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How I was ass raped by a 65-years old male pervert

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A 13-yo kid-girl was ass fucked /raped by a fat 65-years old male pervert in front of my three younger sisters; My own Mom suitably arranged this rape

I am Ninni, a 13-years old school girl. I narrate this incident.

My mommy herself is a pervert. She is 33 -years, but she likes to fuck with older males, in fact very old males in the age range 55-65 years old. Through this she earns generous money, she receives gifts from such male fuckers, and enjoys other benefits. She spends much of this money on us, so we children are happy.
As far as I remember this started when I was just 7 years old. I remember an Uncle, 55-years old was visiting our home regularly. My Papa was expired this time because of a long chronic illness. I can guess now that this Uncle made my mom pregnant. I suspect that my three younger sisters were borne out of his semen. However,That Uncle was a loving person to me, and he brought sweets and lollipops for me; so I really liked him.
IAs times passed my Mom developed fucking relations with other over age males. When I reached11 years , I noticed that my mom was fucking with two over age males simultaneously, one on the front and the other on the back side of my dear mom. She was enjoying it lustfully.
Watching my mom to fuck with such males on a regular basis kindled a sexy desire in my body and mind. Now the fucking episodes of my mom began to start in front of us, that is in front of me and my younger sisters. I and my younger Sister, Preeti (9 years at that time) experienced a sort of sexual thrill watching my mom fuck.
I witnessed 1st gang bang when I was 12. There were 5 males, and all of them were fucking my mom!
Times passed and we children realized that Fucking is Good for our body and mind.
On my 13th birthday Mommy invited a 65-years old male to Fuck, or rather Rape me. His name was Robert Tonguston. He was very fast and very strong, his weight was 87 kg. He offered a luxury Car to my mom for this. Although I was not averse to fuck with a new male but this person’s heavy and fat body made a fearful sensation in my body. I feared that I might be crushed under his so much heavier weight. So I resisted. But my Mom was adamant, and as she received a good amount of money and a luxury Car, so she pushed me against that person. Still, I resisted, then my mom slapped me, and that fat monster, ROBERT, tore off my clothes, and I was stark naked now.
I was slim, my boobs underdeveloped, my pussy bald, and my weight has been just 33 kg

For Robert I have been just a fuck meat or rape meat.He carefully rode over my belly and he began to drink some wine. Then he whispered into the ears of my mom. This was his plan to ass rape me. So my own mom has spread my ass cheeks wide apart, and Robert split inside my asshole. He then fingered my asshole, 1st one finger, then two, and more. I felt pain, and began to cry. But he unheard my cries, and soon he penetrated his tip of the Cock into my asshole. He brutally made my asshole wide and began to push and pump his cock into it.As fingers with nails were already inside and now his monstrous Cock so bleeding starts, but he was still determined to ravish my shame. He also tried to strangulate me. He slapped me and stroke my belly. He also ravished my little bald pussy with the finger of his foot. This all was unbearable to me, and soon I became unconscious.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:41fopxyd1

    Finger of his foot, wtf, story is garbage

  • Reply Ted R. ID:gnrroou4z

    It was sweet of you to allow the man to use your little asshole for his cum. You sound like a very nice girl. Your mom is also kind to spread your cheeks for the man to fuck. You sound like you didn’t like your mom helping you with that but she was only helping you. It may hurt the first time but after a few times, your little pussy will get wet when you think about the man letting you take his cum in your butthole. You should be proud that he likes to use it. You’ll see.

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  • Reply Yvan Mariyin ID:2m80osafik

    I’m 64…find me a girl like her….

  • Reply Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

    I’m glad you had such a good mom around. Only one complaint I have against her is that she waited way too long to sell your body. I’m already on it with mine

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      Where do I sign up for your lil cumdumps?

    • Ccowboy03 ID:1dqzi8gjmgny

      How old is ur little one

  • Reply martin ID:55x2sad9c

    my mum also got paid by a man to let him rape my ass im a boy not a girl and it hurt a lot

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  • Reply Grabdpasgirl11 ID:1cskmvr8a436

    She fucking loved it. Her mom shoukd have let her “friends” start using her and ger little susters by the tine they were 3. They could have been sucking cock and eating daddy ass by 2. Get more money

    • WickedWayz ID:7zv2zyx3d0

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyqj

    Even though you became unconscious, I can’t imagine your rapist will stop violating your little asshole. ‘Unbearable’ to you? I Don’t think so. Bet You Loved it, You dirty tramp!!

    • Ninni ID:mr4pkjjld00

      mmmm Yes, Cracksniffer. . I indeed loved that very rough treatment. . would like again [email protected]

  • Reply Fucksis ID:135zg01c8k

    Great story can we chat on kik

  • Reply Adude ID:1dax6q6y3byd

    Thanks for sharing your story

  • Reply Danny ID:1dofs8rvqy9w

    I need a 13-year-old sex doll