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Mom and her friends rape son 2

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My friends and I decide to rape my son again, this time his dad joins in.

I once again Invited everyone over to my house and made sure my husband and son would be home. My husband said he was jealous and wanted to join in on the fun. I was lucky to have a pedo husband who liked exactly what I liked.

Once everyone was at my house, I called Jack in. And he knew what would happen, he was already naked, but super scared. He walked in with his head down and hands covering his little penis. “Bad boy Jack!” I said and grabbed him harshly. “No covering your baby penis.” And with that, I turned him around and spanked him hard in front of everyone.

His little cock bounced around as my hand hit his smooth ass. His face was red from embarrassment and nervousness. “Come here Jack, sit on my lap buddy,” My friend with huge tits said. He did just that and my friend massaged his cock and ass while we all talked.

We continued our conversation as if Jack wasn’t even there and laughed like normal friends. But, soon we couldn’t contain our horniness and needed to rape my son again.

This time, we started around with my son licking all of our pussies. When it was my turn, his face was already drenched in cum all over. I grabbed the back of his hair and controlled his head as his small tongue licked all around my pussy. Within no time I came on his face, gripping his head so hard he couldn’t pull away.

Next it was his father’s time for our son’s mouth. He nervously went over and got on his knees, unsure of what to do. “Suck my cock son, now,” my husband said sternly. His big cock was standing straight up having had to watch his son eat many pussies.

My son put his mouth on the tip, and my husband couldn’t help but grab his head with both hands and shove it down all the way. We all heard my son gasp and gag around the thick cock in his throat.

I got up to help my husband rape our son’s mouth. I replaced his hands with mine, and with all might, I kept my son at a steady pace with going all the way up and down my husband’s cock. “Good boy Jack, you’re such a good boy,” I whispered in my son’s ear.

Just before my husband came, Jack had passed out from no oxygen. But I kept his head bobbing up and down, and my husband came deep inside.

I pulled Jacks head up and told my husband to put Jack into doggy position. My husband was on the ground on his knees, Jack was on his knees in front of him. And one of my friends was in front of Jack in doggy position.

We wanted my husband to violently rape Jack while my friend used Jack’s cock to get herself off. Jack was still passed out when we started. But all of us were too horny to care. My husband slipped inside our son’s virgin asshole, and that is when he woke with a scream.

I helped my friend get Jack’s small pussy in her cunt and then my husband started to fuck him. His thrusts were hard and fast, Jack grunted each time with a little welp. It made me so horny watching Jack’s face scrunch up from both the pain and pleasure he was receiving right now. He made eye contact with me and seemed to be begging to be done, but I ignored it and started rubbing my pussy, still having eye contact.

Once my friend came, another one took her place and moaned like a whore while my son’s small cock fucked her dripping pussy. While me and my friends were waiting for our turn. We made out and even fingered each other. One of my friends was so horny so I fingered her pussy and got my whole fist inside, pumping my arm while she screamed for more. It was a huge orgy while my son watched.

“He came in me!!” My friend said. We went over to them and when she pulled out we saw cum dripping from her pussy. I scooped it up with my hand and forced my son to lick it off of my hand. He did after I slapped him saying he had to. I loved the feeling of his little tongue twirling around my fingers.

Then it was my turn, and I told my husband to fuck Jack so hard he would need to be taken to the hospital. He did just that and Jack’s screams echoed throughout the house. I loved the feeling of his little cock thrusting inside of me. I squirted all over the place.

Young boys all over the world should experience this.

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    Fake and really sick story 17/03/24