Magical Chirag-Part-I

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This is a sex fantasy story of a beggar who was alone in this world but with a good soul and behaviour and have formal knowledge of reading and writing. Name of this beggar is Ramadhin or in short Rama and he is the hero of this story.
It was drizzling outside. Being some festival and Sunday most of the shops are closed quickly and it is only 8’O clock the roads are also with very less people. Rama use to stay under a shed of a shop and found a story book of Aladdin and his magic chirag and reading the book very seriously and he finished then he was thinking where the chirag has gone?
In between this time a passerby offered a sweet called Laddu in which Bhang was mixed which Rama did not know. After taking the sweet Rama observed in the dim light a man is trembling in cold and Rama offered his extra cloth to him and the old man turned his face to Rama and told god may fulfill your dreams and vanished and Rama went to his place and slept within a moment.
Now in the dream Rama saw someone telling Rama do you know where the chirag is?
Rama: No.
The Dream Man: I am Aladdin’s chirag’s servant and after everything is over as you have read in the story, his wife in fear of losing the chirag she put the chirag in her sex hole and whenever it was pushed by the cock the chirag slowly and slowly went to settle on the womb of Aladdin’s wife as result the chirag was not handed over to anybody and my curse was given
Once the man put his cock inside the sexhole of woman he will be sex slave of the woman and you see most of the husbands are worship wife’s cunt. Now you helped me and you are a very good boy as you showed your love for a beggar ,I am giving my blessing to you but follow my three rules.
1.Whenever you will touch any woman then that woman will be sex crazy about you and once you fucked her then she will be your sex slave.
2. Keep sex in the family
3. Don”t go for anal otherwise something miracle will happen. You will have the absolute power to increase or decrease breast size, cunt size,nipple size, lactation, sex discharge and at last your cock will be adjustable to the fuck hole depth of the woman you are fucking and she will always get best sex pleasure.
In the morning Rama went to a house a very rich business family and conservative one. Always uses car for going out and exceptionally rich and never allows any outsiders specially beggar to enter the house. The family members are about 30 in this house and they look down upon the poor.
Now it is early in the morning Rama approached the main gate and the gate keeper knew him very well, the land lady was doing her regular morning walk. She is only 43 years widow but the total property was in her name. Rama told that he want to touch the feet of the pious lady and take her blessing when she will be coming near to the main gate and Rama knew once he touch the feet the magic will start.
Now when the lady came near to the main gate Rama touched her feet and then the widow land lady found a fire of sex is arising in her body after 25 years. She was married at the age of 14 years and has produced five children within 20 Yrs. And her sex life was very short. She is feeling tingle in her pussy. Her small matured breast of 34 B is also shivering, her nipples have risen and want to poke out of her cloth and she is feeling a desire to fuck. But how? With Whom? Being Land lady and very intelligent, she ordered the guard ask the beggar will he work in home as servant? Rama was awaiting this chance and told yes.
The land lady brought Rama to her Air conditioned room and closed the door and it is only 5’O clock in the morning but the lady is trembling with sex fever but maintain her spirit and telling to Rama you will look after me and I am your land lady. Rama is telling in her mind let me put my cock in your hole then you will be my fuck lady.
Rama: Land lady you are very kind in your heart and very beautiful but your dress is quite clumsy one. Without dress you are also very beautiful.
Once Rama has told so the dress from the land lady’s body is vanished and she is standing completely nude before Rama. Her breast has sagged down, nipples are decorated with nipple rings and labia and clit cannot be seen due to heavy bush in the cunt valley.
Rama: these un-necessary hair growths hamper easy entry of cock in your sex pot.
Now the cunt of the land lady turned into a baby cunt and her clit has come out of clit hood and vibrating also the clit ring is hanging from her clit. The land lady has been mesmerized by the Rama’s command.
Now Rama told the lady to put his cock inside her mouth and start sucking and lady has not done this before in her life, even to her own husband but she is not in her but under the sex spell of Rama and now Rama told the lady to take missionary position and put his 5 inch cock inside the land Lady’s sex pot, rubbing his cock against the labia and the labia is opening slowly and slowly and OMG: her sexhole is bigger than his cock. Then how he will satisfy her? Now after entering his cock into the sex cervix when Rama took out his cock then he noticed that the cock has increased in girth to fit the hole and this lady also use to take her husband’s 5 inch cock but she was not satisfied with that.
Now Rama pushing his cock more and more inside her sex cervix and poch poch sound is coming out of the cunt and the lady is crying in new joy of sex and at last the bulbous head of the magic dong of Rama touched the womb (chirag) of the lady and once it touched the lady became sex slave of Rama and she wanted to release her jism on Rama’s dong and could release under Rama’s wish and both released the sex cream in unison and when the cock came out of Land lady’s cunt cervix it was mingled juices and glistering and by seeing the length of the cock the lady exclaimed OMG and she measured with a scale and found 11 inch and needed no more command and licked all sex juice from the Magic dong of Rama.
Now the widow told I am the owner of this property and if you want you can marry me or you can keep me as your slut but you have to give regular fucking to me. My breast size is small and it has sagged also. Can you help me Rama with at least 36 or 38? Now Rama cupped her breast to give a size of 38DD breast with protruding nipples aiming upwards which means the breast has been lifted upward and does not need bra to hold the cup of the breast and Land lady was very happy and here Rama told I want to fuck every hole of this family. No outside family member is allowed.
Land lady: My sister is coming and she is divorced and very unhappy. Can you make her happy?
Rama: I will try my level best.
Land lady ordered Rama to stay with her and no need to go outside and nobody in the house dare to ask any question to land lady?
In the afternoon the guest arrive and she was taken to the bed room of land lady but she did not believe anything and she was very smart and sexy only 36 years of age with 36D-26-36 figure and stare at Rama to ignore him and Rama wished something and the lady suddenly observed that her bra has opened and also no panty and all her clothes are going from her body one by one and she cannot do anything and she became angry with Rama as he thought Rama has done some magic to her and went to beat Rama and once she touched Rama then she came under the sex spell of Rama and started feeling sex inside her body and now Rama wanted to give her some punishment and told open your labia and the cunt door open automatically as if some invisible cock has gone inside the sex canal and smart sister got astonished.
Now land lady told my sister you are always proud of your breast and use to call me flat chaste, at present I am 38DD by saying that land lady opened her dress and her bra less 38DD is standing straight against her sister’s 36DDsagging breast.
Rama: Madam sister if you want head light type breast than message my cock with your breast and sister followed the same by massaging Rama’s 11 inch boner with her breasts and nipples unless pre cum juice started to come out of Rama’s piss hole and licked the same.
The cock length of Rama is the cunt hole size of the land lady and her sister feared to take that monster fat cock inside her cunt cervix but madam persuaded her to take the cock and the cock went inside the sex canal of madam’s sister and when it touched the chirag that is the womb of the lady then she became sextremely happy and repeatedly begging excuse from Rama for her misbehavior and this lady now took cowgirl position to dance on Rama’s cock and put both the hands of Rama on her both the breasts and requested Rama to fondle the tits and suck nipples and Rama during sucking wished milk from the nipples and got the same.
The madam sister became very happy and after 50 minutes both discharges their sex cream and both ladies lapped his cock to clean and Rama loves to lap the woman’s sex pussy juice and did the same with Madam sister cunt juice.
Now Ramadhin has kindle sex in two chirag with his magic sex dong and these two are her sex slave. Now the Land lady told that her three DILs, two daughter and three grand-daughters needs Rama’s help for their successful sex life. It was scheduled that in the evening all three DIL will meet Rama with their sex problem and let us see how Rama handle those problems?

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