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Craving bbc

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Now Since I was living and dressing as Paula full time 24 7 and my wife and I had a very open relationship. We just got done taking a long bubble bath and got dressed for bed. After we got in bed we were talking about stuff an watching TV. I got quite so she asked me what I was thinking about. I said you promise not to get mad or anything. She kissed me and said that she could not be mad or anything else at me. She asked me what it was.
I was a bit hesitant but I told her that I have been thinking about black men alot. She asked me if I thought black men were handsome and sexy. I didn’t hesitate a second and said very much so. Then she asked me if I would like to find a black guy to see go out with. I told her yes. She said you know what they say about it. I said yes but I can’t help the way I feel an what I am wanting an craving so much for. Then she told me that she was seeing a black guy regularly. Then she told me that she had a perfect one for me. I asked her who she said that she would let me know.
The next day she called me from work and asked if I was really serious about a black man. I again said yes I was why. She said that she would text me later on. I said okay. A couple of hours later she texted me back and asked me what I thought about Dave the black man at her work. I that he was hot and sexy . Then she said that she told him about me and he asked her if would come up there because he thinks I was very beautiful and sexy. She said that that she told him that she would ask me. I said yes that I would.
I went up there when I got there he came outside along with her and we all talked for a few minutes. He told me that I was hotter and much more beautiful than the pictures she showed him. After a few more minutes of talking he point blank asked her if she was 100% positive and sure that it was not a problem with her. She told him not at all, she said to him so that means you want to. He said yes if I wanted to. I was sitting beside him and said that I was very positive that I did. They stood to go back in he said to her so you don’t mind if I give Paula a kiss. She said no she didn’t. So he put his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck and kissed passionately. Then they went in afterwards.
She texted me an said that she could tell I was in seventh heaven when we kissed. I said more than you think . I told her that I got goosebumps and weak in my knees. She told me that on the way in that he didn’t want to stop kissing me. She he said that I hope you don’t get mad put he felt something that he never felt before an saw stars. I asked her what she said. She told me she told him to go for it with me. I said that I hope he does. A little while later he texted me and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere after he got off I said yes.
So I went in and took bubble bath did my makeup and lipstick and hair reglued my silicone d–cup breast on a put on my purple full corset with garter straps and thigh high seamed suntan stockings hooking up the garter straps and the purple matching g-string. Then a full zip up tight little black mini dress. I put in my silver long earrings and necklace and rings. Then 5″ purple open toe stilettos. I texted my wife and let her know that he was picking me up after he got off work. She said that was great and said that it was good thing that we got our nails filled an painted. I said yes it was an told her thank you.
Well to my surprise about a hour later he called me telling me he got off work early. Then he said that he could come pick me up now or after he went home took a shower. I said that he could come now an go to his house. He said that was what he was hoping for. It was about ten minutes later that he showed up . He got out of his car and came up to the door. I opened the door came out. Without any hesitation I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist and we kissed very passionately right there on the door step. We stood there a good five minutes or so kissing. Then he said what if your neighbors saw us kissing. I looked at him an said I don’t care baby. We kissed passionately again then got in his car and left.
On the way to house he said that he couldn’t believe that she my wife actually hooked us up. I said I was so happy she did. He said that he heard a rumour that she was seeing someone from work. I said yes a couple of guys from there. Then he said that he hope I don’t get upset but when he kissed me in front of her he actually felt something that he never felt before. Then I said I did to. We got to his house and went in. As soon as the door shut we were all over each other kissing and making out. He didn’t hesitate an unzipping my dress completely and out of it. Then I helped him out of his shirt and pants and boxers. I couldn’t believe how sexy and hot he was an seeing his BBC. We kissed heavily an went to his bedroom .
We kissed making out he started to kiss my neck and sucking on it gently till I told him to suck on my neck harder. I knew that he was leaving hickey’s on my neck and I loved it. Then after he was done I kissed my way down his smooth chest to his hard 9″ thick black cock. Kiss and licking it down to his ball then back up. I licked the head of it before I took it in my mouth and completely down to his balls. He couldn’t believe that I took all of his nine inches in my mouth with no gag reflex. My red lipstick lips wrapped tightly around his thick black cock. I sucked him for a while. Then he had me stop he said that he needed to make slow love to me. Neither of us even thought about a condom and I sure didn’t care .
He put lube on his cock and my boi-pussi I opened my legs and put them on his shoulders he bent down and kissed me as he slowly stretched open me open. Omg it felt so amazing his cock filled every single bit of me. He was completely inside of my boi-pussi all 9 inches. He had me moaning loudly and in seventh heaven for the next half hour or so kissing passionately as he slowly was fucking me. When he finally shot his hot load deep inside of me I screamed in pleasure and felt so amazing . Well he fucked me a couple of more times before he took me home at 3 am.

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