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48 states we run

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next morning im up and driving as we only have a limited number of hours each day to get to the next location to stop for the night before we are forced off by night fall, we are running on time and get into Redding for are late lunch break, we grab food to cook and eat later we get into Bakersfield and stop for the night, I tell the girls to go shower and I will make eats, they go and 30 min later they are back, I have eaten and tell them to eat up and then clean up, I go and shower, as I am in the shower room I over hear two guys talking about the hot little chicks that had just left, one said to the other I heard one os the girl scream and call the other girl her slut, the other guy said yea I heard that two and then I heard her say eat my ass like the slut you are, eat it, make me cum as hard as uncle does you slut, My cock is rock hard, I want to jerk off but know that the my two fun toys would want my cum more then the shower drain, I shower quickly and head back to the truck, the girls had are area all cleaned up and where in the truck, I climbed in and their they lay, naked, smooth, fresh, and pink, they smiled, did you enjoy the shower Nicky askes, No I said, it seems there was a problem in the shower room, seem two girls made a mess in the room, Nicky and Alish look at me with wide eyes and ask what kind of mess was it, I said a bunch of hard cocks left un blown and full of cum, Alish said that sounds O so terrible, Nicky said what was the cause of all that, I tell them apparently they made all sorts of sexual statements, and noises, Alish slipped her hand down into Nickys pussy, Nicky did the same to Alish, I kept on telling them about the men all talking about these two girl that fucked each other in the shower room, both girl fingers where soaking wet from there pussy juices, Nicky put her fingers into Alishs mouth and she sucked them clean, Alish took her fingers and put the into her mouth and sucked them clean as well, Nicky said to her greedy slut, Alish smiled, I stripped my cloths off and they both made room in the bed for me to lay on my back, Alish put her pussy on my face and I started to eat her and fuck her with my tongue, she loved it shacking and moaning, Nicky took my cock into her mouth and sucked it down her throat, she deep throated me several times and then changed positions, she climbed up and sat her pussy down on my hard cock, she rode me slow at first as she kissed Alish and then both got the servicing the needed, Nicky picked up her pace as did Alish, they both are panting and moaning, breathing harder, groaning and grunting, they both said im going to cum, I pulled Alish down onto my mouth and sucked on her pussy as she cried out im cumming, and filled my mouth with her sweet juices, Nicky shook all over as she came right after Alish, she flooded my crouch with her cum, both girl are panting and leaning onto each other as they climb down from cloud 9, I lay there and the girls remove them selfs from me, Alish goes for my crouch and starts to clean all Nicky cum off of me, my cock is still rock hard, but she does nothing with it, Nicky come up to my face and kisses me and licks my face clean of Alishs cum, both girl then say to me night uncle and roll over to go to sleep, I look at the two of them and I can see they are both trying not to laugh, I go ok you to little sluts is that the way its going to be and slap both there asses hards, they both jump up holding the ass cheek, I look at then both and tell them to get sucking my cock as it will not suck its self, they both get to work, licking and sucking and kissing each other with the head of my cock in between there mouths, I moan and groan as I enjoy the most wonderful feelings on my cock, it was the best feelings having one suck my balls and lick no mans land as the other sucked my shaft, and then they would switch back and forth, they made it last as long as I could hold in the cum, finally I got to the point of no return and blow my load into ALishs mouth, she did not swallow, she held it all, she showed me she had it all and kissed Nicky, she showed me she had some in her mouth and they both closed there mouths and swallowed my cum, they both licked there lips and said good to the last drop uncle, it was way past bed time and we went right to sleep.

I was up and we are down the road heading east on 40 that day we got to Grants NM, found a great p[ace to have a cookout and relax, It was a camp ground for RVs not wide loads but as we where from out of towners the owner let us stay and did not charge us the fees, there was a pool and shower and laundry to us as well, I set out to make dinner and the girls took on the laundry duties, we eat and the girl got the cloths clean, we all wanted to jump in the pool but no one had a suit, I told the girls maybe next time, Nicky walked over to the office and she came back with a biggest smile, she said we are to go O natural in the pool and other common areas, I looked to her with a question on my face, What are you talking about, then I was clued in when we went to the pool, everyone was naked, Nicky said this place is clothing option, and she stripped right there and so did alish, I stood there and my cock got hard as to see then both out in the sun with just a smile on there faces, Nicky came over to me put her hand on my Hard cock and said you would like to fuck us right about now, she squeezed and kissed my lips and then jumped into the pool, Alish came over next and wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed he body to mine and kissed my with a lovers kiss, and smiled as she to jumped into the pool, the owner came over to me as I standing there as he seen it all and asked if the girls are mine I said yes I owner them both, He looked at them both playing in the water, would you be interested in swapping for a night, I have twin girls about the same age, and they love all the sex they can get, think on it he told me and went about his business, I stripped and jumped into the pool and the girls came right to me, Nicky asked what did he say to you, I told them and Nicky and Alish said you own us its your call, I told them we will think on it as we may travel back through here again.

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    Hot story wish I had two little girls to fuck or even little boys as I love both genders and want to hear more