I fucked myself with a cucumber

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Quick description first: I’m a white woman, 30, 140 pounds, 5’10, with long dark hair and D-cup tits and big but firm ass. And I’m very perverted. I’ve got four other stories on my screen name if you’re interested.

This happened years ago, but thinking about it still turns me on. When I was 16, I had a 30-year-old boyfriend who liked giving it to me at least three times a day. One time he was out of town for two weeks, visiting his family, and I was really fucking horny. Pretty soon simple masturbation wasn’t doing it for me, not even with my vibrator because it was nothing new, I had had since I was 13. I needed his big hard cock. Instead of cheating on my boyfriend, I decided to try out something else.

I went to the local store and bought a cucumber and a pack of condoms, and nothing else. That was intentional. A cashier gave me a weird look and I just smirked back. She blushed and looked away. I also bought some lube at the local sex toy store (perks of having a fake ID).

So, alone at home, I took a long shower and shaved my legs, and my pubic hair as well. I was already quite experienced at that. I moaned and shuddered, every slide of a razor over my snatch reminding me of what I was about to do. By the time I was finished, my cunt was bare and creamed. I towelled myself dry and went to the bedroom, spreading my towel in the middle of the bed. I also piled some pillows against the head of the bed so I could lean against them and would better reach myself. My mother was already passed out drunk, like she often was, no noise was going to wake her. I got everything ready. The lube, the cucumber, the condoms. I usually hated condoms, I always wanted to feel everything and my man to feel everything too, and I wanted to feel his cum inside me, but this was not a dick but a cucumber and I didn’t want to risk hurting myself or getting an infection or something. I opened the pack and took one out and rolled it down on the cucumber, marvelling at how long it was when I rolled it all the way down. Could I fit that much in me? Of course I could.

I cracked open the tube of lube and squeezed some onto my fingers. It felt cool and somehow I was surprised that it was gel, not liquid, since I usually only used natural lube or spit. I rubbed it carefully all over the cucumber, noticing that I was sort of tugging it, like when I would give guys handjobs. Then I decided it was time, wiping the lube off my hands on the towel.

I lay on the bed, almost in a seated position with my legs wide and my freshly shaven vulva looking very exposed. I took up the cucumber and carefully positioned its pointed end against my opening. My hands were shaking and my mouth was dry, I felt my heart racing like crazy, my huge tits shuddering with my uneven breath. Was I really going to do this?


I pushed.

I felt pain as the cucumber’s pointed head found begun to stretch my teen cunt. I pushed harder and felt it beginning to enter me. I kept a steady pressure, panting as if I’d just ran a race. I felt an incredible fullness as it filled me up, watching wide-eyed as I sank it deeper and deeper. There was pain, yes, but it felt so, so good. I knew, my body knew, that this sense of fulfilment was what it was made for. I soon hit the bottom, feeling the pleasure turn into an uncomfortable sense of fullness. I pulled it back maybe four inches, feeling like my brain was melting and flowing out of my jailbait cunt with the receding cucumber. But it felt so good, I couldn’t stop.

So I pushed it back in, and then pulled it back out. I picked up pace quickly, and soon I was full on fucking myself with the cucumber, my horny cunt accepting it greedily. I couldn’t help it, I had to moan. I let it out, in short, sharp grunts, moans and gasps. I kept on going, faster and harder, until I felt myself explode in orgasm. It felt so good, to orgasm with my cunt so deliciously full. My muscles pulsed around it, and I felt like my whole consciousness centered around my pussy. After days of waiting I was finally satisfied and fulfilled, my pussy pulsing in ecstasy.

I let myself lean back on the pillows, leaving the cucumber inside me, savoring the way it stretched me open. I drowsed for a while.

I woke up when I felt the cucumber slip out of me, feeling its slippery form against my thigh. I looked down and saw what a mess I had made. There was a huge cumstain on the towel, mixed with dried lube all over my labia and inner thighs. I sighed, all the memories washing over me in an instant, making me shudder. I slipped the cucumber in again, licking my lips and reaching up to stroke my tits as my cunt convulsed around it…

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