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48 States and rolling

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After the pool party was done me and the girls headed for bed as they know we have to be on the road at dawn, as we were all tired from the days fun we all slept right through the night.

I slipped into the driver seat and off we went the next morning, as we headed east on 40 still i got an idea, as we got into Texas and the girls still sleeping I turned up the sleeper speakers and played Robin Williams song track, and played GOOD MORNING VIETNAM THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL FROM THE DELTA TO THE DMZ, for some reason I heard Nicky scream at me, she screamed you fucker and Alish was not happy either, she yelled you asshole, what I said I just wanted to listen to some tunes, needless to say I tuned it down, we got as far as Tucumcari NM and that was are first stop of the day, we went into a local food store and looked around for the next couple of days food, lunch and dinners, lunches was most of the time sandwiches and dinner was a hot meal of some sort, as we looked I noticed Alish was wearing a summer dress that was to small for her by two sizes I guessed, she had nothing else on but her runners, Nicky had on a white tee shirt, or crop top I was told later and daisy dukes on and her runners, nothing else, Nicky dropped a package of paper towels and bent over at her waist to pick them up, as I and Alish are behind her you could see her pussy lips on each side of her shorty shorts, she made sure that we seen as she purposely spread her legs and looked back at us through them with a big smile, she stood and put the towels in the basket, Alish was the next to make my hard cock even harder, as we walked into the produce area she walked over to the cucumbers and took one and then she bent over in front of me and shoved it into her ass, my heart jumped as my cock was trying to get out of my pants and fill her ass, I looked around and a woman seen Alish shove the veg up her ass, Alish moaned as she fucked her ass with it, the woman never moved she stood and watched, Alish fucked her ass till she could not hold her cumming any more she shook and moaned and grunted as she pushed it almost all the way into her ass, she stood up red in the face panting, Alish saw the woman staring at her, Alish pulled the cucumber out of her ass and as she did she watched her, the woman’s eye never left the sight of that veg, Alish put it in a bag and walked over to the woman, she put it in her basket, she walked up to the woman and kissed her on the cheek and whispered something in her ear, the woman turned red in the face and shook her head yes, Alish came back to us and I decided we better get are shopping done and fast.

We got back on the road and got as far as Clinton OK, we set up camp at the small camp ground, nice place, clean and showers, we eat dinner this time the girls cooked, I was to be wash boy, I asked Alish what did she say to that woman, she smiled and said, I asked if she was going to fuck her ass with it next or feed it to her family with dinner, she looked into my eats and I could see she was going to do both, I told her not to wash it after she fucks her ass, told her she should save her cum and put in on the cucumber slices, she shock her head yes, bed time came fast as will day light,

Im up as dawn breaks over the horizon, I figure we should get to Clarksville AR, just before dark or I hope, we pushed through did not stop till we got to Clarksville, get to the job site and tell the very hot security guard, Pizza delivery, she looks at me and goes pardoned me, I said pizza delivery, she looks at me and goes do you know what we make here, and I knew I was screwed, I said let me guess Pizzas, she looks me in the eyes and tells me Jenny Craig weight watchers pizzas, I went O poo, asked if I could drop the trailer in the yard, she said sure but the crew will not be here till monday, I asked what day it was she looked at me and said friday, O shit I said, asked her if she knew a place to camp as me and my nieces will have to stay in the truck, I called them out and they came out of the truck in just tee shirts, Nickys eye widened when she seen the guard, she asked her her name, Lily, Alish spoke, that a beautiful name, Lily smiled and turned red in the face, Lily gave us all sorts of info on the place, and as it was Friday night all the towny would be driving the strip, we asked what time she was off, she said not till the morning, so we left and headed down the main drag of town, people cheered as we drive in the parade of cars and pick ups, we pulled into WalMart and grabbed some more food and drink, as it is the USA I picked up a 12 pack of Bud, figured not driving anywhere tomorrow could have one or two and sleep in the next day or two, we drove back into the mayhem of small town main street, I was fun as I had not done that since I was 16 in the prairies , we got to are campsite that Lily told us about it belonged to her family. we eat dinner and had a beer or two, Nicky asked if they could each have one, I knew as soon as I picked them up she would ask when the time was right, figuring I would be less likely to say no if I has a few. I said not unless you get Lily in are bed .Nicky looked at Alish, Alish smiled said OK deal, I told them both you fail I will spank you both, Nicky goes thats not much of a threat, I look at her and smile, Nicky looks at Alish we better not fail are we may never be able sit down again. I gave them two beers each over the evening, both pissed out of there minds, I laughed at them, falling all over themself, neither got sick, but passed out in the camping chairs, I had some fun and took pics of them and video, some tame so they could show there friends, and some very xxx rated, I stripped then naked and placed them in a 69, I fucked Nicky first and she was on top of Alish, I fuck her pussy and then her ass, all she could do was moan and groan and she squirted on Alisks face, I held onto my cum and flipped them over so Alish was on top, and Nicky on the bottom, I put my cock to Alishs pussy and pushed into her, she was so tight I was fighting to get into her, I shoved and she gasped and groaned, I fucked her pussy till it was still tight but wet and slippery, I pumped into her pussy hard and fast and then just as I was about to hammer her pussy she cried out fuck my ass Nicky you slut, so I pulled out and hammered my cock into her ass, she yelped and then moaned and grunted as I fucked her hard, she was moaning and panting begging for more and harder, I hammered her ass as hard as I could and my balls exploded into her ass, I collapsed on top of them, both girls fell asleep as soon as I stopped fucking them, Once I recovered I put them both to bed, later I came to bed and climbed up top bunk as they were both all over my bed,

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    Love your stories wish I had Two horny little girls to fuck as the younger the better. Can’t wait to read more