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Granddaughters amazing body

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My granddaughter turned fifteen and she just started coming back to my house again after her grandma and I not seeing her for about two years because of my daughter her bitch mother anyway my grand daughter came in to my bedroom and layed down on our bed to talk to me and to watch TV being a typical 15 year old having her face stuck in her phone? She was laying on her back dressed in white ankle high socks real short jean shorts that rode super tight on her thighs and around her hips they were rolled up her thighs and she was wearing a button up tan girls blouse laying on her back I could see inside her blouse her white bra now let me tell you about her she’s about 5’6″ maybe 105 pounds short blond hair brown eyes a very pretty girl not that much for tits but just the right amount.so she is laying back talking to me and her hand slips down the front of her shorts as if the waist was bugging her in some way as she did I could see the top of her white panties but what was strang is her hand went in to her wrist as soon as I seen that my cock started to get hard she never took her hand out of her shorts but put both feet on the bed flat a couple minutes later she moved her hand inside her panties she tilted her head backwards looking at me and pulled her hand from her shirt and wiggled her finger for me to lean towards her so naturally I did think she wanted to tell me something when I did she stuck her fingers in my mouth and whispered ( grandpa how does my sweet virgin pussy taste ?) God I acted like a school boy again.
She unbuttoned her shorts showing me her panties they had lace at the top she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her my hand was now above her sex flat stomach and she slid my hand down the front toward her virgin 15 year old pussy all I was thinking was I wanted to fuck her so bad I could actually feel the pre cum dribbling from my cock my fingers move lower until I felt her soft wet pussy lips for her being a 15 year old she was still smooth all over her pussy after a couple of minutes she moved down the bed but stopped at my waste she put her finger to her lips and made the ( shhh noise ) she the undid my belt and undid my pants along with my zipper she pulled my rock hard cock out and start sucking it so slow and deep after about ten minutes I couldn’t take anymore I blew my load in my 15 year old grand daughters mouth I couldn’t believe how long it lasted as soon as it slowed to a dribble she pulled off my cock she looked up at me and opened her mouth and sowed my load of cum she had in her mouth I smiled and she closed her mouth and took one big swallow she licked her lips she crawled up to my face and gave me a big kiss when she pulled back she looked at me and said when I get the chance grandpa I’m going to fuck you so hard and I may even let you fuck me in my ass I would love to feel your hot cum wash the inside of my house belly

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  • Reply Bob ID:e65rjnocd5t

    Wow, that’s a hot, horny granddaughter!!!! When are you going to fuck the sweet young girl?? I’m onto the next part. Love it!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Knowing English Rules. ID:fx7nvjfv4

    . , ( ) : ; ‘ ” Just a few things that might have helped me give you something better than a

    1. Way to hard to even try to read. Wow, do you see how these little things, ( , . ) might have helped the reader enjoy your story.

    Just Saying… !!!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:7n7gi94zrd


    Lobed thw story would love to hear more about the grand daughter. Email or session me Frank

  • Reply Nick ID:5vyj5w3020i

    I love incest

  • Reply Nick ID:5vyj5w3020i

    Lovely hard election here

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    Let us know what happened when you finally fuck her

  • Reply Pual ID:3zxjrjpw209

    You need to let us know if you fucked her that night and it you got her pregnant yet