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My 10 year old daughter 3

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Kenny asked me if I was enjoying what I was seeing . Yes I said , Jodie looked at me then at Kenny , she was standing in front of him with just her top covered , but her bottom and pussy bare , . Jodie stood there , Kenny dropped his joggers and took out his cock , you like looking at it I asked Jodie , yes she said , Kenny likes looking at you to, I said . Do you like it to dad she asked . I smiled . Jodie looked at Kenny , why is your Willy growing , it’s happy to see you he said . Jodie pointed to her pussy then her bum , then asked Kenny what his Willy liked best , all of you he said , Jodie what do you like , I asked , sometimes Kenny puts his hand up my skirt when I sit on his knee and he kisses me I like that ,
Kenny was tugging on his cock by now , Jodie began to dance in front of him , wiggling her hips then turning round and wiggling her bottom , this happened a few times . Why don’t you sit on Kenny and show me what he does , Jodie sat on his lap can Kenny kiss you as well , yes she giggled Kenny put his lips on Jodie’s I was only a metre away and watched as my little girl was slipping her tongue into Kenny’s mouth and he was responding like she was a middle aged tart . I saw as his hand moved up Jodie’s leg and saw my 10 year old daughter open her legs so he could touch her tiny bald mound , Kenny’s cock was throbbing as she was sat on his knee ,
Jodie I can’t see what Kenny is doing , without stopping kissing him she opened her legs wider so I could see , Kenny was tickling her little hole with his fingers , Jodie seemed to be enjoying herself . And Kenny was certainly getting his entertainment , he pulled his face away looked at me and said I love your daughter , she is so sexy .
Jodie I said Kenny has touched you , have you ever touched Kenny’s Willy , no she said it felt funny when I sat on his knee , but I didn’t think I could touch it , I thought I’d be in trouble . No said Kenny you wouldn’t be in trouble you’d make me and your dad very happy and proud of you . Jodie stood up and touched the tip of Kenny’s cock , then touched the shaft , it feels hard and it moves when I touch it ,Jodie said . It feels nice , it feels nice for me said Kenny , he took hold of Jodie hand if you want to give a nice gift put your hand her and your other hand here , he directed her right hand onto his shaft and her left hand to his balls , tickle with your left and rub with your right , Jodie my little angle was wanking a grown man it’s big she said and it’s moving , a couple of rubs and Kenny moaned he shot his load , Jodie looked shocked have I broke it , we laughed , no Kenny’s just enjoyed you playing so much that he’s spunked for you , it’s like a reward , oh she said Jodie touched his cum it’s sticky she said , then like she was doing a finger painting at school she rubbed her hands in his cum and rubbed it into his body , giggling as she did , I am painting you with gooey stuff , I am painting it white . Jodie did you like that I asked her , yes dad , I felt. So happy and funny . Can Kenny visit again , yes she said , I told her to go upstairs and tidy up before mummy comes home . She went upstairs , Kenny’s cock was now limp , I can’t believe what I saw I said , Kenny replied I hope your ok with it , yes I said . What’s she like I asked . Jodie apparently kisses like a tart , Kenny said as soon as she felt my tongue on her lips she opened her mouth and then she had put her tongue in his mouth , she’s so small I could carry her around all day , I asked what’s her pussy like , Kenny he replied it’s so smooth and warm , I saw her open her legs wider when you touched her legs , yes she responded like my wife Kenny said as soon as I touched her she knows what I wanted , I love her tiny pussy said Kenny. And I think she liked playing with my cock too , sorry but I couldn’t hold off blew my load too quick . I think she liked your load though, yes .

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