i am 65yo and i love to take it

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i may be older now but i still do like to get my holes filled,
so i visit pubs that i know are use by gay blokes.

recently i visited such a place with the hope i might get some action,,,,,I was not certain that i might be wasting my time when i was joined at the bar by 3 older guys and we chatted foe a while over a few drinks,,,i was about to leave when they invited me to join the in their nearby house for a drink ..so i did..
as i drank the drink i could feel something not quite right,,and fell to sleep..
when i awoke i was naked and laying on what was a doctors examination couch and around were the 3 guys also naked,,with cocks which were well above the size of my little 6 inch dick…Reader..I was going to enjoy this…i was going to get just what i wanted a good gang fucking..and surprise surprise that drink must have contained something unusual..as i had a well jacked up stiff dick and i was excited to think those stiff dicks would,,i hoped,,soon be well up the balls in my ass,,,or sunk down my mouth…
i did not wait long till one of the guys said,,we knew as we talked to you in the pub you wanted to get fucked..you will not have to wait..we will all take turns fucking your ass and mouth ..and with no more ado one was up to the balls in my ass and i was slurping on a hard cock …as a 3rd gripped my cock and sitting over me guided my cock up his ass and and sunk it to the balls,,,,i was in 7th heaven …
They knew how to fuck;;those 3 guys,,and fuck me they did ..i was well pounded in every which way.
round and round it went all 3 taking turns in any hole ….what they were on ;;i do not know..but they kept it up for quite some time…and my ass was dripping spunk ..and i lost count of how much i had taken in the mouth.

Reader i had a great time…i hope to see them again..and i do hope they invite some mates
I wonder how many i can take…the more the better…

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    When I was growing up my parents were always working during the night and sometimes I would go over my friends house and stay the night we were both 12 years old and my friends dad would always joke about the how my friend would sleep on the couch in the basement because he was always watching tv and movies one night when I got up from the basement couch and my friend was asleep I went up into the bedroom and started to get into the bed his father came in the room and said I would be more comfortable sleeping in the other bedroom and when got comfortable he came in and said that he would sleep in there sometimes when he got home from work he got under the covers and I started to get comfortable when he said I could take my underwear off and get a good nights sleep so I pulled down my underwear and I felt so comfortable sleeping naked next to him and then he started to touch my legs and spread my ass open and before I could even begin to say anything he was licking my ass

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    Good for you! Get some more spunk loads up your bum, try sucking some big black cock and licking some ass ( black or white ). Both very tasty!!

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    When I was 15 our lodger moved into our flat. When I was alone I would go through the drawers in Angela’s room.
    I’d find her lingerie and loved to dress in it. Then she moved out and left a sack full of unwanted clothes. I looked through it and found lingerie dresses skirt and tops.
    Later I got a job. 2 cleaners at work were gay. They invited me to their flat.
    I went there and ended up removing my top clothes. They were surprised to find me in bra panties stockings and suspenders
    They took my virginity
    Later I bought a wig makeup and shoes and stay weekends with them.
    They even brought friends home to share me with