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Daddy made me cream

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I asked daddy why my pussy is releasing white stuff

Hi! It’s been awhile since I posted. Again this is just a fantasy, none of this is real.

Ellie’s POV:

At 13 years old I started to notice more changes in my body, I already had my period a year ago but this one I have never been told about. I like humping my pillows without knowing what I’m actually doing, all I know is that it felt good and I love it.

One afternoon, I felt some wetness in my panties. I panicked because I thought I was having my period. I dipped my finger in and instead of blood, I was white stuff. I was confused and smelled it. I had no idea what it was, my mom has never told me anything about it. I freaked out, I thought something was wrong with me.

My mom works in another country, I live with my older brother and my daddy. My brother is in college so he is currently renting a dorm and only stays in the house during weekends or holidays.

I went to my dad scared that I maybe sick or something. He is working online when I entered his room.

“Daddy? I think something’s wrong with me”

“What is it honey? Are you sick?”

“There’s white stuff coming out my peepee. Am I sick daddy?”

My dad did not know what to say, it took him a few minutes to respond. He looked a bit awkward but lifted me up to sit on his desk.

“No baby, I don’t think you’re sick. That happens to your mom as well. I don’t know much about it since daddy is a boy. Why don’t I google it?”

I nodded at daddy and felt relieved that what is happening to me it normal. Daddy read the results , it turns out that it is called a vaginal discharge and it normal but it depends on the consistency, color and smell. I could have a yeast infection. I got scared again.

“Daddy? How do we know if mine is normal? I’m scared”

Daddy’s face changed a bit, maybe he’s worried too.

“Do we need to go to the hospital again daddy? I hate hospitals.” I continued whining

“Well, baby…… daddy could check if you want?”

“Okay daddy, please” Dad pulled my pjs and panties.

“Okay baby, I need you to put both your feet on the table and let daddy see your pussy”

“Pussy?” I asked, confused what a pussy is. Isn’t that a cat?

“Your peepee baby, adults call it pussy. Now go ahead and put your feet on each side, knees apart so daddy can see”

Daddy swallowed his saliva while he stare at my bald pussy. My panties was wet and there’s still some white stuff on my pussy, some are still coming out. Daddy spread my leg wider and rolled his chair closer. His face now a few inches away from my pussy. He inhaled and let out a quiet grunt.

“Am I okay daddy?” I asked when I don’t hear anything from him.

“Ah, I still don’t know baby. Daddy has to check more.” He slid his finger through my slit and the action earned a small moan from me. It felt good somehow, remember when I said I love humping my pillow? It’s the same feeling when daddy slid his index finger through my pussy. Dad inhaled his finger and played with the white stuff. I was shocked when daddy licked his finger.

“Daddy! Why are you doing that, that’s dirty”

“Baby, daddy has to check the taste too. It’s one of the things I have to check to see if your discharge is normal.

“Is it?”

“I don’t know, I can’t taste it well. Maybe I should get more” he slides his finger up and down my pussy bumping my little clit everytime. He does this for more than a minute saying that it’s a part of the test that he has to do to make sure I’m not sick. I sat there letting out whimpers while daddy examines my pussy. It feels good that I want to close my legs everytime daddy’s finger bumps my little clit.

“Ahhh daddy” I say trying to close my legs from the please that my father was giving me. My dad acted dumb and asked if I was hurt.

“No daddy…. Ummm ahhh I ahhhh it feels good” I replied a little shy

“Oh? You like it when daddy rubs your pussy?” Is that what he’s doing?

“Yes daddy, please do it more” daddy just smiled and added more pressure giving more attention to my aching nub. My pussy gets more slippery as my pussy produce a little amount of clear slimey substance. I didn’t ask what it was and just let myself get lost in the pleasure that the man that helped made me did. I didn’t know what he was doing, all I knew is that my father is a good daddy for making his baby girl feel good and safe.

Lost in the pleasure, eyes closed, I felt something warm touch my pussy. I opened my eyes to see my father’s tongue moving up and down my soaking pussy. That went on for almost a minute before he closed flicked his tongue fastly on my clit. Surprised by the sudden pleasure, I held on to my daddy’s head, my little fingers holding onto his hair and my waist meeting my daddy’s tongue trying to get more and more.

My back bumped on the computer screen behind me and my daddy noticed. Without looking, he took the pillow behind him and put it between me and the computer. I leaned my back still holding onto his hair. My forehead creased, mouth open, and my hips bucking crazy. My soft whimpers turned into loud moans surrounding my parents room.

“Da- d- daddyyyyy ughh ohhh” was my words when I felt something explode within me. My head thrown back and my eyes rolling at the back of my head. A silent scream, daddy went faster and faster until I came. Catching my breath, I looked at daddy still licking my pussy gently, trying to get as much cum as he can. His face is so wet from my pussy and I relaxed letting sleep take over.


hi! I haven’t written anything in awhile. I hope it’s not that bad. I would appreciate comments on how I should improve my writing. Thank you so much for reading!

-Ellie 💖

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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