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Boogeyman victim 9

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The newspaper headline read boogeyman’s timeline a twisted reign of terror, is there nowhere to go that the boogie man won’t I get a victim, victim 8 got it up in the mountains he also took her bikini from what she told and hung it on a small tree outside the bathroom where she was severely attacked making her walk outside completely naked to get her bikini. She told the reporter she felt the boogeyman was watching her at that point walking through the woods naked.
I turn on the TV to the local news if there is such a thing as a number nine victim again the boogeyman can be stereotyped as a rapist, the boogeyman fits that bill to the t.
I turned the radio on, I grab my headphones, the radio news reports boogeyman is becoming a rising star. Like a good fisherman, it enables him to reel in his unsuspected pray. And to reveal him for what the boogeyman is really was a sadistic monster.
Boogeyman may not look the part but by the time his reign of terror ends his name will come to symbolize the worst of the worst the worst of the outcast who seemingly strike randomly as the boogeyman he’s behind a trail of shattered lives..
The Boogeyman is driving around his mobile scanner is on in the truck he’s looking for victim 9, he finds one over by the junior high so Boogeyman parks his truck and stalk her he followed her home.. thinking to himself to easy, I have Boogeyman finds her window on the side of the house he knows it’s her bedroom window and due to the fact she’s inside it curtains are drawn window is wide open. Thinking to himself, I’ll come back tonight when it’s dark. Boogeyman goes back to his track and goes home.
Later that night

The Boogeyman, grabs his knife his hoody. And checks to make sure everyone’s asleep. He comes back in he knows everybody’s asleep he closes his door it’s 2:00 in the morning, Boogeyman jumps out his bedroom window.
And steals away Into the night using the darkness as his friend, he stays in the shadows so nobody can see him he pulls up his head. He goes to her house which is about two blocks away, he finds her house once again he goes to the window and sure enough the window is still open and the curtains are still drawn she lives on the bottom floor. I climb in the window, I take out my knife.
I put my hand over her mouth, I put my knife against her throat. She wakes up her eyes are big.
I asked her she wants me to remove the knife from her throat, shakes her head yes.
I asked her and he promised not to scream, again she nods yes. I take the knife away from my throat.
She asked me, what do you want?
I asked her, what is your name and age?
She says my name is Karen, and I’m 11 years old. And then she adds, what do you want please don’t hurt me.
I said take off here night and panties NOW! Crying bad, she does as she’s told. Her nightgown comes off she has two little pink 11 year old. Buds four nipples. Next she pulled down her panties and all. She has no hair no peach fuzz. Wait a minute I forgot the most important thing thinking to myself, she is 11-year-old little girl most of them don’t have peach fuzz it. I tell her to lay flat on her back. I take my cock out.her eyes are big she’s got to look on her face, it’s so huge.

I say to her, say hello to my little friend. I get between her legs and pull her into me and open her legs up. And force, my cock, into her tight virgin 11 year old pussy. I get my cocks head passed her pussy lips.
Ashley cries and screams from the pain. I start raping her 11-year-old tight virgin pussy. She’s crying begging and pleading with me to stop as hurting bad.i only have my cock in her, I finally feel her hymen. I pulled my cock, out of her 11-year-old tight virgin pussy and slam it in as hard as I can, popping her cherry!
She screams out it hurts and hurts and hurts.
As I keep raping her, she keeps crying. She says, Mr I got to go pee can you please let me up so I can go pee.
What you think I’m that stupid, If.I.let.you up you go running into your mom and dad and tell them that it’s been raped. LOL no you’re not getting up if you feel like you got to pee just let it go.
She lets her orgasm go and I can feel her warm c** all over my cock. I feel myself getting to that point again.

I cum in her.11. year old pussy.
I tell her to turn over, and lay flat on her stomach. She tells me no. I pull out my knife and put it against her throat she says okay okay.

Turns over and lays flat on her stomach. I get between your legs pull her again into me, and put my knife away. Hold her ass cheeks apart.
And so my cock it’s hard as I can into her little 11-year-old ass.
She starts crying and screaming take it out take it out it hurts too bad take it out. As bad as she screaming I throw my hand over her mouth, I’m just afraid she’s going to wake mom and dad up. As I start to rape her 11-year-old cute little virgin ass. It’s so tight, I don’t last long in it.
I cum in her cute little virgin ass. I put my cock back away. I whispered to her in her ear, just got raped by the Boogeyman. See you in your dreams sweet pea. I’ll have to do this again sometime real soon. As I jump out her bedroom window, and escape once again into the darkness that’s my friend.

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    Bet that little 11yr old bitch is hurting bad! Lol! She probably ran into her parents bedroom to show them her freshly raped cunt and asshole. Imagine their faces! Lovely boner-inducing filth! The Boogeyman lives!!!