water. I rose up to see C on the horse she had saddled up earlier wading out into the creeks shallow crossing upstream. I swam back to the spot where my clothes were and started to get dressed. Just as I finished, C walked up. She had left the horse at the creek side munching on the lush green grass there. I was sitting there putting my shoes on as she sat down beside me. She never really had much to say to me before, just always bossed me around, but now she was a lot different. She ruffled my hair and smiled and asked me “everything back to normal little brother”? I said yeah I guess so and who are you calling little, I’m as tall as you. She smiled and said good, I’m glad. You were fun today, I never thought about playing with you that way and yes you are as tall as me and you’re not little down there at all, yours is as big as dads. Did you have fun? I told her I definitely did. She said good because she would like to play with me more soon. And as she said that my dick was beginning to tingle and swell again, so I stopped putting my shoes on and started taking my clothes off again. She giggled, and said I didn’t mean now, I got to be ready for daddy tonight… but as I got to my feet and started pulling my pants down, she saw I was getting hard again and laughed. Damn little brother I guess you were not lying when you said it’s always that way but I’m too sore right now. I said that’s ok I was going to get back in the water. She giggled and said that sounds good, I think I will too. I swam out to the rock again and got on my perch. C didn’t take off her dress or any other clothes, just her tennis shoes and dove in. She came up near me and her yellow cotton sundress was stuck to her and almost transparent. Her nipples were hard in the cool water and plainly visible through the material. Her dark hair and bright blue eyes made her a sharp contrast with the thin yellow fabric. She settled against a rock near me, and laid back in the sun, her grapefruit size tits just above the water. She sat there in silence for a bit and spoke. This is a good idea, the cool water feels really good on my pussy. You made me sore, I wasn’t expecting you to go so long and not get soft like dad. But you are not dangerous, so I don’t have to clean up after with you. I looked at her and asked, what do you mean dangerous? Momma said something this morning that hopefully I am not dangerous. C sat up and looked at me, Momma told you that? I said yes, what did she mean? C looked at me and a devilish grin spread on her face and said it was you! I said what do you mean? C said “mine was not the first pussy you have stuck that hard dick of yours into, was it? Don’t lie either, you didn’t act like it was, but I think you are the one that took J before daddy got a chance to. And Momma was worried that you might be dangerous and could cum and make babies already. But you didn’t cum all morning with me so you are safe for J to play with anytime. So I said when I can shoot cum I will be dangerous because I can make babies then right? She said yes but Momma hasn’t got J on the pill yet like the rest of us. She said now stop changing the subject, you were the one that took J’s virginity, weren’t you? And don’t lie, tell me the truth. So I sat for a minute and looked at her, she just smiled and said, do you think I will tell on you? You just spent the morning trying to get your dick as deep inside me as you could, and I loved every minute of it. And we will do it a lot more, so we have to trust each other. So I just looked at her pretty face and nodded yes… and she rolled off her rock giggling and came up sputtering water. Oh my god, Dad would be so pissed at you if he knew, but he would be so pissed that you gave it to me too. So was it good? Did she like it? Did you take it? You have got to tell me all about it. I told her how it had happened, and I also told her that I had seen daddy fuck all of my sisters now including her. She giggled and said that she thought I watched her but wasn’t sure until today.

Family Ties 4

As we talked the cool water again did the trick and I shrank back down to fit in my underwear. We were splashing water at each other like normal siblings as we heard voices. I looked up back in the direction of the house and saw E and G on the path in the field nearing the creek. They both got to the side of the creek and pulled their dresses over their heads. I saw they both had on bathing suits and walked out into the water. When we heard the voices C and I had stopped splashing each other and were back on the rocks mostly hidden in the water. E and G swam out into the deeper part of the creek and were talking to each other quietly with their backs toward us facing the direction of the house. We could hear them talking about something I couldn’t make out. I whispered to C what they were talking about, and she whispered back that E was telling G something about getting caught doing something that morning but couldn’t hear what it was. Just then the horse walked back into view by the creek side and nickered and C rolled off her perch beside me. E and G quickly turned to see the source of the sound and saw us. I was still on my rock with just my head above water and C was swimming slowly towards the horse. C got to water shallow enough to stand and made her way to the shore to the horse. When she stood up her sundress looked like it was saran wrap on her 4 ft. tall frame and almost transparent. G shouted at C to get her towel and make herself decent. C just glared at G and said what’s wrong sis, are you jealous and splashed water her way.
E was still turned towards me and watching me intently. She looks at G and said something and G nodded and swam to shore where their clothes and towels were. E swam over near where I was. G was clambering out of the creek near C and the horse. G said something to C and C took the reins of the horse and they gathered G’s stuff and began walking back toward the house. E was close to me but still several feet away. She looked at me intently, she would open her mouth to say something but close it again without saying a single word. Finally, she just stopped and looked me straight in the eyes and spoke. So little man, what exactly were you doing back at the house in dad’s bedroom this morning instead of doing your chores? I told her I forgot to put on socks and had come back to get them. She slowly got closer to me in shallower water, so she didn’t have to tread water. She looked at me and could see I was wearing my underwear under the water and said what were you and C doing down here at the creek together, I looked at her and said I came to check the traps, and decided to cool off in the water, C came later on the horse and decided to cool off too. She looked at me and said are you sure? I said yes, I am. She said ok, so this morning what do you think you saw me doing with our brother. I said the same thing I see you doing with daddy. E’s face went pale, and her expression changed to the deer in the headlight look instead of one of authority. She said, you seen that too? I said yes, but you seemed different today, like it was a secret, but daddy… all of you women are his.
She looked intently at me, and said what you mean, I said well. J is Monday, C is Tuesday, G, is Wednesday, D is Thursday, you are Friday, Momma Saturday, and you again Sunday and Monday, or you come in later after D leaves on Thursday. She just sat there in the water looking at me, and said how long have you been spying, pretending to be asleep? I said I don’t know, a long time I guess. I said but today you acted different, you sounded different and made different noises. I didn’t mean to watch you with A, it was an accident, but I couldn’t stop looking. I thought you might be fighting at first until I saw. She said until you saw what? I said until I saw his prick stuck in you and you were both grunting and he wouldn’t let you go. Did he hurt you? He is so big, way bigger than daddy. And I saw him push his white stuff inside you. Are you going to make a baby with him? E just looked down for a minute, and looked back at me, her face was red, she said wow… little brother, you have seen a lot haven’t you. I said angrily, yeah, but I am not little, I’m almost as big as dad! Her face became redder than before. And said you are… are you? I said yes I am defensively and continued so why do you act different today with A than with dad? I want to know. She said, it is a long story, but I take care of A, he will never have a wife, or girlfriend, so I take care of him that way too. I sound different because His thing is so big, it is almost too much, but I am also the one doing it to him so I can control how far in he goes. This morning when you saw me, I felt different watching you stare at me, I never had another boy watch me doing that and it made me feel different. So I took him all the way and watched you look at it going in and out, you like watching it didn’t you? I said yes, I thought you were beautiful. Can I watch you do it again? She smiled and said I will think about it, but you have to show me you can keep a secret first. Only G has known what I do with A, until now. Daddy or anyone else can’t know. Daddy does not like to share with any other male, family or not. And she laughed and said especially if they are bigger than him. And I said and A is WAY bigger. She laughed again, then said ok little brother, so we have a secret? I said defensively again I am not little, I already told you. But yes we have a secret.
We swam to shore and clambered out of the water. E looked down at my underwear and smiled, well given the water temperature, you might very well be my other not so little brother after all. Her big tits were spilling out of her one piece when she leaned over to give me a hug but I was looking down at the crotch of her suit. I could see the print of her puffy lips under the thin fabric as well as some brunette curls of her pussy hair peeking around the edge of the suit. I just reached my hand out and touched her fabric covered split between her puffy lips. She straightened up like she had been stung by a bee and said why did you do that? I said I just remembered how it looked this morning stretched around A’s prick with all the white stuff squishing out and now it looked so soft closed back up, I just wanted to know. She step back closer to me and said, it will always close back up and if you want to see ask, don’t just touch it. She reached down and hooked a finger in her suit and pulled it over to completely uncover her puffy outer lips covered by her dark curls. Her pretty bright pink clit and inner lips just peeking through from between. I looked at it intently and she took her other hand and spread her lips wide showing me her pink hole. She said go ahead you can touch it and see for yourself that it closed back up. I stuck my finger out and touched her, she was hot, but not very wet. I slipped my finger between hers and slipped it down to her hole. Her hole was wet as I pushed my finger inside her. She felt really tight which amazed me since the last view I had until now she was stretched open wide enough to slide a baseball bat into and had globs of my brothers cum dripping out and running down her thighs. I pulled my finger back and leaned in to look at how she was closing up as I pulled it out. And then I smelled her, it was like an electric prod, and her smell was amazing. I pushed my finger back inside as far as I could, this time she wasn’t slightly wet. She was gooey and I felt ridges inside her hole, not smooth like J and C. And her smell, my body was reacting, and my dick was stretching my underwear and trying to climb out the top and was succeeding. She stepped back, covered her pussy, and said ok that’s enough, satisfied? I looked at my wet gooey finger and she looked down at my dick that was pointed straight up, the plum head and about an inch of shaft were past the elastic band of my underwear. It was throbbing with each heartbeat. She reached out and gently traced her fingertip around the crown. Then wrapped her hand around the shaft below the head, and said Jesus, young man, you were telling the truth. Are you able to cum too? I just stood there in a daze with my slowly drying finger under my nose smelling her intoxicating aroma. Every breath I took sent shivers down my spine, straight up my straining dick wrapped in her hand to its pulsating purple head. I nodded finally no.
She said come on grab your things. I did as I was told in a daze. We quickly grabbed our stuff and without getting dressed she lead me away from the house out in the hay field. It was close to cutting time so the grass was very tall, almost 3 feet. She pulled me along by my other hand, the one that had her smell was still under my nose. She circled around and stopped where there was a hill that blocked the view of the house, threw down her towel and lay down on it pulling me down with her. She immediately pulled her suit over to the side again showing me her bright pink slit again, my finger went straight to her hole again, and this time there was no doubt, she was very wet. I was kneeling between her wide-open thighs slipping my finger in an out of her and her dazed by her smell. I had seen the stud horse testing the mare before breeding, so I lowered my head between her thighs, and inhaled deeply and the aroma was delightful, my dick was tingling as well as throbbing now. My face was so close to her pussy, my nose was almost on her clit. She was rocking her hips up to meet my impaling finger and I had an uncontrollable urge to lick her, so I moved my face lower and stretched out my legs and planted my open mouth and tongue directly on my finger that was digging into her hot pink hole and sucked, and the taste was like nothing I ever tasted. She grunted and trembled and grabbed the back of my head and humped her hips up to my face. I found out later that she nor any of my sisters had ever experienced having their pussy eaten. It was something they never knew about because Dad thought it was disgusting and perverted. Well my first taste of pussy was my 25 yr. old sister’s ripe fertile cunt and I was at an all I could eat buffet. The more I licked the more she squirmed, the harder I sucked the tighter her grip was on my head. And the intoxicating smell and now taste had my head spinning and dick humping the towel, her leg, air, my shoes and anything else in the vicinity of it. I fully understood now what dad was talking about animals being in heat and how nothing else around them mattered. After about 15 minutes she pushed my head back and pulled my hand from her pussy. She pulled me up between her thighs as she rolled her legs back and slid my throbbing engorged head to her hole. I was slipping inside her. She was insanely hot, we both moaned as I felt her taking me into her and I felt her texture inside rippling around my swollen fat head as I sank as far in as I could go. I could taste her, smell her, and now my dick was experiencing its first grown woman’s pussy and she was in heat. And I was amazed, she held me still, and used her muscles to squeeze the shaft, and pull on the head. I started humping her quickly, and she whispered to me… slow, go slow, and let me work. So, I started a slow rhythm, as far in as I could go and she would squeeze my shaft when I pulled back, then I would push back slowly, each time it felt as if my already swollen head was getting bigger inside her hot squeezing socket. And still her smell, I was simply drunk by it.
She pulled her arms out of her bathing suit and pulled her top below her big tits, she was very well endowed, I pumped slowly, and they jiggled, she fed me one then the other. Her nipples were large and dark pink. And when I sucked them, her pussy would clench my dick harder and each plunge into her when I hit her mound with my pelvis, she grunted and clenched harder as I tried to withdraw. My dick felt like it was going to pop, it seemed like it was nothing but a throbbing balloon inside her. Every nerve on my distended head was on fire and had been intensifying for the 30 minutes or so since we started humping. Then she looked at me and said, ok now give me all you got. Fast and hard, then she reached down and around and slipped her fingers between her wet pussy lips, an squeezed the base of my dick on the underside and a lightning bolt shot through my groin. Then pulled her hand up to my face and rubbed her creamy finger under my nose and said, you are the one making me creamy this time, I sucked her fingers and attacked her pussy with fast hard deep pumps and she was humping me back, and grunting with each plunge, she was holding her legs wide open and her pussy was absolute beautiful, her dark hair on her puffy lips spread and the wet pink slot my dick was slicing through, the white creamy froth from her juices as I plunged into her for several minutes.. Then a new feeling began. The tingling and throbbing started to go in cycles, I would hump her really fast and then go deep, I felt like I couldn’t get deep enough. when I did, she would moan and squeeze and tell me there you go, you’re doing it, then I would hump her really fast 4 or 5 strokes and do it again, she would feel hotter and wetter and moan, the 3rd time I did it, I plugged into her as deep as I could, she wrapped her legs around my body and grabbed my dick at the base near my butthole again as I was buried in her and squeezed, the lightning bolt shot through my groin again except this time, it didn’t go away. It traveled the length of my dick and felt like I was jerking inside her without moving, she moaned and said there you go baby brother, give it to me, squirt it in me, I humped again and she squeezed there again, and I jammed into her harder and felt her hole get really hot around my head, she grunted and tugged, her pussy squeezed and I humped again, I was cumming for the first time in my life. I pumped 3 times again and squirted inside my sister’s clasping pussy. I had been fucked by three of my sisters most of that day, and this was the result, my dick kept squirting cum into her, my sister was rocking her hips underneath me, telling me to give it all to her and I was. My whole body was tingling, and wave after wave surged through me, and blasted out through the head of my dick. It felt like I was pumping my very soul into her. I finally stopped humping and my dick stopped jerking and squirting cum inside her as it started to go soft on its own this time, she ran her hand through my hair, and looked at me and smiled, well how did you like that? I was literally drained, so I just lay still catching my breath. She kissed my forehead and asked me again how did I like it. I told her there was nothing like it and I loved it. She said good, because she was going to put me in her rotation if I was ok doing it again. I quickly agreed. I rose up and looked down between us and watched as I pulled my softening dick back from her. I had pulled about halfway out when she squeezed. I saw her pussy tighten around my pole and as I pulled back, I saw my cum and hers coating my shaft. My dick tingled and started swelling back to full hard and I pushed back into her. I had already stroked her a couple of times before her surprise faded. She said hold on buddy, not so soon, we need to take a break, well actually I need one, obviously you are ready again, so I reluctantly pulled my dick back and out of her pussy making that delicious wet sucking sound when I heard rustling in the grass behind us. I turned to look and saw G standing there with her hands on her hips. She said to E, well I guess that is one way to swear him to secrecy. I rolled over and started to pull my underwear up from around my ankles and E readjusted her bathing suit as I looked at my cum dripping out of her wet pink slit this time. Her pussy was prettier dripping my cum than A’s. She wasn’t so gapped open and abused looking, just happily bubbling our cum from her bright pink slit.
So sis, said G, mom wanted your help at the house, so I told her I would come find you. And it’s a good thing it was me, or you might have a lot of explaining to do. I was fishing around looking for all my clothes, when G said, it looked like you got the prize, do you care if I take over for you here? He doesn’t look like he was done and wanted some more from what I saw when I walked up and sill see. E looked at me, my semi hard dick still clearly visible to all. She asked me if I was ok with G playing with me for a bit. I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to and I nodded yes. E looked at G and said, just be aware he knows a lot more than we give him credit for. He knows all about Dad and us girls so don’t pretend. G’s eyes quickly darted to me and raised her eyebrows and said I bet he does. E said I will leave my towel so bring it with you when you come back to the house. I got to go clean up in the creek, but my suite will be dry enough to put my dress back on before I get to the barn and house.
With that she walked past G and headed to the creek. G walked over to the towel E had just vacated, pulled up her dress and sat down Indian style. G was the middle girl and had just turned 18. She was chunky to say at best. I just thought she was fat, but Mom would give me a whipping if I called her that. She had every bit of full figure as E but on a much shorter frame. She had long straight brown hair and everything about her was soft and round. She sat there cross legged and looked at me and then reached out and touched my leg, and said, you can get closer you know, I’m not going to hurt you. So I scooted closer to her, and she reached over and gingerly pulled on my semi hard dick. I took a deep breath, because it did actually hurt a bit. It was sore from a whole day of activity. G looked at me and asked if I was ok, and I nodded yeah I guess. She smiled and said yeah, the first time always makes you sore, but it feels good too. She pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it aside. She was completely naked underneath. Her huge tits had big gum drop size pink nipples in the middle of pale pink areoles the diameter of a small orange. She leaned forward and just took my dick into her mouth. She didn’t suck hard, just ran her tongue around the head like J had done early that morning in the tree house and bobbed her head a few times. Her warm mouth and slight suction had me growing to full mast in just a few minutes. She sat back and looked at her work, and said, yep, not bad, not bad at all. Pretty close I’d say. She lay back and opened her legs, she had a very fat mound and large pale light brown inner lips that she reached down between her thighs and pulled open with her fingertips exposing her pink insides to me and the sun. She looked at me and said, well? You know we don’t have all day. So I scooted around between her spread thighs and looked down at her holding her lips open. I lined my dick up with her hole, and tried to push it in, but she wasn’t slippery enough and it stung. She saw me wince and said hold on. She took one hand and put it to her mouth and gathered spit and smeared it on her open hole and said ok. I put my dick back between her spread lips and carefully pushed, this time there was no resistance, and I was sinking between her folds. I felt her warm hole opening up as I slipped into her and she pulled me all the way down on top of her. I was well lubed and fully erect in her in a few strokes. She was like a warm soft bed with a hot wet hole for my dick to fit in. She pulled her legs up wide till her knees were touching the sides of her boobs. Her pussy was wet and hot, she didn’t squeeze my dick like E had, she didn’t ride my pole like a banshee like C and was nowhere as enthusiastic or tight as J had been. She was just there to take whatever I was giving her without complaint. I could drill her slow and deep or bunny fuck her and it was the same soft wet hole my dick squished into and the same whimpers that escaped her lips. She started to make more noise, like I had heard coming from daddy’s bed. She whimpered and moaned as she got wetter and wetter, wrapped her arms around me and started kissing my face and neck and ears. She was whispering between her moans and whimpers, and she was saying, “oh daddy, daddy, fuck my pussy, please daddy, do you like to fuck your little girl, is my pussy wet enough for you daddy, daddy your dick feels so good, please daddy let me make your dick cum in me, god daddy, please let me feel you squirt in me, oh daddy your dick fits my pussy so good, do it daddy squirt in your little girl ” my sister was rocking her hips and cumming on my dick, and imagining I was dad, I started humping her faster and she stiffened and fell silent. I felt a tingling in my dick and I strained to push in as deep as I could and suddenly it jerked inside her. I didn’t feel as much squirt like I had in E, but I felt her hole get warmer as my dick began to soften inside her. Within a minute I felt my dick shrink back to normal and only my head was barely still inside her gooey entrance.
We lay there for a few minutes and caught our breath, then got up and gathered all our stuff and headed to the creek to clean up before heading up to the house. As we were walking up the path G leaned over and said thanks, I needed that, and I know you have had a very busy day. But you did very good.

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