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Those were the days 2

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Adrian, Brian and Mark allow 10 yo Kaitlin to join in their games

Summer School Holidays, when you are young, seem to go on forever. The summer of 1976 in North West England was long and very hot. It didn’t get dark until 10:00 pm and us kids would stay out until dragged in by our parents.

Brian, Mark and I enjoyed playing cricket in the park behind my house or on the cricket pitches in the large park at the top of the road.

We would be joined by lots of other kids, both male and female during the day and it was exceptionally enjoyable.

I remember we had been playing from early in the day until mid afternoon. We were getting tired and hungry, so we decided to go to Brian and Mark’s house to grab some snacks and, as their parents would not be home from work for 2 or 3 hours, we thought we might play the game I talked about in my “Those were the days” story.

So, we packed up and started to leave. Two of the girls that had played with us, who were also from our road, followed us back home. There was Lisa who was 13 year old. She wore her hair short and was slim, good looking and an early developer. She had huge boobs for her age and went out with guys much older than her, usually bad boys and bullies. Her younger sister, Kaitlin was 10 years old, much shorter and dumpier than her sister. She too wore her hair short but hat an upturned nose and puffy eyes that made her resemble a bit of a pig. She wasnt unattractive, just that being a little overweight didn’t help her at all. She was just carrying a few extra pounds of puppy fat that was all.

When we got to the girls house, Lisa went through the gate and front door and disappeared inside. We carried on walking towards the boys house and Kaitlin follow. Before we went into the house we noticed that she was still with us.

“Can I hang out with you guys” she said. Brian straight away said no and told her to go home. Kaitlin immediately pleaded for us to let her play with us. She said she didn’t want to go home as her Mum and Dad were at work and Lisa is always horrible to her when they are both alone.

Brian was adamant that she couldnt join us and Kaitlin started to cry.

Mark and I were minded to let her come and hang out thinking we could play our game another time. Brian was initially dead against letting her come in the house. After much arguing he told Kaitlin that she could come in with two conditions. 1. She must join in the games we play following whatever instructions we gave her without argument or fuss. 2. That she must tell no one about what goes on in the house. Not her parents, her sister, friends or anyone else – no one.

Kaitlin agreed enthusiastically and started to walk in. Brian put his hand on her chest to stop her and said “I mean it, you can’t go back on this agreement, if I let you in you have to promise to follow the rules”. Kaitlin said she would absolutely follow the rules. Brian removed his hand and we all went in.

“Who is going to be the teacher today” I asked. “We are not playing that game today, I have another game that would be much more suitable seeing as Kaitlin is here with us” said Brian.

We all filed into Mark’s bedroom and sat on his bed. Brian disappeared out and returned with a pack of playing cards which he shuffled furiously. Mark and I looked at each other puzzled but Kaitlin looked delighted. “I love card games” she said, what game are we going to play.

Brian grinned and said “Strip Jack Naked”. That was a pretty common game where cards were dealt to each player, then without looking at their cards each player would put a card face up into the middle and the person putting down the highest value card won and picked up all the cards. This would continue until one player held all the cards and won the game. Simple rules and I had played before.

“You may well have played this before, but we are going to play the proper version” Brian said. “Whoever wins each round can point to one of the other players and the selected player would have to remove an item of clothing. Two shoes count as one item, two socks count as one item. “We play until all but one player is nude, and if there are any players still close when all the cards have been won by one person, that winner gets to give orders to the other players for the next 10 minutes and they have to do what they are told.” “Does everyone understand the rules” he asked.

Kaitlin did not look convinced that she wanted to play, but I guess she felt duty bound to do so as she had promised to play along.

I was delighted and was already getting hard at the prospect of seeing a young girls body.

Of we went and , to be honest, the wins were pretty even between us and it was long before Mark and I were in vest and undies, Kaitlin was also in her knickers and vest. Only Brian still had his jeans on but he was naked from the waist up.

I could see that Mark had a raging hard on and so did I. This hadn’t escaped the notice of Kaitlin who stared at us. She plucked up the courage to ask what was going on with us and why did we have something in our knickers. I smiled and said “Wait and see”. I thought my undies were going to split.

I won the next round and selected Kaitlin to remove her vest. She was really reluctant to do so. She said her mum had told her it was rude for girls to take their top off in public. Brian told her that it only applied to grown women who had tits, not to kids who didn’t. I’ve got my top off he said. Come on Kaitlin, you promised he said.

She slowly removed her top and covered her chest with her hands. “Come on Kaitlin, put your arms down” said Mark. She slowly lowered her arms. She did have tits after a fashion. Because she was a bit overweight her chest was chubby but had wonderful puffy little nipples which were poking out considerably.

She sat there in only her knickers which we could now see were blue with some sort of colourful flowery scene around the lower area and beautiful white frills around the waistband and leg holes. She had them pulled up tight and I could see a little camel toe between her legs. It was our turn to stare.

A few rounds later I was naked, Mark was naked, Kaitlin still had her knickers on and Brian was down to his underpants. Kaitlin was completely shocked when she first saw Mark’s cock and then mine. She had never seen a boy naked before and certainly had never seen a hard cock, let alone two at once. She stared and stared, I was starting to leak a watery pre-cum out of my cock. I had recently started to ejaculate a tiny amount of clear liquid when I wanked. I was a little embarrassed but didn’t move to hide it.

Finally Brian won and Kaitlin had to remove her knickers. Brian made her stand up and he took hold of her panties and very slowly pulled them down to her ankles and had her step out of them. She did resist a couple of times and tried to pull them up again but Brian gave her a gentle slap on the arse and she gave up.

I don’t know about the other two, but I swear I nearly came right then at the sight of her hairless little pussy and her gorgeous bare arse.

I had seen little girls pussies before, usually at the beach but they were always much younger than Kaitlin and didn’t really hold any interest for me at the time. What I did notice was that there was something a bit different about Kaitlin’s pussy.

Mark suggested that we each in turn lie on the bed and the others could have a good look. I went first and it was Kaitlin who was the most interested. She asked if she could touch my cock which she did with an outstretched finger and she moved on to my balls. Brian told her to get a good grip of it which she did. She said she was surprised at how hard it was, how hot it was and how smooth the skin was. Quite how I didn’t cum I have no idea. Brian made her wank me for a few seconds and then Mark took my place followed by Brian. She felt their cocks and wanked them a bit too. Although she appeared to be outwardly shy about the whole thing, her breathing was quite fast and he face, neck and chest were flushed red.

It was her turn to lie on the bed. She initially was all stiff and had her legs tightly shut. We cried foul as she had full access to our bodies. Reluctantly she opened her legs and we got a good look at that pussy.

As I said, it was smooth and hairless, but what was different with her pussy to other younger ones I had seen was that two flaps of skin hung down out of her pussy slit. I know now that it is a normal variation in pussies, but then I just thought it was strange but I was still dying to touch it.

Mark first touched her pussy and found it to be moist and hot. He pushed apart her lips and exposed her tiny little pink clitoris. He touched it right on its pink end and Kaitlin gasped and kind of bucked. She had her eyes closed and had a weird look on her face. We all got to feel it and rub our hands all over it. Once we realised that she gasped and bucked when we rubbed her clitoris, we rubbed it all the more. At a couple of points whilst we were rubbing her pussy and had hands on he nipples and ass, she thrust her hips forward and we could see her getting wetter and her pussy and ass were pulsating.

Brian was the first to tell her to suck his cock. She really didn’t like that, but did it anyway. I thought that, as I liked rubbing my cock on ass cheeks, and her pussy looked a bit like an arse, I thought I’d try rubbing my cock on her pussy lips. I put a pillow under her arse opened her legs and placed my cock between her pussy lips with the tip rubbing her clitoris and my balls rubbing against her bum cheeks. OMG fantastic. I rubbed away for all I was worth and she rubbed back whilst having Brian’s cock in her mouth. I swear she orgasmed again just before my orgasm exploded and pleasure swept through my body. My cock was pulsing and expelling a small amount of clear cum.

Mark said he was going to fuck he. I had no idea what he was on about. He showed me there was a hole at the bottom of her pussy and that it was meant for a man to put his dick inside. That was bloody news to me.

he tried a few times to get his cock in the hole, but it wouldn’t fit and everytime he tried to force it in, she shouted out and looked like she was going to cry.

Brian had pulled out of her mouth and had cum quite a large load on her chest which he was in the process of wiping up.

Mark turned her onto her front so her arse was facing the ceiling. He then mounted her and pushed his dick between her buttocks. He thrust his dick along her ass crack. He then got her to stand up. He went behind her and told her to open her legs. She did and he put his dick between them pressing against her pussy, then he told her to close her legs. she did and the head of his cock was poking out from between her legs so it looked like she had a dick. Mark was thrusting and Kaitlin seem to be enjoying it. Her nipples handed and she flushed over her face, neck and chest. Mark shot his load which went down her legs and onto the carpet. He wanted to pull out, but Kaitlin wouldn’t let him. She kept grinding against his cock until she orgasmed again.

It was a brilliant afternoon, but was dressed, cleaned up and went our separate ways, but not before reinforcing the need to eep what we had done a secret. Kaitlin agaeed again and, just before she left, she said she would like to do it again.

Spoiler alert, we definitely did it again. I will tell some of those events in another story.

Cheers, Kingsley.

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