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Screwing her so I don’t have to work

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I met her in private school and after we got married 6 years later she turned into the bitch from hell

My dad sent me to a private school cause he thought I would learn more but all I learned was a lot of these students came from rich parents. I started dating Helen and once I found out just how rich her parents were I made sure that she would be my wife. I will say one thing for her and that is she is one very horny bitch.
When we were about to get married her father said that I had to meet him at his lawyers office so things would be put straight. I had no idea what he was talking about. It turned out that the only way he would let his daughter marry someone like me was with a prenup saying the only way I could leave the marriage with any part of her wealth was if she was to cheat on me and that I had proof of her cheating. I never thought at that time I would need to worry about it cause her daddy was giving her 5 grand a month for her to live on.
Well 2 years she started this shit of putting me down in front of our friends and that I couldn’t take, plus when she said I will never have any children with a lazy asshole like you, I was done but I wasn’t about to leave this marriage with just the clothes on my back. I got the prenup out one day after she told my best friend that if it wasn’t for that fact that I am good in bed she would’ve kicked my ass out of the door long ago.
Well in school I played some football and stayed friends with a couple of the guys who just happened to be black and hung like fucking horses. I remembered how they would try to fuck every white piece of ass they could get in school. A plan started to build in my head. I started getting a little more kinky in the bedroom and Helen would cum like a fire cracker when she was tied up and blindfolded. I would make out that I wasn’t me but some actor that she had the hots for. It turned out that Dewayne Johnson was her biggest turn on and by now I’m fucking her with this 10 inch strap on and she would cum so fucking hard she would squirt.
I give a call to my football buddies telling them what I had in mind and even why I was doing it. They had heard what she was saying about me and had asked why I was putting up with her bullshit. They agreed with my plan and we set it up for the first weekend after new years. On that weekend is when if I did the math right she would be ovulating. See she gets sick on birth control pills so I have had to wear a fucking condom every fucking time, she even made me wear one when I ass fucked her just in case.
I had her tied to the bed and blindfolded when I opened the door to my buddies. They both were naked and even at half hard they were twice my size. I got her hot by eating her out which she loves and makes me do even on the monthly. I then teased her that I found Dewayne Johnson and his brother and they were both going to fuck her. She started playing the role of being a helpless housewife about to be raped in front of her sissy husband. Little did she know she was about to be barebacked on her most fertile day.
Jon got between her open legs which weren’t tied and place the head of his cock against her wet shaved pussy and give a push. My wife give a bit of a scream then said ” Don’t forget the condom, I’m not having any kids with you.” What a turn on right, ya and Jon looked at with a sad look and slammed into her giving her what looked to be a foot of fat hard cock. I think what she said pissed him off and was going to make her paid for her comments. She screamed that I was ripping her apart and to stop. Jon just fucked her that much harder. I don’t it was 2 minutes and she came for the first time and she came so fucking hard she squirted all of Jon. She was going out of her mind with the fucking he was giving her. On made her 6th or 7th huge orgasm Jon’s ass turned to steel as he pushed as deep into my wife as he could pumping his fertile seed into her fertile womb. She just laid there with sweat running off her body trying to catch her breathe. She finally said ” Oh my god, what in the hell got into you tonight honey?” That was the first time she called me honey in maybe close close to two years.
Jon was off the bed looking down at his cum dripping out of her still open pussy. He said something to his brother who nodded his head and got on the bed. I said “Ready for round 2 slut?” She likes being called names when we fuck, but she was shocked cause it normally takes me a good half hour to get hard again.
Helen said “What, again this soon? did you take one of those little blue pills? don’t forget to used a condom, I don’t want to have your kids.” It pissed me off even more the I normally get pissed with and Jon give me a sad look as his brother grabbed her legs lifting them up placing them on his huge shoulders as he slammed his even larger cock balls deep in one push. Helen screamed again and this time I was hoping it was from pure pain but in seconds she began to orgasm. He fucked her for a good hour and by now she was never coming down from her orgasm, it was just one big long orgasm with her blindfold falling off and she was to far gone to notice this huge blackman was fucking her. I place the blindfold back in place as Jon said that maybe I should’ve opened her eyes and let her seeing who was fucking her bareback. He didn’t use a low tone either and I’m not sure if she heard him or not but my wife started saying “Fill me with you cum Dewayne give me your children sweetheart, fuck me pregnant.” and so on. I think she was so deep into her fantasy that she thought Dewayne Johnson was fucking her.
Jon’s brother pushed his fertile cum in deeper than his older brother had Filling my fertile wife for the second time that night. Jon got next to her ear and said “Do you want me to fill your fertile pussy with my fertile cum one more time sweetheart, do you want me to give you my child?”
My wife moaned “Oh please, I want your children. I never want you to stop giving me your children.” She was so deep into her fantasy that she didn’t even notice Jon sounds nothing like Dewayne Johnson does. As Jon’s brother let my wife down there was a huge gush our their mix cum roll out of her and Jon got right on the bed taking his brothers place once again. Round three wasn’t anything more than just doing what he had too to pump his next load into my wife. My wife either fell asleep or passed out about half way through the fucking she was getting. His brother got on the bed opened her mouth and pushed the head of his cock in her mouth. There was no reaction from my wife who never has give me head from the time the wedding ring went on her finger to now. He pulled out of my wife’s mouth laughing at her so I took hid place coming in her open mouth making her swallow my cum. Jon cum for the 3rd time in her with her having no idea what was going on a round her anymore. He held her so his cum would for sure go deep in her womb before letting her saying to me “If I was you I’d fuck her ass before letting her up.” His brother picked up his phone taking pictures of my fucked out cold wife with cum running freely from her beet red pussy. They got dressed and left. I took him up on his idea pushing myself into her soaked ass. She moaned “No more please, let me sleep.” So I pulled out of her ass letting her go into a deep sleep. I untied her taking the blindfold off and still being hard I thought why the fuck not. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and pushed mu shit covered cock into her mouth fucking her mouth until I shot off. Rolled her on her back so she would have to swallow my seed that she don’t want in her pussy.
The next well somewhat morning she came out of the bedroom having a hard time even walking asking what got into me last night. I just smiled and asked if she enjoyed herself the which she just nodded and went back to bed.
She missed her period and asked if I used a condom like she told me to on that night I screwed her raw. I said that I would never doing it without a condom or not until we are ready to start a family. To which she only said “In your dreams.”
Yes in my dreams Cause I know she got a black baby or babies growing inside of her right now. Dad now gives her 10 grand a month so as he puts it can live like a normal person. I’m hoping she carries the baby to term cause I can live on 50% of what she get easily.

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