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Raped by My Younger Brothers & Cousins

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A short story of how I was raped by my 3 younger brothers and a few of my younger cousins in my families pool.

So.. I have brown hair, petite body, 36B breast, and I’m 5’4.

Anyways.. onto the story. (Which is not real btw… But I still hope you enjoy it anyways.)

I was 19 at the time and I was chilling in the pool by myself for most of the day. A few of my aunts decided to visit and brought their sons over to play with my younger brothers. My brothers were 11, 12, & 13, and the 4 cousins were between 12 – 14.

So once my brothers came out to play with their cousins, they all decided to get into the pool with me. All 7 of them stripped down to their boxers and jumped in.
After a while of annoying me with all their noise, they started coming over to me and surrounded me near the corner of the pool but I didn’t really think anything of it at the time.

I was talking to one of the cousins for a little bit.. then it started.. I felt a hand grab my butt. I assumed it was an accident at first so I just pushed the hand away. Then two of them started groping my butt. I was about to turn around and tell them to stop, but while this is happening, two of the other boys untied both sides of my bikini bottoms. I tried to quickly grab my bottoms but the 13 and 14 year old cousins grabbed my wrist and pulled my hands away.

The next thing I know, all of them start grabbing on me all over and pulling me right into the corner of the pool. My 13 year old brother was behind me and put a hand over my mouth cause he didn’t want me yelling for mom, who was inside the house with her sisters as this happened. His other hand slid into my top and started groping one of my tits.
The cousins that had my wrist started using my hands to rub their crotches and the other 2 cousins were rubbing and groping my butt while my 11 year old brother put his hands into my top and started groping my other tit.
I was trying my best to get out of their grips, but there was just too many of them holding onto me.
While all that was going on, the 12 yo brother had placed himself between my legs and then started rubbing on my pussy. I tried to scream, but my mouth was covered still and plus.. my mom had music playing in the house.
After a while of him playing with my pussy, he pulled his dick out of his boxer hole and started to rub it against me… then finally thrust himself inside of me pretty hard.
He started fucking me fast and hard as my other brothers and cousins were cheerin him on.
I continued to try and get my wrist free but still no luck…

After he finished inside of me, one of the cousins took his place, slid into me, and finished pretty quickly. Then the 13 yo brother had his turn, who was still behind me, they bent me over forward and he shoved himself into me and started fucking me like a wild animal. My 12 yo brother took over his job and kept my mouth covered. He didn’t last long either and one of the other cousins traded places with him and started to fuck me.
Once he finished, my youngest brother said he wanted his turn. So they picked me back up so that I was standing straight, and my 11yo brother, who was standing right in front of me, got between me legs and shoved himself up inside of me. He probably came the quickest out of everyone. After everyone who didn’t get their turn had their turn, they all finally let go of me and got out of the pool.

I never really told anyone what they did because I felt so awkward.. having been raped by a bunch of boys younger than me.

-The End-

I hope you all enjoy the story! I’ll probably try writing more soon!
If you didn’t enjoy it… I’m sorry and hope that you have a wonderful day!

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  • Reply John Doe ID:fgqmiikhi

    Would love to have read about your uncle or dad come outside, find you laying on the ground with cum seeping out of your cunt and decide to “check if your okay”. Maybe even both of them !!

  • Reply Someone ID:1wr168r8

    Maybe drag her into the pool

    Tell me your thoughts

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    That’s a lot of cum in your pussy

  • Reply SubVirgin ID:2or2uchhrk

    I’m so wet, taken advantage by younger men is so hot

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

      My dad had a gf that was the same way. We started messing around when I was 12. She was an alcoholic and I would always take advantage of her when she got drunk and she loved every second of it.

    • Celestrious ID:42oi4ftoz

      100% agree! It’s so hot! Going to try writing more stories like this sometime soon.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    We should write a story together
    Email me

  • Reply Cunt hater ID:4cp64uhl

    Needed next part with more blackmail and hardcore forcing gangbang

    • Celestrious ID:42oi4ftoz

      Idk much blackmail stuff.. but I will definitely be writing lots more forced gangbang stuff. 😉

    • Cunt hater ID:nike4g2d3

      Yeah waiting for that forced gangbang

  • Reply Reader ID:28arh4j7qj

    Sounds more like of a incest fantasy you want to happen

  • Reply Wer bin ID:1361pa5w8k

    Did you have Snapchat??