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Amish country

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I was walking into uncharted Territory, known as Amish country.. I grabbed my camera clothes and Boots and knife to changing day before I left the house.
I’ve had my backpack with the essentials rope, my 45, I checked the clip it was fully loading, my 9 mm check clip fully loading, my 32 fully loaded my Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum fully loaded, I put them all into my backpack.

I loaded my 22 rifle. I loaded it my 12 gauge shotgun.

And I changed into my camera clothes and Boots I put my knife on my side. And I waited about 4 hours to head out of town to two Amish country.

Darkness came I went out to my pickup, caring my 22 rifle and my 12 gauge shotgun, I put them in my gun rack.

Go back in my house and grab my backpack. I had out of town to Amish country. It’s about an hour drive to Amish country.
I get to Amish country , and drive around where about another 15 minutes until I spotted it.
The Amish school, if this works out today I will have all the virgins I want and when school teacher. I know by doing this, action I might not come out of this thing alive and at this point I don’t give a care.
One thing I really like about Amish country, is it’s really isolated no one is around.
I find a window to open. The one thing I like about the Amish, they don’t believe in technology, which means they don’t have an alarm system on the windows.
I get my knife out, I know there’s no alarm and I Jimmy the window open.

I get inside, and look for a place to hide. I find the coat closet, I put, my backpack in the coke closet.
I go back out the window and we park my truck in some trees and I cover it up with my camo cover I keep on my truck in my truck. I grabbed the 20 rifle and the 12 gauge shotgun. I go back towards the schoolhouse..
I get to the window, and climb back inside and wait for morning to come.

Daylight starts to break, and I get out all the guns out of my backpack and sit them out in front on the desk, I get the 20 right now and it’s 12 gauge shotgun I put them on the desk as well.
I look at my watch, and it’s 703 in the morning. I think I’m getting hard just thinking about all those little virgins and that school teacher. I have about an hour to wait, until they come in.

I was wrong, I hear their little voices and it’s only 7:30 in the morning. As I’m sitting at the desk with the nine in my hand, waiting for them to come through the door.

They come in and they have a shock look on their face I teacher come in.
I look at the teacher is pregnant and this just got more interesting.
Teacher said. Please don’t hurt the children. I motion to the boys, I said, are the boys out now. The girls start to cry, and the boys leave. Next I have teacher, to send out all the girls under the age of 9.
She does again she says please don’t hurt to children I will do whatever you want and just don’t hurt them please. I tell the teacher, yet only one chance, I go and sit down and I’m already hard for the first victim, I tell her the school teacher, to bring me up one of the 10-year-old girls they all start crying. I aim the nine at the first girl in the front room. I cock the 9. Teacher, yells out no!. Please don’t hurt her! She wants to the second row and tells a young girl to stand up, and she springs her up front. I asked, what is her name. Teacher says, Eve. I tell a teacher, to have Eve bend over the front of the desk you don’t want to she starts cryin. That teacher tells her, it will be okay, he’ll be over with soon, he’s going to rape you or he could kill you a choice is up to you she bends over the desk. I tell Eve to pull up a dress. Crying she doesn’t she’s told. I get behind you, and I tell the teacher, take my cock out of my pants. The teacher is down and unzip my pants and take out my Big hard cock. I take down Eves panties and take out some lotion out of my pocket. And lube up Eves 10.year old pussy, I lube my cock up. And I force it in to Eves 10.year.old.pussy. she cries and screams as I rape her she’s so tired, she’s probably the tightest I’ve ever had before. I fell around me I pulled my cock out she besides like it’s over with. I forced it in as hard as I can. Renting through your hymen,
She screaming as I keep raping her, pretty soon and during the rape I feel her orgasm. I can’t believe, I made a little girl a little 10-year-old girl orgasm. I keep breaking her I don’t ask much longer maybe 15 minutes at the most.
I cum in her 10 year old pussy. I take my cock out of her I look over to Ward all the virgins, and I smile and say who’s next.
I tell the teacher bring me an 11-year-old girl, as I let Eve up.
She wants over to one, and brings her over to me. She said this is Esther, she’s 11. I tell Esther get on your knees
Easter don’t want to. I put the 9 to Esther’s head, I tell Esther get on your knees or I shoot you, she goes to get on her knees, I tell her wait a minute since you told me no, I tell Esther take off all her clothes.
Feeling I’m really going to have a problem with this one, I put the 9.to Esther head and cock the 9. Esther say no please don’t hurt me Mister.. I will, take off all my clothes..
Esther, take off her bonnet, she has the teacher unzip her dress, she lets the dress fall to the floor. She grabs her panty waistband and post them down and off. Esther, politely ask can I keep my shoes and socks on Mr please.
I said yes, I put the gun back to her head and I cock it again now on your knees like a dog Esther crying she does and she’s told she gets down like a dog on all fours and I know what you’re thinking, yes I was going to have her give me a BJ , but from seeing her naked and seeing her 11-year-old body, Got my cock hard again. I came in behind Esther,. and put my cock in from behind in her 11-year-old pussy.

She began to cry and scream, as I raped her 11-year-old pussy.. as I was raping her, I felt her hymen.

At all my cock completely out of her 11-year-old pussy. And I push it by force as hard as I can back in her 11-year-old virgin pussy, as I popped her cherry, she cries and screams bad. I keep raping her, doggy style, pretty soon just like the first one, I feel Esther, orgasm. I keep.raping her, 11-year-old pussy.
I cum in her 11 year old pussy. Have she keeps crying.
Once again I smile at the girls, who’s next.

I tell the teacher, 12-year-old. Teacher, walks over and gets a girl and brings her up front.
Teacher said, this is Ruth.
I look her up and down, and I’m thinking to myself I am wondering could this happen again.
I tell Ruth, take off all your clothes.
Ruth says, please don’t shoot me Mr has root takes off her bonnet, she turns to her teacher and ask teacher to unzip her dress, teacher unzip her dress, her dress falls to the ground. She reaches around and ask the teacher to unhook her homemade training bra teacher an extra homemade training bra White. Group has two pink little buds. All of a sudden, I hear a noise, I run to the window, I see flashing lights on here siren.
I tell myself, this is it.
Teacher says, let the girls go and I will stay. I look out the window again. I tell you, go ahead and get dressed. She stopped her crying and she starts to get dressed. I motion to the other girls to leave I keep my gun in my hand. I tell Ruth to leave, Ruth leaves. That just leaves me and the school teacher.
What’s your name?
How far along are you?
8 months.
Have you got milk, in your breasts?
I am the guy had her tell her to get undressed.

And you’re really going to write me with all them out there.

BOOM! I never saw it coming, they fired through the open window, hitting me in the back of my head.

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    Poorly written. Lousy grammer

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  • Reply Willy T. ID:7qs3s4hijdd

    This happened a few miles from my house. Although reading this I find this was definitely sick fiction. Some things were made up.
    Glad they took him out.

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