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Rape is not a major crime anymore

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7 young black buys enjoy raping white women.

Rape is not a major crime anymore.

It is 2057 and the government, under President George Soros, IV, has moved the United States even further towards socialism and lawlessness. Many crimes, short of murder, are no longer crimes, and many of those that still are, have been reduced to misdemeanors and charges are not often perused. The major cities are no better than war zones.

The primary one to this story is rape. Rape is now called ‘unacknowledged sexual contact’. It is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $100, whether it is by one guy or a group of guys. The charge is almost never prosecuted. It has been two years from the last time a black man was prosecuted for raping a white woman or girl, and anyone accused and arrested is released on the same day with zero bail. Because of inflation, $60 is now about the average hourly wage and if you don’t want to work, the government gives you a minimum income.

My name is Jamal. I am a seventeen year old black male. I hang out with six more black guys who are around my age. We debate if we are a gang or not. I think we are just a bunch of guys that like to hang out and do things together.

One of the main things we enjoy doing is gangbanging and impregnation white females. We each do it, but it is the most fun when we all do it together. Any white girl who is old enough to have little bumps in her blouse is fair game for us. Over the last three years, in our city, we have been the reason for many bi-racial babies and now, as many white women and girls are walking around with baby bumps thanks to us. We have gangbanged females from ten to fifty.

It had been a week from when we last enjoyed ‘unacknowledged sexual contact’ with a white girl. We laugh at that term, because rape is rape by any other name. Only now, unlike our fathers, when they were young, we are unlikely to get in trouble for doing it. Some women have given up and do not resist if a black man (or a white man) or a group of men approach her and wants to fuck her.

We got together and went to the park. We spotted a small white girl on the swings and watched her. When she got off, we got a good look at her. She was about 5’1” and surely weighed under 100 pounds. Her blond hair was in pony tails. We guessed that her boobs were about 28-A’s. She was probably ten or eleven. We nodded to each other. She was our next conquest. If we were lucky, she was in her fertile time of the month, and she would go home that afternoon with a black baby starting to grow in her belly.

We walked over and surrounded her. Two of the guys grabbed her and we dragged her the two blocks to our clubhouse, which was an abandoned store. She struggled and kicked and screamed. Many people saw us dragging her away, but no-one said or did anything.

We had jumped the electric meter and bypassed the locked water meter so we had both. We had a king sized mattress on the floor, eight chairs, a TV with stolen cable, a hotplate and a microwave and a fridge for our beer. Most of the time, the TV was on one of the many porn channels, except when we were watching a sports game. We had a pretty nice setup.

We gathered around her and stripped her. When she was totally naked, we pushed her down onto the mattress. She had the cutest little titties. They were about the size of plums and had brown, pencil eraser sized nipples. She curled up in a ball and cried.

“What’s your name?”

“Helen. Please let me go.”

“You’re a cute little piece of white meat. How old are you?”

She answered that she was eleven. “Do you know what is going to happen to you, Helen?”

“Yes, you’re going to have sex with me.”

“Smart girl. Have you started having periods yet?”


“When did you have your last one?”

“I had my first one just over three weeks ago.”

We looked at each other and smiled.

“We are going to fuck you and there is nothing that you can do to stop us. If you fight us, it will be a lot rougher for you. Are you going to fight us?”


“Prove it. Lay on your back and spread your legs wide open. Show us your little white cunt.” She slowly obeyed me. It was so pink inside. She only had a few pubic hairs. Because they were blond, like her head, they were hard to see. Derrick started taking pictures for our scrapbook.

We played rock, paper, scissors, till one of won the right to be first. I won. I stripped and got down between her legs, spit in my hand and rubbed the spit over the end of my cock. She didn’t know it, but she was lucky. I did not have the biggest cock of us guys. It wasn’t small but Derrick had over nine inches and was almost as big around as a beer can. He would have really hurt her if he was first. He enjoyed being first when he got the chance to be.

I put my hard black cock to her opening and pushed. I went in about two inches. She was tight, but you would expect an eleven year old to be. I pushed again and was about half way in. There was no hymen to rip thru. One more good shove and I was balls deep in her tight little white cunt. She had her eyes closed tight. “You’re not a virgin. Who fucked you?”

She whimpered, “About a month ago, two men about my father’s age. One was white and one was black. They grabbed me and took me in the woods.”

“Did the black guy have a big cock?”

“The white guy was bigger.”

“Did they come in your pussy?”

“No. When they were ready, they switched to my mouth and squirted in there and made me swallow it.”

“Did you like what they did to you?”

“No. I was afraid.”

“Are you afraid now?”


“Well, if you cooperate. We won’t hurt you and you can go home when we are finished with you.”

“OK”, she cried.

I started sliding in and out of her tight fuck tunnel. Soon I was pounding her pretty hard. She was grunting each time I hit bottom. I felt my ball sack tighten and knew I was going to come. I pushed as deep as I could, and pressed my cockhead against her cervix, so my sperm would enter her womb.

I pulled out and moved around to her head. “Suck me clean, Honey.” She shook her head no. I put my thumb and pointer finger on either side of her jaw and squeezed. Her mouth opened and I pushed my prick in her mouth. “Suck like you are drinking thru a straw.” She did.

I watched Jack get between her legs. She hardly moved as he slipped into her. I stepped away and Dwayne took my place at her face. She did not fight it. She opened her mouth and accepted his shaft. He held her head and fucked her face. Soon, he was ready to come, but we had a rule. No matter which hole you were fucking, when you were ready to come, you came in the cunt.

“Jack, I gotta come.” Jack quickly moved aside, just in time for Dwayne to push into her and shoot his seed. This time, Helen moaned when she felt another blast of cum filling her. He got off and went back to her face for a cleaning. She did not resist. Jack got his tool back in her and finished.

Two more times, she was fucked and made to give blowjobs. Everyone came deep in her young cunt. Finally it was Derrick’s turn. He said he was so horny from watching us that his balls hurt. “Ride me, little slut. Climb on top and drop down on my prick.”

Helen looked at Derrick’s thick nine inch pecker. She thought, “At least I can control how fast and how deep I take it in me.” She swung one leg over him, took his cock in her hand and lowered herself on it. She slowly worked the head inside her opening. Derrick grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down, hard onto him. Immediately eight of his nine inches slammed into her body. Helen screamed. The pain quickly went away while he lifted her up and pulled her back down on his black meat stick. He let go and she kept bouncing up and down on his baseball bat. Helen had her first orgasm. She bounced faster. “Oh. Oh, yes. I feel like I’m gonna explode. Yessss!” She collapsed forward and her little tits were on his chest.

Derrick had not come yet, He slowly pumped up into her as she came down from her first ever climax. She was so full of cum that it ran down Derrick’s shaft and onto his balls. I was hard again. Seeing her there, on Derrick with his cock in her and her ass in the air made me take action. I got between both of their legs, scooped up some cum, rubbed some on my cockhead and then some on her ass. When my cock touched her asshole, she realized what I was going to do. “Please don’t put it in there. Please.”

I didn’t pay any attention. I pressed forward and with one long, but not fast motion, buried myself, balls deep. In her shit tube. She gritted her teeth and groaned from the discomfort. Derrick and I got a rhythm started and double fucked her. She relaxed.

Derrick reached his limit. He held her and gave a strong thrust, hard enough to drive his cock thru her cervix, and he blew a massive amount of black baby seed straight into her womb. I pulled out of her ass and rolled her off Derrick. I got between her legs and pushed my cock, that had just been fucking her ass, into her cunt. I didn’t feel much. Derrick had he pretty well stretched her cunt, but I came and added another dose to her pre-teen cum receptacle.

We all stood around and watched her lying on the mattress, with cum running out of her cunt. We high-fived each other. After about five minutes she started to come around. She sat up, looked around and asked, “Are you going to let me go now?”

We had considered pushing her out, naked. She would have to walk home that way, however far it was. But she had wound up being a pretty good sport about getting gang fucked. I actually think she somewhat got into it. I tossed her clothes to her. She put them.

“In about a week, you should have your next period. Come back and tell us if you have it.”

We unlocked the door and let her out. She was walking funny.

During that next week we gangbanged a white woman who was in her forties. She came with us willingly when we approached her.

Two weeks later, Helen knocked on the clubhouse door. I opened it and saw who it was. “Come on in little one.”

“You told me to tell you when I got my period. It should have started several days ago, but it didn’t.” We looked at each other and smiled, another score for our black seed.

“Thanks for letting us know. As long as you are here, how about another fucking?”



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