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Little Sister’s Games : The name’s Zoff, Veronica Zoff

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As “Kisser Killer” was surprisingly well received I thought I’d share more of Mary’s games from the 1970’s.

My younger sister Mary was never a film buff, but when saw, “Diamonds are Forever,” she was inspired by Sean Connery and the parade of Bondgirls.

It didn’t take long for them to become part of our night time games…

Naturally, I was playing Bond.
I pretended to quietly pick the lock to her bedroom door and break in to search for a cache of diamonds. And, naturally, the first place I looked was her underwear drawer!

Well, who could blame me!

I thoroughly examined every little flimsy scrap of silk, nylon and cotton and, whilst some garments were obviously built for the comfort of the wearer, there was no doubt that the best ones – the most exciting ones – were designed for the viewing pleasure of the man who was lucky enough to see them being worn!

I didn’t find any diamonds though.

My search was rudely interrupted when I heard someone at the door. I reacted in a split second and hid in the wardrobe. It was a tight fit, but I was slim enough to get away with it and, as the wardrobe had louvre doors, I was in the perfect position to spy on whoever was entering the bedroom.

It was Mary, with her hair in a ponytail, dressed for the tennis court and carrying a racquet, which she placed carefully in her bottom drawer.

The fun was about to begin.

She kept her back to me, bending forward from the waist to untie her training shoes. Her little skirt rode up, offering a first teasing glimpse of her thighs and then her frilly white knickers. Slowly removing the shoes and her ankle socks, she made sure I had time to fully enjoy the show.

Next she reached back to lower the zip of her dress, as if in slow motion. Tossing it onto her bed she stood in nothing but her underwear, she was facing away from me, but knew I was watching – the air thick with excitement and anticipation.

My heart was beating fast and the blood was surging to my cock. I was enraptured by my sister’s performance.
How much more was she going to take off?

I held my breath as she plucked the bra straps from her shoulders and released the clasp. I pictured her breasts bouncing free, but could see no more than the curve of her back and the swell of her, still clothed, bum.

The teasing minx was enjoying this!

Fortunately, she hadn’t finished yet. She took hold of her panties with both hands and bent forward again, pushing out her round bottom, as she revealed its naked curves to me, along with the precious sliver of pussy that I could spy between her thighs.

I couldn’t believe it. My sister had treated me to a private striptease. She was totally nude and our game had hardly started. What else did she have in mind?

Oh no!
What was she doing now?
I thought it was all over, as Mary picked up a nightie and started to pull it over her head.

Well, that was that and I hadn’t even seen her tits yet!

But fortunately this wasn’t the end.
She paused. Sniffed her armpit and said the most wonderful thing.
“Phew, I need a shower.”

This was new!

I continued squinting through the wardrobe doors as my eyes followed the naked young beauty across her bedroom. She skillfully kept her back to me, obviously enjoying the tease and allowing me no more than the sight of her naked bum and the occasional flash of side boob.

She stopped by the wall and reached up, as if turning on a shower. After letting down her hair, she arched her back and began to slide her hands over her bare flesh. Up and down, pretending to lather it up. Her hands soon found her bottom – kneading it, rubbing it, pulling the cheeks apart and soaping herself seductively between her legs.

I prayed for her to turn around and wash her front, but instead she turned side-on, arching her back once more, throwing her head back, sticking her butt and her boobs out – displaying her blossoming figure to full effect.

Amazing. I wanted to remember that image for ever. I wished I had a camera.

Then, at last, she finally turned to face the wardrobe – fully revealing herself to my gaze.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her naked charms and Mary was clearly happy to show me everything.

Her tits had grown bigger than I remembered and they must have been very dirty because Mary cleaned every inch of them. The playful girl spent an age rubbing, rolling, squeezing and massaging them. Once they were clean she pushed them up to weigh them in her hands and tred to kiss them – much to my entertainment.

Of course, her pussy needed cleaning too and she made sure to scrub it thoroughly, opening her legs, sliding a hand into her hairy crotch and working it rhythmically up and down, pushing her fingers into every crease and cleft.

Then she froze.

“Who’s that?”
She stared at the bedroom door.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Both of you. Get out!”
She squealed.
“Put that knife away. Don’t hurt me!”

This was my moment.
I burst out of the wardrobe and leapt in front of her, pointing my finger, like a pistol.
“Bang! Bang!”
I fired two imaginary shots and put the gun back into its holster.

The damsel in distress cowered behind my back placing one hand on my shoulder while the other held a towel.
“Are they dead?” she asked.

“Shertainly missh.” I replied attempting a Sean Connery impersonation.

“Who were they?”

“Blofeld’s men. Looking for the diamonds.”

“Oh. You know about the diamonds.
I suppose you must be…”

“Bond, James Bond.”
I motioned to tip my hat.
“And you are?”

“Veronica. Veronica Zoff.”

I smiled, looking her up and down.
“Ah, I can shee that.”
I took her in my arms and kissed her fully on the lips.

Mary responded like any Bondgirl. Kissing me back, dropping her towel and allowing me a carry her to her bed.

Of only girls in real life, were so easy….

I lay her down gently and continued to kiss her, as I slipped off my pyjama top. She caressed my back and I fondled my way to her boobs.

They were more than a handful now, larger and firmer than I remembered. Perfect. The hard nipples begged for attention. I tongued one, licking around it, flicking its tip before sucking it into my mouth, taking in as much of the breast as I could. When I eventually pulled my lips away, my sister twisted, presenting its twin for the same treatment.

I gladly obliged and Mary moaned in approval. Her moans grew deeper as I slid a hand down to her pussy. Pushing through her young bush to find her moist – her very moist – slit. Running my fingers up and down her opening, exploring her most secret places for the first time and coming a nub at the top. Mary seemed to like that best of all. Moaning, gasping and writhing as I let my fingertips circle around it, brushing it softly.

My sister wasn’t the only one who was breathless with excitement, experiencing brand new feelings of extreme erotic pleasure. She slid a hand into my pyjama bottoms and touched my cock for the first time. It was just a gentle stroke, but it was on the most sensitive underside.

It was too much.

My teenage reflexes kicked in.
I had no control over my loins.
I came quickly soaking my pyjamas squirting a stream of spunk up Mary’s arm.

She pulled it away in surprise.
“What’s that? You didn’t pee on me did you?

I was embarrassed, “No, no, it’s not pee. I’m sorry I couldn’t help it…”

“No. It’s not, it’s sticky and it smells different. Is it… is it your sperm.”

“Erm, yes, that’s right. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” I didn’t know what else to say. “Can you pass my pyjama top so I can mop it up before it gets on your sheets?”

“I thought it only squirted like that when you, you know? Put it in me?”

I was busy mopping myself, but my sister’s question stopped me in my tracks.
She hadn’t said, “put it in someone” or ” put it in a girl”, she had said “put it in me” meaning put it in her!
Was that what she wanted?
Was that her fantasy?
Did I want it too?

“Well?” she asked again, bringing me back to the moment.

I chose my words carefully, “It would do that if I put it inside you, but you can make it do that by touching it in a special way or just by being really sexy and getting me very excited.”

“Oh. Was that the special touch then?”

“It was a very nice touch, but I was almost there already, because you had got me so worked up.”

“Really? What did I do?”

She was teasing now. She knew very well what she had done .

“Oh nothing much,” I replied. “Just a very naughty striptease, then flaunting your beautiful, sexy, naked body in the shower and letting me take you to bed and ravish you.
It’s all your fault really.”

I could tease too.

“Oh, it was all my fault, wasn’t it ? And now you’re covered in all that sticky, salty stuff.
I’m sorry I made you do that.
Do you think I need to be punished?”

Of course I didn’t think she needed to be punished, but I knew she wanted to be and I knew that I wanted to be the one to do it. It was often a part of our games and it was something we both loved.

“Well, I suppose a good spanking might help teach you a lesson.”

Mary nodded, “I think it would, thank you, but is it okay if I don’t go over your knee tonight, Steven? It’s very wet and sticky,” she giggled.

“Okay. I’ll have you on your knees. Head down and feet over the edge of the bed.”

“Like this, sir?”

“Bottom higher,” I instructed.

She obediently adjusted her position, shoving her buttocks up as far as she could, spreading them lewdly and presenting them for her punishment.

“That’s perfect.” I told her, and it was.

I walked away, towards her chest of drawers.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not going to use my hand tonight. I’m going to use this.”

“My tennis racquet??
I don’t know.
You’ve only ever used your hand before.
Well, er, I suppose we can try it, but not too hard and only seven.”

That’s not very many.”

“There’s a reason – I’m sure you’ll like it.”


I lay the racquet flat against her left bum cheek. I had no idea how hard to spank her with the racquet but I drew my arm back a delivered a firm forehand.

Mary’s body jerked forward at the impact, “Oh!”

I was satisfied with the response and gave her right cheek the same treatment.


I smiled, taking strange pleasure at the criss cross pattern of thin red lines emerging on her bare flesh.

I gave her two more forehands which she took in stoic silence.

It was time to change tack.
Two stinging backhands made her jump. She bit her lip – determined not to squeal.

One more backhand would complete her punishment. I smacked it down sharply across the centre of her arse.

“Seven” she cried.
“Oooh they stung, you bugger.”
She rubbed her bum in exaggerated fashion.
“Did you get my joke?”

“What joke?”

“What did I say when you hit me?
You weren’t listening were you?
Oh. Oh. Seven.
Get it?
007, James Bond?”

“Oh yes.”
I hadn’t noticed.
“In that case I’ll be “Joe 90″ next time.”

“No chance,” came Mary’s reply as she threw a pillow at me.

I kissed her goodnight, “I’ll be taking thishh though,” I told her, holding up the tennis racquet.

So you spank more innocent bottoms with it?”

“No Veronica. I’m keeping it becosh we both know you’ve hidden the diamonds in the handle.”


Don’t worry if you didn’t understand the Joe 90 reference. It just means you are lucky enough to be too young to remember 1970s British TV.


Mary and Steven will return in “The Bout”

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