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I Was Raised To Be Submissive To Men

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I was raised to be submissive to men. I was raised on a farm. The farm had to have helpers come in and help with the crops. The farm was always full of men. I had to help prepare meals for the workers. They would come in for lunch and the men always ate first. I always thought they were treated like kings. I went around after the meal and lit their cigarettes, if they smoked or if they needed a massage of the shoulders, I had to do that so, they could go back out in the fields.

I was 16 and I guess fairly good looking. Had a nice figure and perky boobs the men seemed to like.
They were always making comments and if they caught me away from the house they would surround me and pass me around the circle touching my private parts and my boobs. This started when I was 14. They would laugh about it and tell me, all good little girls submit to the man. I never fought them. I would just let them because, I thought I was supposed to.

I think they brainwashed me. I don’t know if they had a plan but, that’s all I heard as a young girl. Women were supposed to submit to men or be submissive to men. It also said in the Bible wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands, as unto the Lord. So, I did. But, I tried to not get caught out because it seemed like they were getting bolder, in what they were doing to me. I didn’t trust them to just touch me, now that I was older.

One day I had to go down to the smoke house to get a ham for the meals later that day. I got the ham and was coming out when I saw six workers walking in the door. They shut the door and said, “Look how she’s grown guys.” Another worker said, “Wait, I wanna see.” He unbuttoned my blouse and opened it. He looked at my boobs, put a hand on each one of them and said, “I can’t tell, let me see.” Then he unhooks my bra, raises it then, cups my boobs with his hands and says, “Yeah, she’s grown alright.”
The other guys said, “Let me see.” So, they all had to feel and squeeze my titties. I just stood there while they touched me. One of the men said, “See how she submits to us, that’s what women are supposed to do.” They walk away, I fix my clothes and take the ham to the house.

I was out riding my horse one day and she got spooked for some reason anyway I fell off and she ran away, probably back to the barn. But, I had to walk back to the house. It was a good ways off so I cut through this field of wheat and low and behold I ran upon a crew of men. Eight of them. They started
cheering and whistling. I turned to walk away and they surrounded me fast.

I noticed six of them were the guys from the other day at the smoke house. I thought oh boy, I’m in trouble. They were touching me and passing me to the next guy and then this one guy undid my blouse. The next guy took my blouse off. The next guy took off my bra. The next guy pulled down my shorts and the next guy took off my panties. They were talking and whistling then they passed me around so they could feel me. Squeezing my boobs, rubbing my pussy. When everyone had had their turn one if the workers said, “Men, I think it’s time we break her in.” They all said, “Yeah.” I tried to run but they grabbed me and somebody went and pulled a tractor with a flat bed on the back up and the put me on it. Two guys were on the bed with me holding me down.

One guy said, “Who will go first?” The guy from the smoke house said, “I will.” He pulled his dick out, walked up to me and put his dick at my pussy opening. I said, “Please don’t, I’m a virgin.” They heard me and they were yelling and saying, “Way to go, Phillip, you get her cherry.” Another guy got on the bed and said, “I’ll cover her mouth.” Then Phillip rammed his dick in my pussy with no mercy for me at all.” I screamed but, you couldn’t hear it cause, he put his hands over my mouth. The guy covering my mouth put his dick in my mouth. He wanted me to suck it but I refused. I think he was afraid I would bite him.

They all took their turn. They all fucked my pussy. They all cum in me. One guy said, “We can fuck her in the ass.” I thought, dear God, no. Then another guy said, “That’s a good way to get an infection in your dick, who wants that? He said, “You know all those porno flicks you watch, those bitches have to take laxatives and enemas.” He said, “I’m not putting my dick in an E.coli pool.” I thought, thank God.They all said, “She submitted to us so well.” When I heard them say that, I felt like they were a cult using that sentence as an excuse to use and abuse women. I then knew that’s NOT what the verse in the Bible meant. I felt like that was the day when I saw the light. I wasn’t gonna be the door mat anymore. I wasn’t gonna be afraid either.

I was quite sore after they all had their way with me but I survived. I walked with a new purpose since that happened. I was gonna let people hear my voice too.

A couple weeks later I was out riding my horse again and I saw the same eight workers across the field from where I was. They were on horseback. I didn’t pay any attention until I heard the pounding if their horses running towards me. I started to run but I said, no, I’m not being a coward anymore. So, I turned around and waited till they got up to me. I said, “Hey guys, ” Did you want something?” It was Phillip, he said, “Well, we sure did.” He got off his horse and walked over to me. I was waiting for him to tell me what he wanted. He grabbed my horse’s reins and then he said, “We wanted you.” The other guys got off their horses and I tried to ride away but Phillip pulled me off.

I said, “What do you want with me?” He said, “We want to have a round like we had a few weeks ago.”
I said, “No!” He looked at me like he heard me wrong. Then he said, “What did you say?” I said , “You heard me Phillip, and the rest of you, too. I said no.” I’m not submitting to you again.” “So, let me go.”He started laughing. He said, “Well, darling I think your out numbered here.” He said, “Me and the boys want a repeat and we’re gonna have it.” “You can submit or we’ll force you and still get what we want.”
And with that, they held me, took off all my clothes, laid me down on the ground and started fucking me again. I was fighting them, so four guys were holding my arms and legs spread apart so they had room to get in me. Phillip said, “I kinda like her fighting me, it makes my dick harder knowing she don’t want me to.” “It’s more exciting.”

This time they’re pinching my nipples and pulling on them. Slapping them, biting and sucking on them. They pulled my hair, slapped me in the face and when one guy was done they would reach in my pussy with their fingers and pull out some of the cum. Then they would slap my pussy over and over. I almost cum when they did that. I damn sure didn’t want to cum and let them think I liked what they were doing. A couple of the men would stick their fingers in my butt. That hurt. They were full of themselves today. They fucked me hard and some if them fucked me twice.
When they were done Phillip said, “You don’t have to submit but, you will in the end.” “So, it’s up to you Sarah.” They got on their horses and rode off, yelling and hollering.

I gathered my clothes, dressed and headed back. My plan wasn’t working out very well. I couldn’t believe eight guys just fucked me again. When would it end? I’m so grateful I’m on birth control. It was just by the grace of God I didn’t get pregnant the last time they fucked me.
The attitude of our farm was, they needed these men to work the farm to survive so, they were allowed to do just about anything except kill someone. Especially when it came to women. I know my mother gave in and submitted to my father about everything. He ruled. I guarantee he wouldn’t have done anything if he knew they raped me, that’s why I never said anything to him. He believes mens needs must be fulfilled.

I would like to say they never took me again but, that’s not true. Even some other men would attack me if they saw me and could get to me. I was fucked pretty often. As long as I was on the farm, it happened. When I left to go to college, it finally stopped. I was happy at college.

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  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Hey Sarah loved the story I’d love to hear more details about you 😘 hmu 🤙

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    You were such a good girl until you tried fighting. Girls are made to be submissive. You need to learn your place again.

  • Reply jack ID:1ah770leoik

    by the way i would loved if horse fucked you in pussy and ass

  • Reply jack ID:1ah770leoik

    hey sarah i would like if you coutinue your story in the college like college humilation, college whore,etc

    • Sarah ID:1a912bhj

      Jack, I have no clue what college humiliation is?????

    • jack ID:1ah770le20k

      @sarah search college humilation sex stories in net

    • Sugarbud16 ID:6fjk65p20j

      JAKE, you talked to much lol keep jacking off and moves on lol

  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    Wish they took your ass.
    Did you ever got fucked in the ass?
    Would love to hear about it. How a fat cock split you in half, balls deep in your rectum, stretching you wide.
    And how they took turns, double penetrating you and fucking your throat, getting you airtight.
    You know you deserve this, right?
    Would love to punish that asshole of yours.

  • Reply Jacko ID:1ei8anclgunr

    Damn Sarah, l was hoping you were into the farm animals too… Would luv to fuck u now tho!

    • Sarah ID:1a912bhj

      Lol, Jacko, don’t cha think all those men’s dicks were enough? I had no desire for the farm animals. 😊

  • Reply Jayboi6968 ID:bvq6virk0d

    Hey is there a way we can chat I would love to talk to you ❤️love ur story

    • Sarah ID:1a912bhj

      I’m afraid we can’t talk Jay, but thank you for the compliment. My life was hard on the farm due to all those men but things have gotten better.