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Author: daddyass1933@gmail

Amish country

I was walking into uncharted Territory, known as Amish country.. I grabbed my camera clothes and Boots and knife to changing day before I left the house. I’ve had my backpack... # # #

1533 words | 3 |2.44

Boogeyman victim 9

The newspaper headline read boogeyman’s timeline a twisted reign of terror, is there nowhere to go that the boogie man won’t I get a victim, victim 8 got it up in the mountains... # # #

1040 words | 1 |2.91

Boogyman V8

This is dedicated to CrackSniffer, thank you for the inspiration.. Hope you like this one. This one is just for you. The head line on the Ledger reads, social path schizophrenic Boogyman... # # #

1389 words | 4 |3.89