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Mary’s dance lessons

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Mary took dance lessons for a reason and makes one yong man very glad she did

Hi readers i thought I’d throw a fictional story in the mix to need it interesting . Like the title said my wife had taken dance lessons and still was it was nothing for my friends to stop by or even show up with me,which was the case one Friday night after work . He was a younger man and had never been to a strip club ,and he was wanting to at least experience it once,but could not convince any of his friends to go so i agreed to go with him.
The plan was to drink some beers at my place then walk down to the club for a few hours ,then come back to my place to finish off the night . And since my wife had plans with the girls it was perfect.
We arrived at my home and Mary was dressed to kill ,very short mini wrap around black dress ,and how she wrapped it and ties it decides how much of what she shows ,and she was showing alot. Bob my new friend stood in amazement at how sexy my wife was.
I introduced them and said, ” j figured you be gone by now”. She informed me that it had been cancelled their DD had gotten sick . Well I think Bob knew our plans got crushed for the night .
I confirmed that when he followed me out to our pool area and i told him “another time ok ? Hey we could do a cookout take a swim in the pool drink some and get some music going, whda say ?”
He had nothing to swim in so i let him use a pair of my trunks . before long we had the music on ,cold beers,and the grill on ,it was turning out to be a fun night
Mary was coming out and heard Bob saying something about a rain check ,and this made her realize that she had foiled our plans and she was apologizing telling us that we could go on and that she would find something to get into,to my surprise Bob replied first telling her it could be another time and he was having a blast . I haven’t mentioned that Mary had put her g string bikini on with a top that just covers her nipples,which may have been a factor in Bob’s quick reply.
Mary asked what it was we had planned and that it may still be fun for all of us to do. Well Bob actually told her the plans , Mary looked at me with a sheepish grin and said “hmmm going to pop his cherry so to speak.huh?” And took a drink with a devilish grin.
As the night went on we all got alot looser in our conversations . Mary took me aside telling me that she could dance fir us just not go all the way nude ,I knew this was a big fantasy for her to dance in front of an audience, i said it may be fun and said ok do it.
Mary grinning from ear to ear kissed me and went to get things ready . She put on a little sexy outfit over her bikini got things ready in the living room found some good strip music .
Mary came to the door and asked if we wanted to come in and join her with the excuse the bugs were bad tonight .i grumbled a bit to make it look good as we both walked in .
We sat in two chairs that had a heavy duty table infront of ,and Mary sat in the loveseat across from us .
“So , ” Mary said., “You were going to your very first strip club?” “Yes ” Bob replied Mary came back saying “I’m so sorry for messing you boy’s plans up i would really like to make it up to you since it was going to be a new experience for you”.
Bob told her that it was ok and she told him ” well i still feel bad and since I stopped you from going the least i could do is bring the strip bar to you with a free lap dance to end it”
Mary stood up and stepped onto the table ,the music cute ame on as she began to dance in rhythm ,she was slow seductive and very deliberate taking only her top off leaving her in her short wrap skirt and bikini top,after the song ended she took a break as they do in clubs .
The next song starts and here comes Mary strutting her stuff all ready dancing and she danced very provocative and teasingly removing her skirt by the end of the song , then took another quick break then i thought came the last, dance , by the end of the song she had playfully removed her bikini top exposing her perfect breasts to our new friend. Mary walked out again, and both of us thinkin it was over we started to get up then the music came on and she entered the room once more saying “the show isn’t over yet boys i have one more show for you ” ,now wearing a short satin robe an her g string bikini bottoms walking straight to Bob and began to give him his first lap dance she was all over him rubbing his chest his legs (still in my shorts) she put one leg in the back of his chair and hooked her leg over the back to support her then swang around to put her other leg on the other side and gyrating her crotch inches from his mouth then rolling backwards off of him .
With one Swift movement came back up face to face without her top on ,she began to rub her tits from his mouth to his cock tilting her head down as to meet his erection
This movement was pulling the shorts lower and starting to expose his hard cock .i was completely hard and extremely turned on the last time she went down on him her head and mouth were in perfect position , her tits freed his throbbing cock, with her eyes closed her open mouth accepted the head of his cock .
She froze realizing what happened her eyes opened wide ,she looked right at me and I was stroking my own cock ,and Bob’s cock swelled a little more as he moaned .
That’s all it took and she slid her lips down the shaft of his cock it didn’t take long for Bob to come
He came hard and alot into Mary’s mouth and she kept sucking till he was spent .both looked at me as I got up not knowing how i was going to react.i walked over to them and told them that was kind of quick ,how about we go to the bed and do it right
Turns out that seeing his first strip show Bob got two cherries taken care of that night

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