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I (M) lost my virginity at 24y to a 16y (F) and she made have babytrapped me

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A 16y tinder date girl lying about her age took my virginity and might have babytrapped me.

Hi, I am Allan. I just lost my virginity as a 24yo and am kinda in between jobs right now, tho I still can manage to keep up with my rent, so I have my own place.
Long story short I a bit of late bloomer, which is maybe just an excuse, and I never really dated in highschool. Once I got in college it took me a while to get to socialize and then covid hit. Hence… here I am 24yo and alone.
About 2 months ago I decided to give tinder a try. Well… it usually ended after couple of dated but it was precious experience. However, it pretty much lead to me feeling like a s*it and going on literally any date.

This lead to a date 2 days ago. It was a quite cute looking girl, with 19 in her bio, nicely dressed and everything, like 5f4 or 5, small-ish firm tits so I gave it a shot. Anyhow we got quite drunk… or at least I did and we ended up going to my place. I never really planned for anything like this to happen and basically I didnt even stockpile condoms or anything, frankly I was just glad I was able to get home on my feet and just fall in my bed.

I mostly recall just flashbacks but I know we kissed and it felt amazing… I mean.. after being pretty much single for 24 years it felt awesome… at it was enough to get me rockhard despite all the booze.
I remember lying on my back as she sat on me in her dress leaning toward my mouth and barely letting me breathe while she unbottened my shirt.
I must have then drifted away a for moment because next thing I know I she was stripping down my jeans and was kissing my thighs.
I am pretty sure it was at this point while seeing my aching dick pushing against my shorts that I told I was a virgin.
She giggled and said it was fine and took off her dress and was now only in her panties.
I said I dont have condoms.
She answered it was ok, that she brought some and started to take down my shorts.
I couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to rest them a bit and then I felt what I realised was my first bj.
Determined to make it through the whole show as I got this far I focused all my attention on pretty much holding it and not cum there straight away.
After what felt like eternity I was at the edge and luckily she stopped.
I opened my eyes and saw her taking down her panties, then leaning over me…
… when I saw her whole body right there in front of me I had to close my eyes and focus again. I figured she probably put the condom on already or maybe I couldnt even think about that.

I only saw her in a bikini before but seeing her little body with her puffy tits and clean shaved pussy was dropping on my virgin cock was a whole another level.
She kissed me again and whisper to me to open my eyes right before she was about to drop herself onto me.
I was in cloud nine and could barely think at that point. Not even the bj could compare to the feeling of being gripped by the warm and wet feeling of tightness.
As she was constantly kissing me while riding on my cock I could barely catch my breath much less think when she asked me how does a 16yo pussy feel to a virgin.
I knew I was about to cum soon and that was basically my answer.
She smiled and said it was ok, that she wants me to cum inside her and added to speed.
When she did, I lasted about more 5-10s before bursting my cum in what I thought was condom.
She kept going for a bit as I emptied myself and then began to slow down gradually and lied herself on my chest.
We kissed and smiled and laughed a bit while I was pretty much half conscious at this point.
I felt her nipples pressed against my chess and dick softening still inside her.

I woke up with us both naked in my bed, her body halfway on the matrasses and half still over my legs and waist.
I pulled myself gently from under her and noticed wet stain on the sheets and on our bodies, I figured the condom must have fallen off in our sleep and spill
After like 3 mins with condom nowhere to be found it stroke me… the source of my cum spilled everywhere wasnt the condom it was her pussy still leaking after I came.

After very awkward looking for a condom inside a random girl in my bed it became clear we did not use one and I started panicking. Which woke her up. After explaining the situation she laughed for a straight minute.
Then she muttered for herself something like ‘it really was your first time’.
She then added that it was amazing riding a 8 years older virgin dude.

My brain stopped. Firstly, I was getting hard again from by the look of her sweet body and her going toward me. Secondly, I was still processing that the girl was just 16.

By that time it took me to process I was already already horny, sitting on the bed with her on my lap, then her pinning me down on bed by leaning onto me.

When I woke up by the sunlight she was taking a shower.
Later we talked it through when she was readying herself to leave when I was still naked in the bed.

She told me she is 16, lost her virginity in 15 when she started using tinder. She doesnt take pills and hate condoms, but most guys insist on either using them and pretty much just pulling out. She had a guy cum inside her only 3 times before and loved the feeling. Got pregnant once and had an abbortion but doesnt want to go through it again, meaning whatever happens happens, she is keeping it.

So thats about it, sorry its a little mumbly, it happened about 3 days ago and still feels unreal.

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  • Reply Jon do ID:1ctyswq2gtmy

    Fucked a 13 yo ass b4

  • Reply Anon ID:1dvcc6d8j2go

    Fucking a young 16yo pussy with no condom on. It feels like you’re in heaven, and it tightens up around your cock! Girls nowadays are so slutty!

  • Reply Tom ID:1bqrgapim99

    Invite her back and fuck her throat tits and ass

  • Reply James Holden ID:7ylvhgvoia

    Well, you didn’t ask her if she took another form of birth control? At 16 I guess she can take an iud or some thing that sticks in her arm that prevents her from getting pregnant for a couple of years.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter. If she has your baby, be happy. Of course, you’ve gotta tell her that you’re too broke to care for a baby at 24. Hopefully she is okay with it and treats the baby as her own.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9j

    WOW!, you gatta love them girl now a days just loving cock. Sounds like she would be a lot of fun to be with.