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sex with my cousin pt2

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Hi im maya 5’2 DD tits bubble butt. So in my previous story my older cousin raped me. This story is about my younger cousin 4’2 male black. So I went to my aunt’s house to visit my cousins and my younger cousin kept looking at my ass. So when we were outside spraying each other with water guns he kept spraying my breast. Eventually my nipples got hard and showed through my shirt. Then later that night at the dinner table he kept rubbing my thigh and it felt good. So later on everybody was laying down and he went under the cover i didn’t think much about it then i felt my underwear go down then something warm brush against my clit it was warm but soft so i played sleep and he put his dick in me and he was fucking me fast and rough. It felt amazing. Then he turned me on my stomach and spanked my ass

His older sister looked under the cover and he stopped for a second. When his sister turned her head he kept going. I was moving my hips and everything because it felt amazing. And I was enjoying it. Then he kept going faster and he started breathing heavy then he came.

(sorry if its short)
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